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2012 Coffee List - Since any other list is Outdated

I've been in the L.A. area for the last few weeks and have learned a lot of fabulous information about where to find good coffee from this (and the other) chowhound threads. You guys are crazy knowledgeable about this stuff! (and yep, I'm from Seattle and I don't think we're this intense about our coffee methods). One of the things I can't seem to figure out though, is for all of these good places, what the coffee "depth" is. I tend to be a fan of rich, complex roasts (like stumptown) and not a fan of lighter flavors (like caffé vita - very mild imho).

My preference to really taste the flavor of the coffee and skill of the barista is to order a cappuccino. Since being here, I have had blue bottle from Angelas (super yum!), Lamill (meh) and this morning, Stumptown (from Spring for Coffee) and Handsome (more mild than stumptown and blue bottle but chocolately and smooth). I am taking home some Sight Glass but have no idea what to expect.

So here's my question - for those of you that list places, roasters and beans - since all of our preferences are a bit different, can you share your perspective on where it falls on the scale of light roast, smooth, mild, vs. rich, dark, complex? Especially for the places that roast their own beans. It will help with prioritizing my quest to visit all of these amazing places and their creations.

Thank you fabulous L.A. Coffee Connoisseurs.

Aug 23, 2012
diami in Los Angeles Area