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Olympic Park food truck rally - suggestions?

What Ghislain said, I went once last year and vowed never again. I ended up going where there was no lineups which meant I ate from the mediocre trucks. The Pied de Cochon line that day must have been an hour plus and really they are hit and miss, I've had a really good corn dog from them but then also some sub par overly fried tourtière from them and earlier this summer I had this deep fried concoction that was still cold on the inside. You have to catch the PDC truck at the smaller events or I guess be at the Olympic park right before opening time.

St-Henri and the taco war?

Who cares about food trends, make something good that's what counts.

Best smoked salmon in town? (take out)

No sorry, I was talking only about the guys at Victoria and replied to your post as you mentioned they are #2 on your list.

Best smoked salmon in town? (take out)

The smoked salmon on Victoria is really good and I've been going there for years but don't BS me and tell me that all your salmon is wild Scottish salmon, you wouldn't be charging $40/kg if that was the case and $18/kg or whatever it is for raw salmon. I asked him once and he showed me a label next to the cash register that said "Wild". Cmon!! lol

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon saison des pommes 2015

You forgot the FAT!! LOL
I'd say foie gras too but the last two years I've been there he actually didn't have too much foie gras in his dishes. I guess for $55 a head using up to much of it gets pricey, I'm not complaining because minimal foie gras is enough for me.

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

"Caresse Antillaise, 6470 Rue Sherbrooke O"

I was going to mention this place a couple of weeks ago to see if there was any feedback in here. I grabbed a take out menu and was going to try it the next day but didn't get around to it. I wasn't even aware it was that new as I'm not in that area too often.

Mexican Spot in St. Henri

I hope not, Chez Frida on CDN was horrible the one time I went, they pulled the meat for my tacos out of the freezer and nuked it. Never again, I can't understand how they are still opened.

Carnivore-pescavore pair in Montreal and QC

Fish and meat on the menu? That probably covers 98% of all restaurants that get recommended in here, so I don't know how much of a twist that is. You need to give us more ideas of what type of cuisine you want to try.

Best smoked salmon in town? (take out)

That's what it sounds like.

Mexican Spot in St. Henri

Cafe Frida, that's it. Any good?

Best smoked salmon in town? (take out)

Wild Atlantic Salmon is off limits commercially, zero quota so I don't know if I buy your story. Even as a private citizen you need a license to fish salmon unless things have recently changed.

Mexican Spot in St. Henri

No, definitely not Tequila Bar I know that place already. It was a hole type of place, I noticed a board outside for quesadillas and tacos.

Mexican Spot in St. Henri

Anyone know of this Mexican place in St. Henri? When I drove to Tejano last week I noticed a small Mexican place on the south side of Notre Dame near Rustique, I think it was 4412 Notre Dame looking on Streetview (Google shows an abandoned storefront). Typing in the address brings up a "Boucanier" and "Slow Roast" but entries both seem to be out of date. It may have been 4622 but I'm leaning on 4412 as 4622 brings up a massage parlour. I'm not in that area too often so I have no idea if it's new or not although I can't seem to find anything on here or Google.

Food Events 2015

I was at the Polish festival this weekend, there wasn't too much food variety as compared to the Ukranian festival that takes place in early September at Parc Ukraine in Rosemont. Batory, Zytynsky's Deli and one other stand (maybe Euro Polonia, not sure) were the only food vendors on site. Great options with Batory's pierogies and Zytynksky's smoked meat (so good) but a bit more selection would have been nice.

Can't wait for the Ukranian one, the ladies from their church make pierogies along with some other stands so the prices are more reasonable as well. Last year there was a guy selling honey from Ontario too that was excellent.

Tejano BBQ Burrito, Saint-Henri.

Nice, now that was what an excellent burrito, a generous amount of meat that had taste to it, great sauce, fresh fillings. The only negative was I think the guy wrapping it could have done a better job of straining the juices from the meat and beans as it got soggy pretty quickly. Besides that I will be back very soon and spread the word to those that don't know about it. I believe $9 is a fair price for what you get.

My litmus test for all restaurants is, "do I have remnants of overly salty food in my mouth and does my stomach feel like I just devoured a brick?", Tejano passed both of these, as full as that burrito was I felt just fine after a couple of hours compared to say Guac and Mole where I was feeling the salt and the brick way past dinner time.

Oh and I'm not a huge fan of Blackstrap, the few times I've been I found it average and can't figure out the hype, just a

West Island Deli

I recently visited the incarnation of Abie's for a smoked meat, I always enjoyed going to Abie's when in that neck of the woods. To my delight the smoked meat was still very good, my only qualm was their rye bread as they've changed suppliers. It was too soft almost like a POM bread texture with not much taste of rye. I mentioned it and was told that yes they did change suppliers and most people were happy with the switch to the softer bread. That goes against the whole experience of a classic smoked meat. The fries were still excellent.

