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Abie's Smoked Meat

Driving by the other day I noticed that Abie's is closed down with "For Rent" signs up. Too bad, it was a decent sandwich. I hadn't been in a while and I know there were some recent negative reviews that it had gone downhill but when I had always gone it was spot on and very similar to Schwartz, not that rubbery elastic industrial smoked meat.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Too bad, as overpriced as I personally found it, the BBQ was very good and in proximity for me. I wonder though if overall the location was just not good enough.

Tejano BBQ Burrito, Saint-Henri.

Confirmed, the flour tortillas sold at Maya are from Aliments Mejicano.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Not that I care for Pizza Hut but I could have sworn the Decarie one looked like it was undergoing renovations when driving by. I'll take a look on my drive home today.

Tejano BBQ Burrito, Saint-Henri.

SnackHappy, I think Aliments Mejicano is what was written on the packaging in very very small print.

Tejano BBQ Burrito, Saint-Henri.

If I'm not mistaken, Maya sources flour tortillas made in the city IN ADDITTION to their own corn tortillas.

They are in the typical clear transparent sealed packaging, IIRC the name of the company/address is ink jetted on the plastic.

Where to buy good quality goat's milk in Montreal?

Maybe the issue is that you went on a Sunday and all the stock was already sold. I have a hard time even finding yogurt on a Sunday. Go on a Thursday where everything is well stocked for the weekend.

Where to buy good quality goat's milk in Montreal?

Most health food stores carry goat's milk from Beurrerie du patrimoine. A bunch of stores at JTM carry it; Mondiana, Aliments Merci, the two cheese shops, etc. if that's out of your way I am sure Tau, Rachelle Bery and the likes stock it. I've purchased Patrimoine products at most these places and have always noticed their goat's milk.

Food Events 2015

I could see an argument for and against this practice, personally I'm pretty indifferent to it "bloggers" are just that, bloggers. Who takes them very serious, it seems more of a hobby for most of them. They are not real critics and they don't work for a paid publication.

There's really nothing unethical about what they are doing, if Lesley Chesterman did this then yes there would definitely be a conflict of interest. These bloggers are just looking to make a quick buck, big deal. I doubt they go around shaking down restaurant owners to "pay up" for a positive review on this blog.

As for the restaurant group paying $500? Again big deal, so they hired a PR firm to get some buzz out. Calm down people, nothing unethical or devious going on. No Charbonneau commission necessary here. lol

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I believe they moved close by on Sherbrooke on the south side, I'm pretty sure I noticed their name on a storefront a week or so ago. IIRC the block just west of Victoria or the the following one going towards Claremont street.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

They must have finally figured out that charging $16 for a brisket sandwich at both dinner and lunch with 1 oz of coleslaw wasn't working out.

Where can I find Qi'a cereal by Nature's Path?

I'm sure you can find them at any of the city's many health food stores, i.e. Tau, Rachelle Bery, Mondiana, C'est La Vie, etc..

They all carry Nature's Path so I'm sure they would carry this specific one.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

They only have chicken souvlaki though, no pork.
Their grilled chicken is really really good though, too bad it's not in the greatest location. If this place was in the Plateau it would have line ups like Romados.

ISO: krinos/athens or any brand fillo/phyllo shells/cups

I would think Mourelatos, PA, Adonis would have them along with other regular well stocked supermarkets. You should check out the 7 Day brand of spinach/cheese pies imported from Greece, PA currently has them on sale for $5 this week, I think their promo ends today. Get the twisty ones, I haven't had the ones they show in their flyer (more tubular) but I'm assuming the are prepared the same way.

Mechanically Tenderized Beef in Mtl

Here's a link to the Marketplace episode for those intersted.


Mechanically Tenderized Beef in Mtl

I was at another Costco location this week and noticed the same thing on the Wagyu packaging, unreal. I know the whole tenderizing practice came into question a couple of years ago with the XL issues and CBC's Marketplace did a whole episode on it. There was talk about mandatory labeling, I'm not sure if it ever became the law or if it's labelled at the discretion of the shop. I avoid buying any meat at Costco or any other supermarket for that matter, too many shady practices from farm to store. I'll continue to stick to the small butchers from the city that actually know where their products come from and how they are raised/fed when you ask them.

anyone eaten at Schwartz's in Montreal recently? [moved from Ontario board]

Interfoodie, that's completely uncalled for and $25 is beyond ridiculous. I have been disappointed with their product the last few times. I understand the price of beef has increased but that price point is not justified IMO. I guess the Baton Rouge people that took over want to serve sub par food at Schwartz too.

Moonshine BBQ

I enjoyed their ribs there recently, pricey at $29 for a full rack but that seems to be the going rate at all these BBQ places (though $24 at Blackstrap for a full rack, no clue if their definition of full rack is equal).

I still don't understand their price point on their pulled pork/brisket sandwiches, $14 Pulled Pork and $16 for the Brisket with no sides and just a small cup of coleslaw. This goes for their lunch pricing too. Just for comparison their sandwiches when they opened in the summer of 2013 were $8 and $10 respectively. That price point can not be justified.

Quesada Just Opened

I was not impressed when I tried it out (see my review in this thread) but to those interested there's a location opening soon on Cote St Catharine corner Cote des Neiges just across the Jewish.

Decarie and Jean Talon area

I wanted to like Tropical Paradise as I'm close by but I was unimpressed with both their jerk chicken and roti.

They use boneless chicken breast for their jerk and the curry mix for the roti was just not good, the flavors were not what one would expect. I'll try out their doubles but I'm assuming they will use the same curry preparation as there roti.

Also, both the roti and jerk got microwaved in front of my eyes. I should have walked out right there.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Le Coin Grec on Parc is closed after almost four decades.

Who Smokes their Smoked Meat

I always read and hear conflicting reports on this, whether on Chowhound, Montreal food blogs or speaking to actual owners of deli's that will just tell you, "yah yah we smoke it ourselves".

So who do we know with certainty that smokes their own product in house.

I think we all know with certainty that Schwartz smokes their own meat in house. Now how about the others?

Delibee's has told me that they smoke in house but then I've read conflicting reports online.

Stringy avocadoes--what can we do?

I have actually noticed the complete opposite as of the last few weeks, the Hass avacados I've had have been some of the best ever. I've been inhaling one per day lately and keep noting how good they are and I'm in Montreal.

Dec 11, 2014
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Montreal smoked meat--The Main v. Schwartz's

That explains my August visit to The Main (see review http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9769...).

Amen for Delibees.

Best wine under 20$

Whatever happened to Carswell, does he not post on CH anymore?

Best wine under 20$

I'll do better than under $20. I'm not a wine connoisseur but this is probably the best price you will find for a decent red wine ($11.85).

Meia Encosta Dâo
Red wine, 750 ml
SAQ code : 00250548

Food Truck Reports - 2014

Chalkboard said "tourtiere".

Ground turkey?

Go to Jean Talon Market, I typically pick it up at Prince Noir or St Vincent butchers, pre packaged. I'm sure a few others carry some too in the market.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

I should have had that instead. :(
I really enjoyed their corn dog (sausage) in the summer.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I read that story earlier today and it states that the Dollar store is still taking over the Dad's location and the burger place be separate.

"Dresner confirms that Dollarama's expansion, which the D.A.D.'s shutter was initially blamed on, is still a go. Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce will occupy a distinct space from the retail outlet."

It's not incorrect or exaggerated, the question is what's "distinct space"? Are they going to split up the old Dad's location?