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Food Truck Reports - 2014

Chalkboard said "tourtiere".

Ground turkey?

Go to Jean Talon Market, I typically pick it up at Prince Noir or St Vincent butchers, pre packaged. I'm sure a few others carry some too in the market.

Food Truck Reports - 2014

I should have had that instead. :(
I really enjoyed their corn dog (sausage) in the summer.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I read that story earlier today and it states that the Dollar store is still taking over the Dad's location and the burger place be separate.

"Dresner confirms that Dollarama's expansion, which the D.A.D.'s shutter was initially blamed on, is still a go. Notre-Boeuf-de-GrĂ¢ce will occupy a distinct space from the retail outlet."

It's not incorrect or exaggerated, the question is what's "distinct space"? Are they going to split up the old Dad's location?

Food Truck Reports - 2014

The APDC food truck was at the JTM this past weekend to my surprise so I tried out a piece of tourtiere ($5). Not good at all, the filling was average but the crust was no good, too burnt tasting and way too much crust.


Thanjai is decent but the Dosas are so much better at Bombay Choupati in Pierrefonds along with the rest of the menu. It's worth the 20 minute drive and IMO better (and cleaner) than all the Jean Talon places.

Best place to buy Organic Chickens in Montreal?

Thanks lagatta, PA had it for the same price last week (I'm assuming it was on sale as it was 8.80 as well, I didn't look in the PA flyer at the time).

It's a bit far fetched that Ferme St Vincent sells the same Voltigeur chicken for 13.95/kg.

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

I am guilty of commenting in the Opening/Closing thread too, that said I agree with EaterBob's suggestion.


Up here in Canada we unfortunately have the same GMO dung like in the US. The same corporate entities (Cargill, Monsanto, etc...) are running the show here too.

Europe is so far a different story but I'm sure the big boys will get to them too eventually.

Nov 13, 2014
JerkPork in General Topics

restaurants in cote des neiges area and queen mary

Anyone know about this place on Cote des Neiges just north of Queen Mary?

Tais-Toi Et Mange,
5153 Cote Des Neiges
Montreal, QC H3T 1X9

I just read about it, I believe it's the old Pizzedelic location. Seems like it's more pulled pork and ribs.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

$9.50 - 9.75 for just the sandwich, I'm going to say it was 10-12 inches, probably 12.


CDN location is opened as of today.

Best Montreal style pizza?

Yes, Miss JT is very good too although it's been years since I've had it.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

No, only the cheese whiz option uses processed cheese. The provolone is not processed, well Saputo type processed but not cheese whiz type processed.

I tried it out too, the bread was bang on, nice and soft but a bit more meat would have made it better and the meat slices were too crispy. I'd give it another shot but they need to load it up a bit more, at least with more fried onions. I'd make the bun smaller too. My other complaint was that the provolone wasn't melted and there wasn't enough greasiness to the sandwich.

I believe processed cheese whiz is how the original is in Philly.

Best Montreal style pizza?

Hey porker, thanks for sharing. I was thinking on the weekend "I need to link this on CH so we can discuss", but was just too busy.

Anyone ever try Centrale? I'm assuming it's gooey Montreal/Greek diner style which I'm very OK with once in awhile.

OTOH, I always take these local media polls with a grain of salt.

have you noticed ben & jerry's quality going downhill? espcially the classic flavors?

You could taste the oil in their ice cream, kind of a sesame oil taste. I still have it once in a blue moon but to many other great choices around town. At least they still use cream unlike a lot of the fake grocery store "ice cream" with their modified milk ingredients.

Nov 06, 2014
JerkPork in General Topics

Brigade Pizza is officially open

I forgot to mention the olive oils on the table in my review, just terrible, olive oil that tastes like bananas is not a sign of quality oil. I was hoping the oil would add flavour to the sub par sauce but it made it worse. I don't get how people enjoy their sauce, unless of course they are just inconsistent and I caught them on a bad day. That sauce is horrible and ruined my lunch.

