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anyone eaten at Schwartz's in Montreal recently? [moved from Ontario board]

I had a medium at The Main this week, terrible....terrible. It was dry and rubbery, how they served this is beyond me. At least we still have Delibee's and Pete's. I hadn't been to The Main in quite a few years so I couldn't even compare to my previous visit but that was just disappointing.

Did I get them on a bad day or was that sandwich the norm?

Looking for dinner recommendations

That dumpling place in VSL is really good, I started a thread about it here:


Halifax Donair

Is that the processed meat loaf stuff that doesn't exist in Greece? Ewwww

Yi Pin Xiang - Ville St Laurent

Nope, no soup dumplings. Just the regular ones, boiled. The newer Qing Hua on St Cahterine has them though.

Ice Cream Chat 2013

la quebecoise = blueberry and honey

Describing it as finefoodie did I think is much more clear.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Premade eh? No wonder the grilled cheese was served so quickly to us and tasted so dry. I just assumed we got served a wrong order from a previous customer. Not cool and it seems that Abbricot in his post below had the same issue. That makes their bread supplier (Hof kelsten?) look bad.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

I've always been fond of Schwartz and would always defend them when people would tell me, "it's too dry".

I'm sorry the last few times I've been there the meat has been off, it didn't have that broken down, shreddy, fall apart texture to it. Maybe it was just coincidence as my sample size is not big enough and I got them on two bad days, even though a place like this shouldn't be off. I will try them again in the coming weeks and hopefully it will be better.

jfprieur, yes St-Viateur is better than Fairmount!! :)

The new hipsters in the Plateau-- L'Gros Luxe and Majestique

I was at the Bernard location recently as well and was underwhelmed, the pulled pork sliders on the pretzel buns weren't good at all, the pork was dry and the buns tasted like day old buns. However their burger was very good and at $6 I'd say thats one of the best $6 burgers I've ever had especially considering I've had far worse burgers for double the price and then some. I wouldn't rush back but I'd re-visit at some point as everyone else said their prices are very reasonable.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Remind me never to visit the zoo that is First Fridays at the Big O ever again.

Way too many people and massive line ups. I waited 20 minutes (there were only about 6 people in front of us) to get Campbells Soup/Ketchup tasting butter chicken at the Indian food truck, horrible. I had a croissant sandwich at Fous truck since there was no line up and since I know their croissants are excellent, too bad there was barely any bacon in it.

The line up for APDC must have easily been over two hours, it snaked all along the wall. I waited 20 minutes for APDC to put my order in at the JFL last month and there were only a handful of people in front of me.

First real foodie visit to Montreal - some specific requests

Schwartz used to be the best until they sold a couple of years ago. They are cutting corners somewhere in their process.

best ethiopian?

According to some digging online, you would be correct. Both restaurants are registered to the same person.

Yi Pin Xiang - Ville St Laurent

Yi Pin Xiang was mentioned in one of the opening threads so I recently tried it out for lunch.

I tried their dumplings and was immediately hooked, they weren't as juicy as Qing Hua's original ones but the dough was much better IMO, not as thick and very tender. More similar to Mai Xiang Yuan product. They seem to boil them as opposed to steaming them as well. You can also get them fried and they offer the special dumplings too that are rolled long and fried, very similar to Qing Hua's second location.

I've already been back a few times and sampled both their noodle dish and noodle soup. They don't shy with serving a very decent portion of fresh hand pulled noodles in a basic yet delicious sweet soy sauce. The broth in the soup was ok but not rich enough a little bit of spicy oil gave it the right kick.

The location is very clean and spacious with a sitting out front as well which was crowded when I went for lunch.

According to the Shut Up and Eat blog, "The owner explained to me that his family owns a chain of dumpling restaurants in China"

This will definitely be my new go to spot for dumplings as it is so much more accessible to both work and home and you don't need $5 to park in VSL. The owner was very happy to hear me tell him that "I don't need to go downtown for dumplings anymore".

Restaurant Yi Pin Xiang
735 Blvd Décarie

Smoke Meat Pete report

Ooopss...stupid autocorrect on phone from post above.

