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Dessert and/or Cake Decorating Classes in Montreal?

I know of the Wilton classes, Academie Culinaire & Guilde Culinaire.

I'm looking for something similar to the Wilton classes where you have a series of classes to attend but I'd prefer if all the material is included. Anyone know of anything like that?

If not, has anyone gone through classes at any of the above or anywhere else in Montreal that they'd recommend? Preferably either cake decorating or cupcake classes.


Dec 12, 2012
psyko514 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Piping buttercream on thick

Thanks for the tips so far, everyone! I'm looking forward to testing this out soon.

Becca, I'd never heard of flour frosting. I might give that a try too.


Aug 24, 2012
psyko514 in Home Cooking

Piping buttercream on thick

I'd like to know how to pipe buttercream in a thick swirl (2-3 turns, ~1 inch high) so that it doesn't fall.

When I try the buttercream just starts to fall and turns in to one big glob of icing. Do I have to make the buttercream thicker? It is just the temperature?

I've attached a picture as an example (courtesy of http://ourkitchen.fisherpaykel.com/re...



Aug 23, 2012
psyko514 in Home Cooking