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Day 1 in Montreal in the books...day 2?

Yah, that's pretty impressive it was way too cold today for March 28th. We did the south to north walk today too at least the wind was at our back. The lighter coats and sneakers today were a bad idea but the market was the busiest I've seen it all year, I guess the sun fooled a lot of people today.

about 22 hours ago
JerkPork in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Bulk corn tortillas: best Montreal source?

Maya right by Jean Talon Market should be able to accomodate 400. They aren't very pricey, I believe 500 gr costs about $4-$5 for maybe 30 tortillas, not too sure how many are in the 500g bag. I'm sure they will give you a good price for 400.

about 22 hours ago
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Road trip from New York to Montreal tonight...where to stop along the way?

This Oscars place sounds interesting, I'll have to keep it in mind. There's Hattie's in Saratoga but you'll probably have to wait in line if you get there at a busy time.

Restaurants for sale

Add the Moe's Casse Croute near the Forum.


Heading to Montreal by way of NYC next weekend and feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared!

I agree with kpzoo, drive straight to Schwartz's and get that meal out of the way, you should be able to find a spot right in front at that time too.

Heading to Montreal by way of NYC next weekend and feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared!

With good reason you get flamed! lol

The only place worth going to in the underground city is at Eaton Center and that is, Nudo.

Heading to Montreal by way of NYC next weekend and feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared!

boywonder, I always recommend driving around Montreal (at least for one of your days) to out of towners. Montreal is NOT NYC it's a very easy city to drive around especially on the weekend. At least the areas most people suggest such as; Mile End, Little Italy/Jean Talon Market.

That is if you are OK with paying for parking on the street and feeding parking meters, walking around a certain neighborhood for awhile and then driving to another area and repeating. Our subway system is of course very convenient as well, I just find driving gives you the opportunity to see so many more parts of our city. If you are lucky you can easily find free spots on the side streets.

Evening parking around places like L'Express and Lemeac could be an issue but not at midnight. I would definitely drive directly to your late night destination upon your arrival.

A walk from Liverpool House to Jean Talon Market is closer to 2 hours, I wouldn't recommend it.

Zeppole Time

That time of the year again, I tried the zeppoles at San Marco (1581 Jean Talon East) and they put the ones from the place in Kirkland to shame, you have a choice of ricotta or custard. I went with the ricotta, oh so so good, the doughnut on it's own is unreal.

How do you say Cheers in Every Language...

Yasou is a greeting which translates into, "hi there". The correct phrase is, "stin yamas" (στην υγειά μας) which directly translates to, "to our health".

Opa is typically not something that is said when toasting.

Mar 23, 2015
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Eater Montreal; Veal vs. Pork

Here's the article Crunch.


Eater Montreal; Veal vs. Pork

I agree with Lagatta, why don't you send a message to Ian on his twitter account.

Local colas: 1642 and bec-cola

I was holding one in my hand the other day because I'm curious to try it even though I'm not a big soda drinker either. Than I said why am I going to spend 2.50 + tax on a bottle of soda, almost the same price as a bottle of microbrew. I guess I'll "splurge" and try it one of these days out of curiosity.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Anyone know what's going on with the burger place in the old Dad's location on Sherbrooke? Last time I passed by a few weeks ago it looked like the door was boarded up.

Lunch - Jean Talon Market

Albino, what's inexpensive for you? Triple Crown definitely a good option as someone mentioned.

Anything like Martins' Potato Rolls in Toronto?

That sucks, I kind of figured that was the case as I've looked for them a couple of times recently to no avail.

Anything like Martins' Potato Rolls in Toronto?

Try Gadoua, it's a Weston brand so they should sell them in Toronto. I saw them last summer (Montreal) for the first time, they aren't Martin's but I guess it's the closest we can get. I bought a few bags of Martin's when I was down in NY recently, so good.

We have a local hamburger joint called Uniburger in Montreal that tries to replicate Shake Shack and IMO is just as good if not better, they order Martin's buns to get as close to a Shake experience as possible.

Here's a link for Gadoua Potato buns;


Who makes the best Challah in Montreal?

It's rye with caraway, delicious too.

Abie's Smoked Meat

Haggisboy is correct, as mentioned in the Gazette today.


Uniburger Week

Too bad it's not happening at the CDN location. :(

Have you tried out Nicola Travaglini, Montreal's version of New York's Eataly

Ooopsss...spell check.

and not to take anything *AWAY from Nicola who has excellent products but *YOU ARE comparing two totally different business models.

Have you tried out Nicola Travaglini, Montreal's version of New York's Eataly

LOL...Nicola Travaglini has nothing on Eataly. Not even in the same ballpark or universe, Eataly has at least 4-5 different restaurant areas, a fish counter, a meat counter, a cheese counter all with very very good selections, a fresh pasta counter, a coffee station, a gelato section. No doubt we have our great Italian markets here but Eataly is in another universe and not to take anything from Nicola who has excellent products but your comparing two totally different business models.

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

I could only tell you to avoid Steak Frites at all costs. For the most part I hear positive comments for Holder but I've never been. I have been to Steak frites a few times and have never been pleased.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

If you use your car you'll be at Bête a Pain in 7 minutes from JTM and its worth the detour, pastries are just ok but lots of other great treats and a very talked about brunch.

Oh and Chloe is in IMO the best chocolate shop in our city.

blood oranges

In the spirit of the resurrection of so many old threads recently, here's another.

I was looking for something else and this post came up and considering I just had a very tasty Zuccarello orange I thought it would be fitting.

From Chez Louis but that whole line of grocers is selling them at JTM. I usually find them to tart but this was a good batch.

Traditional Greek Restaurants

Wedge, Zorba-Remezzos on Parc closed a while ago.

Who makes the best Challah in Montreal?

Samuel, I think auto correct got the best of you could you please be more clear. I mean you did revive an old post after all.

Oh BTW the best challah hands down is at Hof Kelsten.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I noticed a place called Lasagne du Plateau opening soon, right next to PA Nature.

Seems Eater had a bit on it a few months ago.


Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Asian, you should contemplate using your car to get around as well as walking. This is not NYC where it could take 15 mins just to drive around one block, I wouldn't drive around downtown during rush hour but going from say Kouign Amman to Jean Talon Market will take you about 7 mins by car (it's just about 2 miles away) or 30-40 mins by foot. All the areas you've mentioned you are interested in will never see any sort of heavy traffic especially on the weekend. I always find parking very easily during the daytime, a parking meter spot will always pop up and even free spots in the residential side streets (but beware of permit parking restrictions and other confusing signage). I agree though that parking could get difficult in the evening around the St Denis area, a few times it took me probably 20 minutes to find a spot around Pied du Cochon. But during the day, go for it and there's easy indoor parking at JTM.

ISO tomatillos

Hmmm I don't know about the West Island but I e seem fresh ones at JTM at Louis, most likely Ninos and I also noticed some at that new small epicerie on Beaubien, coin d'epicerie I think it's called.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Ill gladly test the KA at la ruche and compare.