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Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Johan James neighbour, Claremont is also shutting it down.
Are rents going up due to new hospital?? You'd think they would want to stick around for that.

about 14 hours ago
JerkPork in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

restaurants in cote des neiges area and queen mary

I recently tried Cracovie for the first time, good stop for home cooked Polish. Soups were really good, pierogies were solid as was the stew wrapped in a potato pancake.

Staff were super friendly, seems like they get a lot of regulars but they were super nice even to us first timers. Old Polish ladies working in the kitchen is always a good sign.

It's not groundbreaking but it's Polish food done right. We'll be back.

food safety & murdering pathogens

A week???
Science aside, sealed or not cured or not. I have to think that's an automatic toss and excuse for you to drive back here to Montreal.

Next time you are in town check out Pete's brother's place, Delibees in Pointe Claire by the airport. It's even better than Pete's IMO.

Sep 16, 2014
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Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

Ah, figured Zealots was some place in Laval. It would be an interesting name for a resto. Lol

Elatos is greasy but it's gooood and the place is divey and stuck in the 70s/80s.

I'm going to try Γiasou this week considering I'm close by now.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I have to agree with you on Nostos Hungryann, during my most recent visit this summer I noted something was off. It was still very good but something was different with the taste of the meat and I also noticed that there was less meat in the pita. They also stopped greasing their pitas a few years ago, I like them slightly oiled up that's the way it's supposed to be done but I could let that change go.

Soft Pretzels?

Suzy's Bakery in the West Island has decent soft pretzels baked on location along with other German treats.

15450 Boulevard Pierrefonds

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

I just noticed this place today(opening soon) on Queen Mary, a block east of Decarie on the north side. This location has previously been numerous Chinese restos.

Nyam & Jam (Jamaican Resto).


According to their Facebook page they are look for young gorgeous staff...(to those that will get offended, it doesn't say if they are looking for gorgeous males or females.) lol

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I've taken family members from Greece for the gyro at Nostos and they themselves say it is really good and close to the gyro in Greece.

I always send people to Nostos when they ask for my Gyro recommendation.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I haven't been to Lafayette in years, we used to go for their pizza every now and then. I can't believe they will no longer let you eat just a souvlaki or chicken pita.

Is that written out on their menu? I will assume it's not on their menu as just a pita but is now part of a plate?

Because if they still have "pita" on their menu that's pretty lame of them to tell you that one can't order it.

Mexigo - 15616 Gouin Boul. in the west island

I was coincidentally in the area today and stopped to see their menu. Hmmmm, should be called Texi-go based on their menu. They only serve ground beef and chicken, menu consists of tacos (hard shell only) and burritos with rice and/or salad/beans. I didn't order anything so can't vouch for the taste. No pork in a place called Mexigo? No thanks.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

Elatos and Nostos are the closest you'll get to the real deal in Greece, you are seriously missing out if you haven't been yet. I'm talking about their Gyros only, I haven't had a souvlaki in ages at a restaurant.

I recently tried Massa on Monkland, it was very good but was missing some seasoning and the pork could have used some crispiness but I would return. Avoid Souvlaki George, Villa is nothing special, Village is in my top 5. I have yet to try Yiasou and I'm pretty close by and never had Carvelli and can't say I would think about ordering souvlaki from there.

Quesada Just Opened

Don't waste your time.

Hudson "terroir" ice cream

Marché des Saveurs was giving out samples of the Hudson Ice Cream this past weekend. I thought it was quite good and really enjoyed it, I was expecting it to be bland based on my memory of reading this thread a couple of months ago. I didn't catch the price (besides the fact that they were offering a whopping 75 cent rebate yesterday). I'd pay $5-6 for it but not the $10 that is mentioned in this thread. I sampled the Chocolate, Vanilla and Maple Crunch.

Wagyu beef

I'm thinking Maximilien is referring to Setet's post above.

"For japanese Wagyu check out an importer like Nikuya Meats (out of Vancouver), but be prepared for the sticker shock."

Wagyu beef

Sometime in July, Loblaws was advertising "8 Star" Wagyu Beef for $132/kg (what the heck is this star system?). In Japan they use an alpha numeric grading system.

Where was this beef from? From Quebec but they figure they would gouge maybe?

See it in the archived circular below. Scroll about half way down.


Best of Montreal EATS. Need Reco's

Please do the opposite of Querencia's recs, except the Jean Talon/Italian part.

Do not avoid Old Montreal just be careful within.
Avoid the food courts. Nudo being the exception.

Wagyu beef

I don't know where 5 saisons sources there's from but the Lawrence/Cool & Simple one was from these guys.


