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fun and inexpensive in NW DC - near 15th and F

anything except Asian food - I am a little bit of a picky eater!

inexpensive and fun restaurant in Northwest DC - near 15th and F

Taking a friend out from NY in Northwest DC - lite dinner and drinks - fun and not too expensive?

rehearsal dinner for 40 in annapolis?

would love to find somewhere with waterview and private room? close to St. John Neumann church?

Tater Tots in Bmore

Regis in fed hill has the most decadent tater tots - baked with brie and bacon - sounds weird but they are outstanding.

bridal shower in annapolis?

any ideas on a place that would be adequate for 50ish people - light lunch or appetizers (being as cost concious as possible) ?

Not another Little Italy Post, sorry.

try amicci's - it is fun and not expensive. Food is as good or better than most of the higher priced places.

bridal shower in Late June or Late July

We are looking for an inexpensive restaurant/space/private room for a bridal shower luncheon/hors doevres? any ideas near Annapolis or Severna Park

Josefs in Fallston

Has anyone been recently? It was good food and very cute atmosphere the last time I was there?

Oregon Grill in Hunt Valley

FoisGras - thank you so much. I am looking forward to it now - I am glad it will be worth the drive. I dont like when bf and I can t both enjoy wine because of worries of driving.
btw, I believe Northwoods in Annapolis recently closed.

Oregon Grill in Hunt Valley

has anyone been recently? what are the best things to get? Is it worth the drive from Annapolis?

please choose one for

I just went to Mr. Bill's on a sunday 2 weeks ago.

Restaurant in Annapolis

how about Carroll's Creek, Chart House, or Yellow Fin - all have nice waterviews.

Recent Dining at O'Learys in Annapolis

I dined at O'learys on friday night and was equally or even more disappointed. We skipped appetizers because honestly there was nothing that was either inventive or appealing. For our entrees, I had the tuna which was tasteless and served with an even more tasteless vegetable couscous. My boyfriend had a special - the fried trout (I think) - it was ok. The tables were so crowded together, it was ridiculous for a place with absolutely no view. This place has gone downhill significantly - do not waste your time here - Head across the street to Lewnes' for an outstanding dining experience.

Junior's Wine Bar

I was just there last night. I think the prices have gone up a bit? It was still delicious and well worth - however, our service was a little off.

Non touristy Italian restaurant in Baltimore?

I work in the area and totally agree with crowsonguy - totally not worth going back.

most romantic restaurant in annapolis

I should also add that BF is not most adventurous eater.

most romantic restaurant in annapolis

My BF is turning 39 - he is a big fan of great atmosphere in restaurants and loves seafood. Im thinking along the lines of O'learys or Lewnes but not sure how romantic either place is? thanks for your help!

Stupid question about where to go in Baltimore

In reality, most restaurants have a few options on the menu that can be customized to meet diet parameters. A safe bet is always ordering a salad with some form of protein (chicken or fish) and asking for a light dressing option on the side - I ve never been anywhere that didnt offer oil and vinegar.

Romantic Restaurant Annapolis

If your husband is about meat and potatoes, your choice in Annapolis is Lewnes' Steakhouse. It is better than any of the chains such as capital grille and the service is better than any restaurant I have been to in New York. You will not be disappointed. Ask for a table upstairs.

Mar 24, 2008
bbhoover in Mid-Atlantic

Very cheap eats in Fells Pt/Inner Harbor/Federal Hill area

how about Nacho Mamas?

Chui's Sushi (Baltimore) - NOT going back!

This place should be closed down. I have had lunch there twice, not only is it a rip - off, the sushi was warm both times. This type of service has no place in Baltimore. I work right across the street and actually find the sushi at Whole Foods quite fresh during the day.

Favorite Coffeeshop in Federal Hill?

Metropolitan ! It is exactly what you describe.

Reasonably priced Baltimore Res. for nice date on a Saturday night?

Hennigers would be perfect then..or what about Helen's Garden?

Reasonably priced Baltimore Res. for nice date on a Saturday night?

How about Henningers??? Great atmosphere and intimate dining room.

DC/MD French fries?


Good Calamari in Baltimore?

The calamari at Oceanaire is excellent. I think they serve it with a spicy chili sauce

Veal - where to buy in Baltimore?

Thank you so much for your help. I will ask tonight at whole foods - that will be most convenient!!

Where should we go for crabcakes?

G & M isnt even a consideration in my mind. if you had a car, I would suggest Patrick's in Cockeysville. It has wacky old school decor, is in a weird strip mall, but you will be pressed to find a more delicious crab cake.

Veal - where to buy in Baltimore?

awesome. I live in Fed hill and work in Harbor East. I was just over at whole foods and did not see it. Is it in the case? I would want to be sure it was good - Im not going to be buying very much so I dont care so much about price. sorry that he is now an ex.

Veal - where to buy in Baltimore?

I am cooking Veal Oscar for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I don't eat veal so I have never purchased it. Is there a good place to get it? Does anyone have an outstanding Veal Oscar recipe and or a clams casino recipe? I will make clams for appetizer, veal for main course and what should I serve with it? I am making a cheesecake for Dessert - his favorite. any ideas would be much appreciated!