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Persian "pebble" bread in West Island

I don't know if its the same bread but you should try Aryana on Sources, awesome Afghani place with some great home made dishes. Their Mantus and Sambusas are ridiculous, definitely worth the drive to DDO.

Persian "pebble" bread in West Island

Why do I find it hard to believe that someone was selling bread on the street, unless it was for a special event or he was selling it in front of his bakery.

Guac & Mole

Do you know if it's open for lunch?
I've mentioned it in a couple of other threads but no feedback. Their website is still not ready.

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

Guaca & Mole, a West Island Mexican is now open near the Marche de l'ouest lot.

Could this be legit Mexican?

West Island Deli

I was in the area a few weeks ago but the "opening soon" sign was still up, has it opened yet?

Guac & Mole (in the old Peche Peche location) is now opened though, looking forward to trying that, does anyone know if it's open for lunch?

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Glad you enjoyed Delibees, yah you have to go medium.

Second Cup on St-Laurent moving, Intermarché expanding

"I don't want any people to lose their jobs - but otherwise it really isn't a huge loss and there are sleazy aspects."

Lagatta, why even bring this up? This is a food forum not a holier than thou hangout. Lots of establishments have sleazy aspects but this is not the place to gossip about it and don't forget that those places that you shun have produced some of today's biggest chefs in Montreal.

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

"Go Leafs!!"

On second thought I hear Bar B Barn is really good these days! lol

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Site seems to be running.
They are closed on Sundays. It's not a huge joint either.
Delibee's I'm sure will sell you a whole brisket too.

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

Please do yourself a favor and skip Bar B Barn, the last time I was there was 15 years ago and I vowed never to return, I found it horrid. I think the best Montreal classic spot for kids (and adults) is chicken at Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke in NDG (1 block east of Girouard). As for smoked meat, the best spot IMO right now is Delibees in Pointe Claire, it puts Schwartz to shame and you won't have to deal with the lineups. Schwartz has gone slightly downhill lately but it's still good. I don't find Lesters/Snowdon Deli anything special as their meats are prepared on a more industrial scale and are too wet for my liking. Smoked Meat Pete's is very good too in Ile Perot, the owner along with the Delibee owners are both sons of the former Main Deli across from Schwartz.

Calling all Montreal Foodies!

Milos for high end Greek, focus is fish.
Across the street from Milos is, Mythos which has live Greek music on the weekends. Food is not bad, I really enjoy their mezedes as opposed to their mains. Good party atmosphere later on if you are into that.

Panama on Jean Talon, a few km away from the above spots has decent Greek as well, price range more middle of the road. They do grilled chicken, fish, lamb chops by the pound, I believe on the weekend they still do roast lamb.

Another fish place that's been around for ages (I haven't been to in a very long time) is Faros, again just a couple of blocks away from Milos and Mythos.

Where are you coming from?

American Cheese Society Conference this week!

WOW!! It took you almost 4 years to realize how unfathomable it was to hold the conference in Montreal? LOL

On that note I bought some great VT raw cheeses while in Burlington VT this weekend.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Yup, just to echo these comments, I felt the same way. I think the only thing I ever bought there was the pizza which had an amazing crust but would work out to close to $10 for a small square. It's beyond unjustifiable to charge that much, the few times I'd browse I just couldn't bring myself to pay those prices for any of their products.

Finding Farm-Fresh Eggs

Hi Siolyam, an update to my post. The vendor is called;

Les fous du blé

They are now located in aisle 3 - kiosk 180 for the summer configuration at the JTM.

Finding Farm-Fresh Eggs

Those full time egg vendors at the market run big operations so beware, one of these vendors has a photo of his operation on display showing his huge indoor barn with a large amount of chickens, I'm not sure I would personally be advertising that but I guess it's better than caged chickens. I don't what's important to you but there's a stand across the St Vincent Butcher at the market that sells eggs from chickens that see the outdoors in warm weather, at least that's what they tell me and that's what their Facebook page shows. I forget the name right now but I've got a carton in my fridge so I'll check the name when I get home. IIRC the farm is in Ormstown. $6.25 a dozen.

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

Yes sir, the dining room is opened up, we had lunch on the new side at some point in March.

Cartel Street Food?

I really liked the original Crescent version of Cartel, the second incarnation on St Urbain had some highlights but unfortunately they have slightly revamped the menu again.

One used to get two big beef braised tacos with plenty of beef inside, now they just serve 3 tiny corn tortilla tacos (the extra small ones) with barely any meat on top and they cover it with tomatoes and a bunch of sauces to make it seem that you are getting enough.

Their lobster roll (just one) was tasty but there was barely any lobster meat, very disappointing at $21. I'm glad they didn't use a bunch of celery and mayo filler but cmon put some more meat in it. Also the bun was way too oily.

I don't think I'll be going back unfortunately.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

That's some hefty price points for a generic menu.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Oh no, their gyro was really good.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

"Remember that there is also the Shamrock placette; very nice place to sit and eat and drink."

It is a nice place but IMO for all the space they took up there should be more benches. If I'm not mistaken there are only 6 tables/benches on Shamrock and 2 on Casgrain, with long communal spots as well.

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

@Ghostquatre - I think the layout is due to OP starting a Q&A instead of a discussion.

I don't really see the point of having a Q/A option but hey.

restaurants in cote des neiges area and queen mary

Ella's Deli on Queen Mary is now named, Deli Queen. Ownership seems to be the same based on online information.

Anyone ever try Hot Africa across the street from Ella's? There only seems to be a vague mention from a couple of years ago. I guess I'll give it a try one of these days.

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

@kpzoo, What's the deal with Rayan (CDN location)? I walked in a few weeks ago to browse their fresh fish selection but wasn't impressed, they had the typical cheap stuff, i.e. basa and tilapia with some bass and salmon on display, that was pretty much it although to give them the benefit of the doubt I was there at off peak times so maybe their stock wasn't replenished. When I asked them for a takeout menu they said we don't have menus. There were no prices anywhere, maybe on the walls?

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

If you don't care about budget than go with Milos.


Food Trucks 2015

Their samosas were good but the rest of the offerings were horrible.

Fête du croissant 2015

Au Kouign Amann

Cream in Canada/Montreal

"....and 40% The Original Cream (sole ingredient: organic cream) for $5.25."

Noom, I assume you mean Orignal cream? If so I'll also assume that for $5.25 it's the 500 ml format? I've only seen the 1 liter format for $10 but I typically only need 500 ml.

Sports bar with good food

Actually, his title clearly states, "sports bar". The problem with a place like Icehouse which has real good food is that you can't really linger.


Mister_C, you probably would have been better off across the street from Man Li in the strip mall with Nouveau Maison Kam. I haven't tried their Soo-Guy and shrimps so I can't vouch for them but they do other classic CDN-Chinese plates quite well. They are very similar to Kam Shing although I believe they were connected to Maison Kam (NOT Kam Shing) on Cote de Neiges which doesn't exist anymore. They are always packed, especially on the weekend.

Butcher selling haggis?

5237 Saint Laurent
(514) 277-8880

I don't think they consistently carry it though, but drop by or call and ask them. I was there this weekend and can't say I noticed it. They always have one or two different items every few weeks on top of the regular selection.