You'll never get your hands on the real stuff from Japan, at least not from a butcher. It looks like you'd have to go through channels like Setet's source.

Wagyu beef

Lawrence was carrying Wagyu up until a month or so ago, the rib steak dry aged as well was one of the best steaks I've ever made at home and reasonable at $40/kg. Awesome stewing beef too. Right now they are selling beef from another farm, you'd have to go ask if they will source it again.

Cool and Simple was selling them last year, frozen but I didn't enjoy it. Was it not frozen properly, bad batch, I didn't grill it properly I don't know.

anyone eaten at Schwartz's in Montreal recently? [moved from Ontario board]

I had a medium at The Main this week, terrible....terrible. It was dry and rubbery, how they served this is beyond me. At least we still have Delibee's and Pete's. I hadn't been to The Main in quite a few years so I couldn't even compare to my previous visit but that was just disappointing.

Did I get them on a bad day or was that sandwich the norm?

Looking for dinner recommendations

That dumpling place in VSL is really good, I started a thread about it here:


Halifax Donair

Is that the processed meat loaf stuff that doesn't exist in Greece? Ewwww

Yi Pin Xiang - Ville St Laurent

Nope, no soup dumplings. Just the regular ones, boiled. The newer Qing Hua on St Cahterine has them though.

Ice Cream Chat 2013

la quebecoise = blueberry and honey

Describing it as finefoodie did I think is much more clear.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Premade eh? No wonder the grilled cheese was served so quickly to us and tasted so dry. I just assumed we got served a wrong order from a previous customer. Not cool and it seems that Abbricot in his post below had the same issue. That makes their bread supplier (Hof kelsten?) look bad.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

I've always been fond of Schwartz and would always defend them when people would tell me, "it's too dry".

I'm sorry the last few times I've been there the meat has been off, it didn't have that broken down, shreddy, fall apart texture to it. Maybe it was just coincidence as my sample size is not big enough and I got them on two bad days, even though a place like this shouldn't be off. I will try them again in the coming weeks and hopefully it will be better.

jfprieur, yes St-Viateur is better than Fairmount!! :)

The new hipsters in the Plateau-- L'Gros Luxe and Majestique

I was at the Bernard location recently as well and was underwhelmed, the pulled pork sliders on the pretzel buns weren't good at all, the pork was dry and the buns tasted like day old buns. However their burger was very good and at $6 I'd say thats one of the best $6 burgers I've ever had especially considering I've had far worse burgers for double the price and then some. I wouldn't rush back but I'd re-visit at some point as everyone else said their prices are very reasonable.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Remind me never to visit the zoo that is First Fridays at the Big O ever again.

Way too many people and massive line ups. I waited 20 minutes (there were only about 6 people in front of us) to get Campbells Soup/Ketchup tasting butter chicken at the Indian food truck, horrible. I had a croissant sandwich at Fous truck since there was no line up and since I know their croissants are excellent, too bad there was barely any bacon in it.

The line up for APDC must have easily been over two hours, it snaked all along the wall. I waited 20 minutes for APDC to put my order in at the JFL last month and there were only a handful of people in front of me.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

Schwartz used to be the best until they sold a couple of years ago. They are cutting corners somewhere in their process.

best ethiopian?

According to some digging online, you would be correct. Both restaurants are registered to the same person.

Yi Pin Xiang - Ville St Laurent

Yi Pin Xiang was mentioned in one of the opening threads so I recently tried it out for lunch.

I tried their dumplings and was immediately hooked, they weren't as juicy as Qing Hua's original ones but the dough was much better IMO, not as thick and very tender. More similar to Mai Xiang Yuan product. They seem to boil them as opposed to steaming them as well. You can also get them fried and they offer the special dumplings too that are rolled long and fried, very similar to Qing Hua's second location.

I've already been back a few times and sampled both their noodle dish and noodle soup. They don't shy with serving a very decent portion of fresh hand pulled noodles in a basic yet delicious sweet soy sauce. The broth in the soup was ok but not rich enough a little bit of spicy oil gave it the right kick.

The location is very clean and spacious with a sitting out front as well which was crowded when I went for lunch.

According to the Shut Up and Eat blog, "The owner explained to me that his family owns a chain of dumpling restaurants in China"

This will definitely be my new go to spot for dumplings as it is so much more accessible to both work and home and you don't need $5 to park in VSL. The owner was very happy to hear me tell him that "I don't need to go downtown for dumplings anymore".

Restaurant Yi Pin Xiang
735 Blvd Décarie