"I enjoy Pete's but like Delibees (not deli eyes) much more plus it's closer to my work"

Although I guess we all have "deli eyes" in here! :)

Yes, Schwartz is losing it's touch. Maybe I'll give them one last chance in the coming weeks.

Smoke Meat Pete report

From the old man's obit last year.

"Passed away peacefully at the Royal Victoria Hospital in his eighty first year, M Peter Varvaro. He leaves behind his devoted wife Diane Bass, his daughter Jennifer Bass (Tommy Poulin), his sons Dominic (Donna), Peter (Melanie), Phillip (Annabelle) and Angelo (Paula), his sister Anna (Willard Johnston), his brother Angelo (late Mary)"

Smoke Meat Pete report

Captcrunch, you have to try the other brothers deli, Delibees on Valois Bay in Pt Claire by the airport. I enjoy Pete's but like deli eyes much more plus it's closer to my work.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

I have no idea where they get their bread from, I have tried a few breads from Hof Kelsten (not their carré) and enjoyed them. On Hof's website they do list a "Pain De Mie" which is what PA seem to use, either way I wasn't crazy about it. The sandwich was delivered very very quickly to us which at the time begged the question, "did they just hand us over a sandwich that was sitting out/mis-ordered from another customer and they gave it to us. It was easily under a minute of ordering that we got our sandwich so maybe the bread had lost it's crispiness.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

OK, so after being somewhat cold to the idea of MTL food trucks a few years ago, I'm starting to warm up to them. We specifically came down to the JFL for the food trucks, it's not like the outdoor JFL free entertainment is any good. The first thing I noticed walking into the area was someone chomping down on a huge turkey drumstick (Yes, it's big twinkie83) from "Pas de Cochon dans mon Salon", I had to have this.

We started with spring rolls at Tuk Tuk, 4 small rolls were very fresh and not oily with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce (IIRC they were $3 for the 4), next was a samosa from the Indian truck also very good.

Then we walked around for a bit and noticed the APDC truck, their main dish on the board was a sausage in a brioche bun ($5) with the option to add extra toppings for a few extra $$. The options from what I remembered included cheese sauce, maple syrup sauce, smoked meat, foie gras, etc...I was ready to pass on them until I noticed someone pick up an order of what looked like a pogo. Now we're talking, it was at the bottom of the chalkboard as Verrat ($5). The line up wasn't too long but it didn't move especially quickly. You have the option of dipping the pogo in a few sauces, i.e cheese, maple syrup, etc.. for an extra $3. I had it plain with just ketchup and mustard (both homemade I believe), I need to make mustard like this at home, so good. I didn't ask them what type of sausage it was but I read somewhere else that it's boar sausage. I enjoyed it, not too smokey with what tasted like a hint of clove and some other spices but nothing too overwhelming, just perfect. The batter was good but I would have preferred it coated a bit thicker as it barely had any batter.

Unfortunately by the time I was ready for the drumstick Pas de Cochon were all sold out....DOH. OK, onto something else, my wife went for a grill cheese with bacon and onions ($8) from PA Gargantua, the filling was really good with the thick cut bacon and confit onions but the bread they use is no good, I wouldn't go back.

Walking around I didn't really notice anything else that peaked my interest so I headed back to Tuk Tuk who reading about them on here and other sites seem to have a very positive reputation. I went with the chicken pad thai ($9) and it didn't disappoint.


Maybe because of the massive crowds of the Jazz fest and all the stage set ups as compared to the outdoor set of JFL? Just my assumption.

T&T Tacos and Tortas

They look thicker now, so probably the same amount of dough.

One order we had were a little overcooked so that's probably why they shortened/thickened them up.

T&T Tacos and Tortas

They must have re-sized them already if they really were 3 inches long when you had them. They were easily 7 inches long if not more.

I figured $2.50 for 3 churros of that size wouldn't last too long.

See pic here.


Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

No, not because it's Mexican but because it's a burrito with not even that much filling and because they used to charge $8 or $9 when they were in their previous location. That's why and that to me is the biggest reason, we used to go on a regular basis to their old location but after prices creeped up in the new spot our visits were very scarce. Someone else had brought up the "why because it's Mexican?" statement up in an old Itacate thread in the past, it might have been you, it sounds very defensive. Why do you think they closed down? Their food was decent, tasty and fresh so why did they close?

