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Indian Wedding Catering

we just had our wedding at Bombay Palace and were very, very happy with the food. my family-in-law are Sikhs from Delhi, and my own family are Irish - a mixed wedding, to say the least. Manprit at Bombay Palace accommodated everything - we had both Indian and North American food. the hall has just been renovated and it looks really good inside. and the food was great - the rasmallai especially garnered rave reviews, and they did a golgappa station during the appetizer hours which was a huge hit.

Need awesome mutter paneer recipe for Christmas

try this one: - i make it frequently and it's perfect.

Caterer suggestions - Cocktail Reception Wedding!

try a La Carte Kitchen Inc. - excellent service and food:

Labor Day?

thanks, chicgail! will do.

Labor Day?

Hi there

I'm sorry if this is a repeat question - I "searched this board" to see if anyone else had asked, but didn't come up with anything.

We're Torontonians staying at the James on East Ontario Street over the Labo(u)r Day holiday. We've got our food itinerary just about planned out - Province on Friday night, Frontera Grill on Saturday, the Gage on Sunday lunch, etc. - but we're not sure about what is and is not open over the actual holiday Monday. Does anyone know if restaurants will be open that day, or will we have to satisfy ourselves with some motley selection of fast food? Are shops open?

Thanks for any help you are able to provide!

Korean Stew - between Bay/University & Dundas/King

thanks to you both - i'll put all these options by her!

much appreciated.

Korean Stew - between Bay/University & Dundas/King

Hi there

A friend of mine has requested Korean stew for an upcoming lunch. I'm aware that Korean stew is a very broad choice, and she says that she's okay with any or all Korean stews.

The question I'm hoping someone can answer is: are there any good Korean spots within the boundaries of Bay/University and Dundas/King? I don't want to go too far outside of these boundaries as we've only got an hour and a half, max.

If anyone knows of any decent place for Korean stew between those boundaries, please let me know!

Thanks in advance.

A couple of broad Ottawa Q's

it's nice - very pleasant service, too, i found!

here's their chowhound link:

108 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N5M6, CA

A couple of broad Ottawa Q's

I really liked the buffalo at Sweetgrass! also the rabbit dumplings were quite tasty, but i see a glazed bison rib on the appetizer menu now that sounds really nice...

and I'm with the Splendid Wine Snob - the Wellington gastropub is super good. i forgot about it in my first post! they do fresh, seasonal food... i had an amazing tuna tataki appetizer there once that i still dream of.

the only issue i have with Ottawa pubs is that a number of them are part of a chain... that being said, there are a couple non-chain pubs that i've enjoyed: The Earl of Sussex (on Sussex Drive) and the Clocktower Brewpub on Bank Street.

have fun, Xiao Yang!

A couple of broad Ottawa Q's

Well... Ottawa food tends to make me think of traditional, local-ish ingredients (in whatever type of cuisine) cooked traditionally. The restaurants I've been to there have done wild game really well. There's actually a Native Canadian restaurant in the Byward Market called Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro that kind of envelops it all... at least in my opinion... but it isn't really low-end. More mid-range.

Ottawa also has pretty good poutine trucks.

As you note, Ottawa has very good middle eastern food. I think Fairouz is good Lebanese... Also, Ottawa's Vietnamese places have always been pretty decent as well. Vietnam Palace, Ben-Ben (both on Somerset Street)... both are pretty good options.

The Byward Market has pretty good cheese shops, but since they're in the Market sometimes their prices can reflect having a captive audience. You could always make like President Obama did and grab a beaver tail and a couple of cookies... or you could get some real maple syrup from one of the stalls. If you want some terribly traditional Canadiana, head to the Bay (it's on the edge of the market) and get a Hudson's Bay Company point blanket (


Wish I was more help! Really, once you get there you'll be able to see your range of options. A word to the wise, though - for the most part, try not to eat in the Market. Sweetgrass is good. Domus Cafe is good. But that's kind of it for good market food, and neither is inexpensive at all.

Be sure to walk along the canal as it is a nice stroll during nice weather! Take a tour of parliament, head over to Gatineau for a drive, have a beer in one of the hundreds of pubs... you'll have fun.

Adobo seasoning (Penzey's?) downtown?

thanks for the help! i'll search out the Goya and hopefully something delicious will result!

Adobo seasoning (Penzey's?) downtown?

Hi there

I'm having a Cinco de Mayo party next week, and am hoping to make this: to roll up in tortillas with other accompaniments.

Does anyone know where in downtown Toronto, or in Scarborough at a stretch, I might be able to find Penzey's adobo seasoning? I have read the list of what's in this particular adobo seasoning, and unfortunately it includes Mexican oregano, which I would also have no idea where to find.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!


Light Corn Syrup Search

i just finished making both marshmallows and divinity fudge, and i got mine at the Metro at College Park in the baking section. I think the Loblaws at the foot of Jarvis has it, too.

