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Bourbon vs. Tennessee whiskey

hey Jason ... good list ... one thing to add is the my father in law can't drink the white label Evan Williams but does fine with the black label ... headache ... or maybe it is just me :). Heaven Hill is who distributes Evan and now have the Old Fitzgerald brand ... they also have a new one that is called the TryBox series ... basically white lightning ... oh, we also can look for bargains here in TN and get Evan for about $19

Jan 25, 2013
hiyakve in Spirits

Jack Daniel's is not Bourbon.

I enjoy the banter here BUT, the real issue is the word "bourbon". Kentucky has the rights to it (same goes for champagne in France) and thus, poor Tennessee is only whiskey ... however the more you drink the less you care! Enjoy it all and try some Evan Williams, the first to distill bourbon and the Trybox series so you know what we get up here in the TN mountains!

Jan 22, 2013
hiyakve in Spirits

(A little) Vietnamese food finally comes to Knoxville

Update for you 8-20-2012: Just went their with friends and the food is AMAZING! Sure, not much to look at but the fresh (and I do mean FRESH) food and very low price (sandwich $3.00???) make this a must for anyone eating. I remember this type of start with the wildly successful Taste of Thai opened up ... REAL food!

The menu is posted below and your should hear the story of the owner ... one of the original boat people that went through hell getting here to the USA ... now that is the true american story from this 3rd generation swede! Please go ... you will love it.

Aug 23, 2012
hiyakve in Kentucky & Tennessee