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Special event near Marina Del Rey

I've tried twice now to hold a company luncheon/dinner at Cafe del Rey and have found the prix fixe menu choices/costs prohibitive.

Jan 10, 2014
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Bar in Culver City

Seventy 7

Sep 15, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Private party room on Westside - drinks/appetizers for 25-30

Similar question posed before -

Depending how casual, the back room at Waterloo & City may also work.

Aug 27, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area


Maybe we caught them on an off night, but we had this duck breast at Scarpetta just last week and it was the most poorly done of the dishes we ordered.

We ordered several appetizers, pastas, and this entree, making our own tasting menu of sorts.

The kitchen was kind enough to split the duck to two plates, but we both thought it strange that the breast was cut in half longitudinally instead of being sliced the shorter way.

This may have played into our overall enjoyment of it, because the duck seemed difficult to eat, a bit tough, and the sauce was flat-tasting - I'd liken it to teriyaki.

Overall the rest of the meal was very nice, but I would not order the duck there again, and I normally LOVE duck!

Aug 23, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Quiet but "hip" in Bev. Hills, Hollywood, Cent. City, LA West

Bazaar, Craft, Tavern, Hatfield's, Lucques

Aug 22, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Food (factory) Tours in Los Angeles?

Eagle Rock Brewery on Sundays

Aug 19, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Fave Italian / Mexican in West Hollywood area ...

Angelini Osteria for Italian

Aug 15, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Anyone tried or seen the "Cotton Candy" grapes in L.A.?

Was just reading about Urban Radish - how is that place? How to prices compare to, say, Whole Foods?

Aug 14, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Anniversary/Bday/Reunion Romantic Dinner.... where haven't I been? Help!

Rustic Canyon
Hungry Cat Santa Monica (or not, since you rule out Providence)

The Little Door and Saddle Peak Lodge are lovely spaces that definitely fill your romance request. If you have a lot of food restrictions, you should probably just order a la carte instead of a tasting menu - btw the elk at SPL is the best!

While ink. has very interesting food, I would not call it romantic at all - the restaurant is painted black, sparse, and what I'd call industrial.

Aug 14, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Anyone tried or seen the "Cotton Candy" grapes in L.A.?

I haven't tried them, but my friend is a fan too. She got them at the Gelson's in Century City.

Aug 14, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

October business trip - suggestions?

Your list doesn't have many spots actually in downtown. Consider also checking out -
Baco Mercat
Bottega Louie
Maccheroni Republic

Aug 09, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Chowhound worthy events this weekend

Low Country Boil at Son of a Gun -

Aug 09, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Oxtail Pho at Phorage

I had the oxtail pho at Phorage as well.
The broth was good and meat was generous, but the richness was overwhelming me about halfway through and I had to swap plates. Maybe a hazard of ordering oxtail, but I don't remember feeling that way when I've had it in past.

On a side note, the other dish we ordered was the grilled pork vermicelli which had virtually no noodles, as I think was noted in another post. It was more like a salad with a garnish of rice noodles which was really disappointing.

Overall it was a gentrified and pricey version of Vietnamese that didn't quite do it for me, and my feeling is that the other Viet places on the westside do it at least as well, if not better at a better price.

Aug 08, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Solo Birthday Dinner in or Near Century City

Lots of options in Century City and nearby Beverly Hills and Culver City, depending what you feel like. Going from casual to more upscale --

Westside Tavern
Freddy Smalls
Waterloo & City
Red Medicine

Aug 07, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Dinner, American, Westside, Shorts, Tomorrow Night!

You could head to the Original Farmer's Market which is super-casual and the many stands/restaurants will have something for everyone in your group. You could satisfy your Asian/Mexican craving at Banana Leaf or Loteria Grill. Your friends could get Short Order (note this is a sit-down spot), Bryan's Pit BBQ, or Fritzi Dog.

Aug 06, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Frozen Dumplings from Dean Sin World

I think something changed with Dean Sin World's recipe. I used to also buy the frozen bags of XLB and shen jian bao to enjoy from the comfort of my westside home and to satiate by XLB-loving husband.

The first couple times the XLB, in particular, were a revelation - perfect thickness of skin, good amount of broth, and tasty filling. They really hit the spot and we would rarely even need to venture to a restaurant to satisfy the craving.

Over the past year probably, the frozen XLB have morphed into something entirely different. I prepare them the same way, but the wrappers are now thick and gummy and there is virtually no soup inside. My mother surmises they are either trying to be healthier, hence no delicious fatty broth, or the demand has grown to where the prep is being outsourced to less skilled chefs.

We were so disappointed and have stopped buying these. The SJB are still not bad since they're all about the crust which I get to control at home, but really mourning the XLB change.