Fave Ontario Beer

I like Beau's out of VanKleek Hill, Ontario...

My huge liking for it might partially result from the cool containers it comes in, but it is a pretty good product for sure. Organic Malts + Spring Water = Great Cottage Beer.

Bancroft treats

weeeelll..... i think there's a Mennonite bakery on the Main Street... and they sell really good butter tarts at the Kawartha Dairy on highway 62... oh and at the junction where highway 62 becomes Mill Street (if you turn to the left at the 4-way fork) there's a little hut with really good fish & chips (try the pickerel!).

if you do end up going out for a full meal, there's pretty good pizza at Vito's (also on the main street, beside the big grocery store). sorry my locations aren't so good - we've been going through Bancroft since i was tiny and i just know the streets, not their names!

Opinions re: Mistura

i know this is an old thread, but i went to Mistura last night and goodness gracious me, what a nice surprise!

i had chosen the restaurant based primarily on this particular thread - and thank you so much to all who posted here. Mistura is now on my list of go-to places for a wonderful experience.

great service - i appreciated the unpretentiousness (that's so not a word, but it'll do!) of the professionals involved and the general sense of "we're really glad you came by, and we'd really like it if you wanted to come again" that you get from all the staff.

the food was really truly excellent. between the two of us, we had the beet risotto, the bufala mozzarella (on chickpea puree, heirloom tomatoes, and a mixture of greens & basil), last night's special of mushroom-stuffed pancetta-wrapped quail, an entree-sized fettucine bolognese, lemon tart, and vanilla creme brulee. it was all lovely and simple with gorgeous flavours. really, it was just delightful.

thanks again, chowhounders. i've never been steered wrong here!

Toronto Hounds spending a week in Ottawa

Sweetgrass in the market is very good, as is Domus (also in the market).

The Wellington GastroPub just a bit west of downtown Ottawa is totally worth the trip out there. It is about 15-20 minutes from downtown on public transit, less in a cab.

Buying local / humane meat?

you might want to check out this discussion - i opened the topic just after i had read the Omnivore's Dilemma. the discussion provided lots of help!

Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

thanks! it was rather dark and apparently my taste buds weren't working correctly... please consider my review amended to include artichoke hearts instead of potato chips! they were delicious.

Table 17 - dressy?

heels/jeans are totally appropriate. waiters are in jeans... most patrons are in jeans... you will be just fine in denim.

Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

i was there last night - we were wandering, looking for a place to eat, and happened upon Table 17. everything was really quite wonderful. beet salad to start, perfectly cooked striploin for main with grilled spring onions and a few potato chips - i added frites to that as they looked lovely - and a chocolate veloute for dessert. friends had other variations on that theme, with the exception of one who ordered a delectable trout for his main. good wine list with lots of local representation.

really a very nice addition to Queen East. will definitely return.

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

interestingly, i found out on friday that they have a website here:

it is basic, but has a menu and info and all that good stuff.

Any Good Recs for Mussels

beerbistro has mussels that are pretty decent, especially when paired with the belgian frites... all, of course, cooked in beer. not bad, but you'll probably need a reservation due to its being friday night and all. can be quite noisy, other food not spectacular, but decent mussels, frites and beer.

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

oh, and Tokyo Sushi on St Joseph, under the grey-and-pink condominium building... it has excellent sushi available for takeaway.

Looking for a country pub....

where are you hoping to drive? if you're thinking west, there's a couple decent places in Guelph. my old favourite was the Woolwich Arms, at the corner of Yarmouth and Woolwich downtown.

Woolwich Arms
176 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H, CA

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

i move to second Daily Sushi, and i think that Daio across the street from there is also fairly delicious. Daily Sushi is less expensive and i am fairly certain it does deliver, but i am not sure about Daio. you can get takeaway from both places i think.

Brunch in Whitby

if you are hoping for brunch tuesday through saturday, try the Nice Bistro right on Brock Street. however, they are closed sunday/monday.

117 Brock St N, Whitby, ON L1N4H3, CA

Deep Fried Pineapple - Downtown Toronto

Hi there

I realize this is an odd question... but does anyone know where I can get deep fried pineapple with ice cream downtown? I'm newish to the downtown core and would really love to find this particular dessert - it reminds me of my teenage-hood.

Thanks for any help you could provide!

Grass-fed beef in Toronto?

Thanks everyone for your help - I really appreciate it. I will visit all the associated websites and will undoubtedly enjoy some healthier beef in the near future.

Grass-fed beef in Toronto?

Hi there

Having just finished "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan, I feel the need to change some of my more questionable eating habits... and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a place that I could buy pasteured, or grass-fed in other words, beef here in Toronto.

Organic isn't what I'm after, although it would make my search much easier... I would really love to get hold of non-grain-fed beef.

Oh, and I thoroughly recommend the book!

Thanks for your help.