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Uniburger Week

Too bad it's not happening at the CDN location. :(

Have you tried out Nicola Travaglini, Montreal's version of New York's Eataly

Ooopsss...spell check.

and not to take anything *AWAY from Nicola who has excellent products but *YOU ARE comparing two totally different business models.

Have you tried out Nicola Travaglini, Montreal's version of New York's Eataly

LOL...Nicola Travaglini has nothing on Eataly. Not even in the same ballpark or universe, Eataly has at least 4-5 different restaurant areas, a fish counter, a meat counter, a cheese counter all with very very good selections, a fresh pasta counter, a coffee station, a gelato section. No doubt we have our great Italian markets here but Eataly is in another universe and not to take anything from Nicola who has excellent products but your comparing two totally different business models.

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

I could only tell you to avoid Steak Frites at all costs. For the most part I hear positive comments for Holder but I've never been. I have been to Steak frites a few times and have never been pleased.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

If you use your car you'll be at Bête a Pain in 7 minutes from JTM and its worth the detour, pastries are just ok but lots of other great treats and a very talked about brunch.

Oh and Chloe is in IMO the best chocolate shop in our city.

blood oranges

In the spirit of the resurrection of so many old threads recently, here's another.

I was looking for something else and this post came up and considering I just had a very tasty Zuccarello orange I thought it would be fitting.

From Chez Louis but that whole line of grocers is selling them at JTM. I usually find them to tart but this was a good batch.

Traditional Greek Restaurants

Wedge, Zorba-Remezzos on Parc closed a while ago.

Who makes the best Challah in Montreal?

Samuel, I think auto correct got the best of you could you please be more clear. I mean you did revive an old post after all.

Oh BTW the best challah hands down is at Hof Kelsten.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I noticed a place called Lasagne du Plateau opening soon, right next to PA Nature.

Seems Eater had a bit on it a few months ago.


Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Asian, you should contemplate using your car to get around as well as walking. This is not NYC where it could take 15 mins just to drive around one block, I wouldn't drive around downtown during rush hour but going from say Kouign Amman to Jean Talon Market will take you about 7 mins by car (it's just about 2 miles away) or 30-40 mins by foot. All the areas you've mentioned you are interested in will never see any sort of heavy traffic especially on the weekend. I always find parking very easily during the daytime, a parking meter spot will always pop up and even free spots in the residential side streets (but beware of permit parking restrictions and other confusing signage). I agree though that parking could get difficult in the evening around the St Denis area, a few times it took me probably 20 minutes to find a spot around Pied du Cochon. But during the day, go for it and there's easy indoor parking at JTM.

ISO tomatillos

Hmmm I don't know about the West Island but I e seem fresh ones at JTM at Louis, most likely Ninos and I also noticed some at that new small epicerie on Beaubien, coin d'epicerie I think it's called.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Ill gladly test the KA at la ruche and compare.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Oh yes, huge fan of Kem Coba specifically the bi-weekly change of their soft serve. Les Givrés on St Denis and a new location opening this year near the JTM is a really good ice cream shop too with interesting flavors and they also change up their soft serve based on the growing season.

You definitely need to make sure to try the namesake at Kouign Amann, I had a nice warm piece just a couple of weeks ago and I still get excited every time I bite into it. I think the croissants at KA are actually tops in the city, with Hof Kelsten right up there, Fous Desserts are very good too. If you like them extra buttery, I'd go with KA or better yet sample them and tell us what you think.

As stak mentioned Kelsten has some great choices too in addition to their croissants, fresh danishes and wonderful sandwiches to go along with their amazing coffee. The babka by the piece at Cheskie is really good too. I'm starting to salivate discussing all these baked goods.

The Main was a disaster of a sandwich a few months ago but supposedly they are going through some changes and playing around with their meat sourcing. Right now Schwartz > The Main if you don't venture out which as much as I praise Delibee's, I don't know if you want to waste 2-3 hours out of your day just for that location since there's not much more out there.

The Food Babe Says There’s Beaver Butt in Your Ice Cream

Here's a recent objective Atlantic article about her that looks at both her detractors and fans. I first heard about her at some point last year and for the most part she's not telling us anything new, at least not to me. I'm not a fan of hers but I'm surprised that a lot in here are very strongly opposed to what she stands for. I do have an issue with her going up against science as well but one needs to at the same time stand up against BIG Food as well.

Comparing her to Anti-Vaxxers as someone does in the article is not fair though because I'm not putting my kid's life at risk if I decide I don't want to feed my child processed food. Her claims do seem far fetched but I don't see anything wrong with promoting a healthier lifestyle and avoiding certain foods, of course she's in it for the cash most advocates typically are.

Food companies wield a lot of power but they do need to listen to the consumer and lately the consumer is saying enough of all this junk in my food. Just this week Nestle announced they will be removing artificial ingredients from their candy bars, Subway has removed the anti-foaming agent from their bread, pink slime is out, etc.. etc...Even if she's scientifically inaccurate she has a point, WHY ARE WE EATING THIS STUFF? I don't care that the government says that x ppm of x ingredient won't do any harm to me, I personally don't want it in my food.