TK Restobar

That's too bad Vabou, I haven't tried any of those items you listed so I can't comment. I was very happy with the Filipino specialties, I always try to order a restaurants specialty especially in an "ethnic" type of an establishment like TK. As much as I'm curious to try their burger, I could find a burger or tacos anywhere.


The CDN location should be opening next week, I called the downtown store to ask if they opened yet and I was told that they were aiming for next week.

TK Restobar

Thanjai is another place I've been to a few times but I haven't had time to review. Soon.

TK Restobar

Lagatta, the new Filipino place in Griffontown was mentioned in the opening thread and spurred me to post about TK. I probably could have been clearer.

TK Restobar

Yes, I forgot to mention the staff and prices. Very reasonable pricing and great staff, I enjoy having the cooks serve a lot of the food. Their cocktails seem to be popular too, I don't care much for drinks so I can't review them.

The "other" chalkboard I mentioned is the "non pinoy" menu which has the ramen burger, fried chicken, etc... I have yet to try anything from that menu yet but will give it a shot on our next visit. I want to try the burger but it seems a bit gimmicky with the ramen bun although they did have another burger on the menu.

Pkzilla, how are the chicken wings prepared?

TK Restobar

I've been meaning to discuss my recent TK visits and just read the post in the opening thread about a Filipino place opening up in Griffintown. There are only a couple of other mentions of TK in an old 2008 thread so I figured they deserved their own thread.

I've never had Filipino food before so I'm by far no expert but I really enjoyed both visits.

They have a few chalkboard menus on the wall; appetizers, Filipino specialties (Pinoy-style), other and daily specials.

I've sampled the Shanghai lumpia (stuffed with pork and chestnut), they were amazing, I could easily eat a dozen of these. Not greasy at all and 10 to an order, each about the size of 2 bites.


Adobo Chicken; braised/fried chicken served on a bed of rice with cilantro, onions and carrots

Sisig; slices of pork with liver served on a hot sizzling plate with an egg on top and loads of lime an chili

Beef stew (I forget the name), braised beef (probably chuck or brisket), tender and gelatinous served on a bed of rice with sambal sauce.

All were wonderful, I think my favourite was the beef.

Great addition to the neighbourhood.

5940 Victoria, just south of Van Horne

Holiday Office Party for 32 west island/central

Maybe Elounda in VSL. I find it overpriced for what it is but it could do the job for your situation.

Burger de Ville

"I need to know if I liked them or not"

Lol, you tell us if you liked them.

Brigade Pizza is officially open

I'm sure it is San Marzano tomatoes they use, but the sauce is not a good final product. If you think their sauce is acceptable, well I don't know what to tell you we all have different taste buds but I'm sorry there's something wrong with the sauce. I know SM tomatoes, I cook with them too and I've eaten at other restaurants that use them, i.e. Bottega, Magpie (and their pizzas and sauces are wonderful). My sauce was off.

Brigade Pizza is officially open

Nice concept, it looked promising seeing all the pizzas coming out. But then I took a bite and oh no that sauce. It needs a serious re-work, no taste almost burned tasting. San Marzano? Are we sure? Maybe mixed with something else. I'll wait to hear that they made changes to the sauce until going back.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I'm going to go with "dying". The last few times I've been around the area on a Friday/Sat night that stretch felt abandoned. Nothing wrong with change but it will take awhile, let's hope that's the case.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Wow! That says a lot of the state of that strip. That area has been dying of natural causes for the last 5-10 years. I remember when it was THE place to be, not necessarily for food but "see and be seen".

fancy MTL restaus that can take 10-12?

How about Lemeac on Laurier, it's not ground breaking food but for a party of 10-12 it could do the job. I know some recent comments in here have mentioned a slight drop but I was there two summers ago and we were pleased, not blown away but pleased. I feel some of the better places are off limits due to your party size, i.e. APDC doesn't even take reservations for big parties. Even Lemeac might not have a spot for you in a week.

I just re-read your post (after typing this out) and you already have lunch set up at L'Express so Lemeac might be too similar.

BTW, a little digging and one could figure out your approximate age! ;)