Their prices have gone up too, I know the price of beef and specifically of brisket have increased across the board but I believe they were charging $15 for a sandwich with fries, coleslaw and a pickle (no drink). I just went with the sandwich and a side of fries, $9 and $3 IIRC. A Delibees special at lunch is $12 with a pickle, coleslaw and drink.

Guac & Mole

I had lunch here a few weeks ago, I think they had only been open for a week. The food was average and the price point was on the high side for what you get and it may be the first time I've seen fries served as a side at a Mexican restaurant and frozen fries at that. I had a lamb burrito from their lunch menu ($14) with a choice of soup or salad. The burrito was very average, it didn't taste like lamb, I actually thought it was pork but it didn't taste like pork either. Although it didn't have much taste at least it seemed fresh, if that makes sense.

Service was upside down but I guess you could give them a mulligan on that one as they had just recently opened. I had tortilla soup instead of their daily soup because the kitchen was backed up too. The soup was overly salty and the bowl was barely half full. I guess this place is ok for the West Island.

Some of the other review sites online have been really really harsh about this place (especially concerning their service) much as they were about the previous West Island Mexican restaurant, Pitaya Maya which closed down pretty quickly. I get that people want to vent but I think they go overboard, take it up with management if you were really so unhappy, people sink a lot of money into opening up a restaurant only to get crucified online because their margarita took 10 mins to get served. I think Guac has more potential than Pitaya Maya did, once they straighten out their service and get a few kinks out.

Jean Talon Market and vicinity (updates) 2015

"I don't know whether this is new, but at the parking space at the southwest corner, it is $5 for 5pm and later, for "restaurant-goers"."

No, it's not new. They've had that $5 after 5pm parking for as long as I remember. Anyone know what's going on with that outdoor parking lot? I thought they were building more stores next to the SAQ. Did the plans fall through or will they do it next winter?

Persian "pebble" bread in West Island

I don't know if its the same bread but you should try Aryana on Sources, awesome Afghani place with some great home made dishes. Their Mantus and Sambusas are ridiculous, definitely worth the drive to DDO.

Persian "pebble" bread in West Island

Why do I find it hard to believe that someone was selling bread on the street, unless it was for a special event or he was selling it in front of his bakery.

Guac & Mole

Do you know if it's open for lunch?
I've mentioned it in a couple of other threads but no feedback. Their website is still not ready.

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

Guaca & Mole, a West Island Mexican is now open near the Marche de l'ouest lot.

Could this be legit Mexican?

West Island Deli

I was in the area a few weeks ago but the "opening soon" sign was still up, has it opened yet?

Guac & Mole (in the old Peche Peche location) is now opened though, looking forward to trying that, does anyone know if it's open for lunch?

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Glad you enjoyed Delibees, yah you have to go medium.

Second Cup on St-Laurent moving, Intermarché expanding

"I don't want any people to lose their jobs - but otherwise it really isn't a huge loss and there are sleazy aspects."

Lagatta, why even bring this up? This is a food forum not a holier than thou hangout. Lots of establishments have sleazy aspects but this is not the place to gossip about it and don't forget that those places that you shun have produced some of today's biggest chefs in Montreal.

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

"Go Leafs!!"

On second thought I hear Bar B Barn is really good these days! lol

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Site seems to be running.
They are closed on Sundays. It's not a huge joint either.
Delibee's I'm sure will sell you a whole brisket too.

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Please do yourself a favor and skip Bar B Barn, the last time I was there was 15 years ago and I vowed never to return, I found it horrid. I think the best Montreal classic spot for kids (and adults) is chicken at Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke in NDG (1 block east of Girouard). As for smoked meat, the best spot IMO right now is Delibees in Pointe Claire, it puts Schwartz to shame and you won't have to deal with the lineups. Schwartz has gone slightly downhill lately but it's still good. I don't find Lesters/Snowdon Deli anything special as their meats are prepared on a more industrial scale and are too wet for my liking. Smoked Meat Pete's is very good too in Ile Perot, the owner along with the Delibee owners are both sons of the former Main Deli across from Schwartz.

Calling all Montreal Foodies!

Milos for high end Greek, focus is fish.
Across the street from Milos is, Mythos which has live Greek music on the weekends. Food is not bad, I really enjoy their mezedes as opposed to their mains. Good party atmosphere later on if you are into that.

Panama on Jean Talon, a few km away from the above spots has decent Greek as well, price range more middle of the road. They do grilled chicken, fish, lamb chops by the pound, I believe on the weekend they still do roast lamb.

Another fish place that's been around for ages (I haven't been to in a very long time) is Faros, again just a couple of blocks away from Milos and Mythos.

Where are you coming from?

American Cheese Society Conference this week!

WOW!! It took you almost 4 years to realize how unfathomable it was to hold the conference in Montreal? LOL

On that note I bought some great VT raw cheeses while in Burlington VT this weekend.