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

I hate to say I saw that coming, they jacked up their prices almost two fold since changing locations, you can't charge $18 for a burrito and expect people to return. They shortened their menu recently which was a bad sign. Too bad, such a nice couple running the place but they should have stayed at the original location. I hope they come up with a new format.

Interesting things to do around Jean Talon Market?

There's something about those greasy fries though.

Interesting things to do around Jean Talon Market?

The cured hard cheese Buckland sells is Tomme.
I had no clue that the Julep served bagels, I haven't been there in a few years. I think an order of really greasy fries is in order though. :)

Glad you skipped Schwartz and went to Pete's instead.

You missed out on Kem Coba big time and were so close.

Interesting things to do around Jean Talon Market?

Nice report, don't tell me you skipped Kem Coba right next to Fairmount bagels.

I'm a St Viateur fan too, they just taste better IMO.
$18 for a Caesar? I understand it comes with seafood but that's insane and hence why restaurants probably hate me, other than a beer here and there I refuse to order booze in a restaurant.

That small cheese place at JTM you are referring to is obviously Buckland Cheese, sooo good.

Montreal Specifics

Yah, sorry I should have been more clear. I assumed since OP mentioned picnic he was going to be eating.

Montreal Specifics

5) Jean Talon & Atwater – Do the vendors rotate depending on day or can I expect the market to be the same regardless if I go on a Friday afternoon or a Sunday morning?

No rotation, if anything there may be a couple of vendors missing Friday afternoon. Keep in mind this is not a true Farmer's Market, it's great and I do my weekly shopping there but not all vendors are direct from their farms. Definitely go sample the cheese guy (Buckland Cheese) who was on Bourdain's Layover a couple of years ago.

8) Picnics – If we want to picnic on Mont-Royal, do we have to sit at a picnic table in order to open our wine? NY doesn’t really have picnic tables in our parks and we’re not allowed to open wine in public either way.

No, sit on the grass and have your wine as long as you don't get hammered cops won't bother you.

Kem CoBa – Delectable ice cream in Mile-End

I've been to Kem Coba a few times this summer, amazing as usual. I was recently there late last night at around 10PM and there was still a 15-20 min wait. I always try the soft serve but I passed for the first time last night as one of the flavors was Rose Water, I just don't like the taste of rose water, I'm sure it would have been subtle but I didn't bother. The other half was rasberry/lychee sorbet.

They seemed to have some new scoop flavors on the board, cheesecake being one of them which is what I tried. I'm always blown away by their flavors but the cheesecake didn't do it for me, there was a hint of something I wasn't crazy about but couldn't pinpoint it.

I'll await for their next twist.

Upscale Portuguese in Montreal?

Restaurant Helena will be mentioned which is a recent addition.

From the same operators there's also Portus Calle that has been around for 10 years.

I haven't tried either so I can't give feedback but reading reviews here and elsewhere it seems you can't go wrong. Portus Calle has been on my list for a long time, I just haven't had the chance to go.

Then there's Cafe Ferreira which always gets the nod as the go to place. I've been once it was good but I wasn't blown away.


T&T Tacos and Tortas

It could definitely accommodate 4-6 people, I was there on Friday night around 8 PM and if a party of 6 would have walked in they would have been seated immediately. There are tables running along the left side, I’m thinking there were maybe 12 chairs plus the facing bench running along the wall so 24 spots plus a few more tables along the window. I think there were seats in the middle too plus some stools up front. I can’t recall but they definitely have more room if they wish to add more tables in the future. It’s definitely not cramped and you don’t have to share tables like at Mais for example, there’s plenty of space.

I wouldn’t call it cafeteria per se as compared to say those South American pupusa shops on Belanger.

I’m not much of a drinker but they have a chalkboard of $9 cocktails so sure I guess you could have a fun night out although from what I saw Friday night that didn’t seem to be the type of vibe coming from this place. They may be going for that feel though as they have a small DJ area and at one point the music (Latino music) got really loud but that didn’t last long. It literally is just tacos and tortas so I don’t know how much time one could spend in there, then again one could have fun anywhere regardless of the menu.

No, there is no outdoor seating.

Ghost, I don't know if the carnitas were poached in fat.