I don't want livestock being hopped up on anti-biotics, I don't want growth hormones in my milk supply and I don't want my chickens eating chickens. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I need to question my government especially after stories like the Canadian government scientists who in the late 90s couldn't report their findings on RBGH and were even suspended for speaking out. Because of them Monsanto's RBGH is not allowed to be used in Canada but it continues to be in the milk supply of the US.


Feb 20, 2015
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The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Le Biftheque has filed for bankruptcy and is closed according to the Gazette.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

OP will be here in late May so Kem Coba shouldn't be an issue (you will not be disappointed BTW).

I used to think Rhubarbe had good eclairs which they do but then I had one at Patrice Patissier, so so good.

Schwartz is overrated these days, the best smoked meat places need a 20-30 car ride out to the suburbs these days (Delibees and Pete's). I guess it's still worth a try though as it's within your hotel walking range.

Butcher selling haggis?

I love these resurrected posts, LOL.

Anyway, I noticed haggis at Lawrence a few weeks ago for those that are interested.

Hounds, help us decide

Make it 27, big deal. People need to relax and go on their merry way. Why do people get so offended?!

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Nyam & Jam on Queen Mary seems to be papered up, that didn't last long. I tried it once and was thoroughly disappointed, I figured at the time that it wouldn't make it.

Restaurants for sale

Sometimes if not most of the time there's zero correlation between a financially successful restaurant and healthy food, let alone bad food. Some of the most financially successful establishments (see big box restos for example) serve "not very good food".

Anyone know which Italian resto that is in Snowdon? Maybe the one on Decarie near Queen Mary?

Lactancia Butter sticks

I was at Fromagerie Hamel over the weekend at JTM and noticed they were stocked with Lactantia Garlic Butter which I'm pretty sure was in stick format. I've heard from others that they have had a hard tiime tracking down the sticks. I needed butter a few weeks ago and the Provigo wasn't stocked with any Lactantia at the time so I got another brand, I haven't needed any since so that's the extent of my sample for butter hunting. I see plenty of Saputo and No Name butter around at other places so I too doubt there's a cream shortage.

Plus Bonichoix has the 1lb Lactantia whole butter on sale this week, so definitely not a cream shortage issue.

Whole Foods (probably) coming to Montreal!

Why should any business limit itself to clients within only their respective neighbourhood? I'd be doomed if that was the case, I need to drive to get to all my favourite food shopping places every weekend. We're getting off-topic and this is heading to a pro car vs anti car debate, sure it'd be nice if we could all live next to JTM and all these other great stores but the reality is most of the population live in boroughs other than the Plateau and neigbourbing areas.

Quidi Vidi restaurant

If the recipe was in the Gazette you should be able to track it down on the Google Montreal Gazette Archives.

Whole Foods (probably) coming to Montreal!

" The chain opened its first Canadian location in Toronto in 2002, and is currently expanding throughout Canada with between 35-40 stores planned. The Lansdowne store is the 10th store to open in Canada, and the first for the capital region."

Chances are at least one of those 40 stores will be in the Montreal area.

I say bring it, nothing wrong with competition, variety and more of these types of stores. So far it looks like we as a city are able to support all of them that are sprouting up; Rachelle-Bery, Tau, PA Organics, C'est la Vie, Fous D'Ici, etc, etc...

It's a message to the food industry even though I'm sure most of the stuff sold at places like Whole Foods are still part of "big food" but can't be as bad as the regular supermarkets.

Whole Foods (probably) coming to Montreal!

There's a Tau in Laval too.

Whole Foods (probably) coming to Montreal!

Yes, there's one in Oakville and also in downtown Toronto.

As for the Trader Joes fans I was at the one in Burlington VT this past summer, it had just recently opened. I don't get the fuss of TJs, it's mostly just packaged stuff. The City Co Op and Healthy Living Mrkt (right across TJs) in Burlington blows away Traders by miles and miles. Just their selection of VT cheeses and local VT meats blows them away. Hopefully that area can sustain both markets but I have my doubts.

Pizza Napoletana

Margherita at Bottega $13, Napoletana doesn't list their prices online but I remember them being in that ballpark even if it was $11 it's a no brainer for an extra 2$. Sure overall you'll walk out with a bigger bill at Bottega but I'm just comparing pizza prices. Though don't kid yourself a pizza and a pasta plus tax and tip was $45 to $48 not even including a soft drink.

Pizza Napoletana

I seriously don't get the fuss about this place, I hadn't been there for about 10 years (didn't think it was anything special then). This past summer we were finishing up our groceries at JTM and decided we wanted pizza (GEMA hadn't opened yet) so we figured we'd try Napoletana again since it had been 10 years. Nope, still nothing special, I mean it was "just OK" but not worth the 15 min lineup at 3PM, let alone peak time waits of 1 hour. I think part of the issue is they run their dough through a machine to flatten it out which takes away from the texture, no bubbling, no airiness and I'm assuming they use regular flour. Plus their sauce was very average and their prices are high for what you get. For pretty much the same price per pizza you can go to Bottega or GEMA, not as casual but I'm just comparing price per pizza.

Poblano Peppers in the West End

Hopefully OP figured that out in the last 2 years. Thanks for the input. lol

Damas Restaurant fire

You beat me to it, I was just about to post the CBC story. The article uses the word "gutted" by the fire, that can't be good.

I hope they are back up and running, It has been on my list for a long time.