Jul 31, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

In Urgent Need of Reco for Client Dinner

Agree with wienermobile (and another vote for Petros) and would add Salt Creek Grille and Flemings. The food is not amazing at either (in line with Paul Martin's and Houston's), but I have been to many a business dinner at Salt Creek Grille, it's actually in El Segundo, and the space is huge.

Also consider Zane's in Hermosa Beach.

Jul 29, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Drinking Vinegars LA

Yes this.
At some point, you could buy bottles of the drinking vinegars at the restaurant - not sure if they're still doing this.

Jul 29, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Good/Best granitas in LA

I haven't been, but was at the original Farmers Market last Friday and noticed a newish stand Zia Valentina specializing in granitas.
Not sure if italian ice falls into the same category, but Di Dio's in Brentwood is pretty good.

Jul 24, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

fried chicken for a party

Honey's Kettle

Jul 21, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Manhattan Beach, Mid Priced and Impressive?

The obvious ones that come to mind are MB Post, Fishing with Dynamite, and Petros. I can't vouch for it personally, but Strand House is also very popular and a lovely space.

Jul 17, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Is there any better toffee than the LittleJohn's stall in the original farmer's market ?

I had the same thought - my first pick is Littlejohn's and then NM. I also won't say no to an Almond Roca now and then ;)

Jul 16, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

How long have you LA Chowhounders been posting on Chowhound ?

2003 and lurking for awhile before then

Jul 16, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Old School Italian in LA


Jul 10, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area

15 hour layover in HK

Great and will check out Loyal Dining too. Many thanks!

Jul 05, 2013
TracyS in China & Southeast Asia

15 hour layover in HK

Thanks Charles for the detailed itinerary! This is so helpful, especially the public transport advice.

I absolutely intend to crash at the hotel for a few hours after getting in and head out around 10am for dim sum around the normal time - there is no stomach space to be wasted here!

Honeymoon looks perfect for dessert and cold drinks.
I considered Canto BBQ also, but was thinking the grease might be too much for the long flight I have after, but I'll see what I'm feeling like then.

Tso Choi Koon looks tasty but seems famous mainly for its offal. Are their non-organ meat offerings just as good?

Thanks again.

Jul 05, 2013
TracyS in China & Southeast Asia

15 hour layover in HK

I have a 15 hour layover in HK next week and plan to get out into the city.

I'll have a room at the Sheraton HK on Nathan Rd. in Kowloon to drop off my things and rest. Will arrive at 7am and fly back out around 10pm.

Could anyone suggest an itinerary for my short day?

My searches are leaving my head spinning and I have no idea what locations make sense.

Should I venture out of Kowloon or would that be too time-pressing for my flight?

Also I don't know that it helps, but my travel companion and I speak Mandarin.

1. Dim Sum
Tim Ho Wan, Crystal, Fook Lam Moon, Lei Garden?

2. HK drinks/dessert spot to cool down
Hui Lau Shan?

3. Casual Cantonese dinner
For won ton noodles, chow fun, claypot rice, or even HK-Western fusion.

Thanks for your help!

Jul 05, 2013
TracyS in China & Southeast Asia

1 week in Chennai

Bumping this thread.
Any suggestions please?

Jul 05, 2013
TracyS in India & South Asia

1 week in Chennai

I'll be spending a week in Chennai for business and would appreciate a few dinner recommendations while I'm there.

Will be staying at the Hilton Chennai in the Guindy neighborhood and working at DLF Info City in Ramapuram.

I'll be mainly dining with one coworker for whom the priority is not getting ill from bad food!
Had a great previous trip to Delhi 2 years ago that was adventurous and delicious, but looks like I'll have to play it safe this time.

Pretty sure we'll take all breakfasts at the hotel and lunches in the office, so really looking for 5 mid-priced dinner spots that are both very tasty and very clean (not necessarily upscale). We'll likely taxi or hire cars to get around.

Please suggest some restaurants and specific dishes to order that will satisfy both our needs.
I am hoping to not dine only in hotel restaurants, but am open to any that fit the bill.
Prefer Indian cuisine, southern or other regions, and will try to convince my coworker to hit at least Saravana Bhavan with me.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Jul 02, 2013
TracyS in India & South Asia

DC Foodie Looking for Mexican Recommendations

You don't mention what part of LA or type of Mexican, so I'll throw in Coni'Seafood in Inglewood for exemplary seafood from the Sinaloan region.

It's been posted about ad nauseam on the LA board - do a quick search on 'Coni' or 'Mariscos Chente'.

Jul 01, 2013
TracyS in Los Angeles Area