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TK Restobar

That's too bad Vabou, I haven't tried any of those items you listed so I can't comment. I was very happy with the Filipino specialties, I always try to order a restaurants specialty especially in an "ethnic" type of an establishment like TK. As much as I'm curious to try their burger, I could find a burger or tacos anywhere.


The CDN location should be opening next week, I called the downtown store to ask if they opened yet and I was told that they were aiming for next week.

TK Restobar

Thanjai is another place I've been to a few times but I haven't had time to review. Soon.

TK Restobar

Lagatta, the new Filipino place in Griffontown was mentioned in the opening thread and spurred me to post about TK. I probably could have been clearer.

TK Restobar

Yes, I forgot to mention the staff and prices. Very reasonable pricing and great staff, I enjoy having the cooks serve a lot of the food. Their cocktails seem to be popular too, I don't care much for drinks so I can't review them.

The "other" chalkboard I mentioned is the "non pinoy" menu which has the ramen burger, fried chicken, etc... I have yet to try anything from that menu yet but will give it a shot on our next visit. I want to try the burger but it seems a bit gimmicky with the ramen bun although they did have another burger on the menu.

Pkzilla, how are the chicken wings prepared?

TK Restobar

I've been meaning to discuss my recent TK visits and just read the post in the opening thread about a Filipino place opening up in Griffintown. There are only a couple of other mentions of TK in an old 2008 thread so I figured they deserved their own thread.

I've never had Filipino food before so I'm by far no expert but I really enjoyed both visits.

They have a few chalkboard menus on the wall; appetizers, Filipino specialties (Pinoy-style), other and daily specials.

I've sampled the Shanghai lumpia (stuffed with pork and chestnut), they were amazing, I could easily eat a dozen of these. Not greasy at all and 10 to an order, each about the size of 2 bites.


Adobo Chicken; braised/fried chicken served on a bed of rice with cilantro, onions and carrots

Sisig; slices of pork with liver served on a hot sizzling plate with an egg on top and loads of lime an chili

Beef stew (I forget the name), braised beef (probably chuck or brisket), tender and gelatinous served on a bed of rice with sambal sauce.

All were wonderful, I think my favourite was the beef.

Great addition to the neighbourhood.

5940 Victoria, just south of Van Horne

Holiday Office Party for 32 west island/central

Maybe Elounda in VSL. I find it overpriced for what it is but it could do the job for your situation.

Burger de Ville

"I need to know if I liked them or not"

Lol, you tell us if you liked them.

Brigade Pizza is officially open

I'm sure it is San Marzano tomatoes they use, but the sauce is not a good final product. If you think their sauce is acceptable, well I don't know what to tell you we all have different taste buds but I'm sorry there's something wrong with the sauce. I know SM tomatoes, I cook with them too and I've eaten at other restaurants that use them, i.e. Bottega, Magpie (and their pizzas and sauces are wonderful). My sauce was off.

Brigade Pizza is officially open

Nice concept, it looked promising seeing all the pizzas coming out. But then I took a bite and oh no that sauce. It needs a serious re-work, no taste almost burned tasting. San Marzano? Are we sure? Maybe mixed with something else. I'll wait to hear that they made changes to the sauce until going back.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I'm going to go with "dying". The last few times I've been around the area on a Friday/Sat night that stretch felt abandoned. Nothing wrong with change but it will take awhile, let's hope that's the case.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Wow! That says a lot of the state of that strip. That area has been dying of natural causes for the last 5-10 years. I remember when it was THE place to be, not necessarily for food but "see and be seen".

fancy MTL restaus that can take 10-12?

How about Lemeac on Laurier, it's not ground breaking food but for a party of 10-12 it could do the job. I know some recent comments in here have mentioned a slight drop but I was there two summers ago and we were pleased, not blown away but pleased. I feel some of the better places are off limits due to your party size, i.e. APDC doesn't even take reservations for big parties. Even Lemeac might not have a spot for you in a week.

I just re-read your post (after typing this out) and you already have lunch set up at L'Express so Lemeac might be too similar.

BTW, a little digging and one could figure out your approximate age! ;)

Spicy Island is back!

BTW, the actual Jamaican Spicy Island has closed down again.

Best Souvlaki in Montreal???

I finally got around to trying the gyro at Gia Sou on Queen Mary. It was so and so, the meat was a bit too well done and crispy, their tzatziki was decent but there wasn't enough, the pita was good but could have used some greasing up. The price was $7 tax in just for the pita, a $1 more than Nostos. I'll give them another chance at some point only cause it's in my area and it was edible. Hopefully they were having a day off.

Montreal dining for 2 year old's birthday

drs444, take the little one to Christian Faure for pastries in Old Montreal. They close at 7 PM and there's plenty of seating, it's a relatively large space. They have the best macaroons in the city IMO, I still haven't tried their eclairs or Mille Feuilles (which is what I really wanted) as the two times I've gone they were out, this was when they first opened last year so maybe they are better stocked now.


Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Yah the right hand side is just some leftovers they freeze. Almost everything is cut on demand on the spot right off the side of beef. No freezing at Lawrence. Anyway, were getting off topic.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Where have you seen frozen beef at Lawrence? They cut everything on demand. They do have a small freezer with leftover offal, chickens, etc.. is that what you are referring too?

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I would doubt Lawrence gets their beef frozen as they have entire sides not pre cut vacuum sealed cuts. The problem with places like Tau is that they don't offer a huge variety of cuts. Lots of ground beef and a few other cuts, that's it.

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

Veau de Charlevoix seems to be having financial troubles.



Honeymoon! (Question 1)

I'll chime in on the babka from Cheskie; I'm no babka expert but that Cheskie version is so so amazing. I want to try the Hof babka.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Please list what other butchers in Montreal are carrying the beef that Lawrence does, I don’t doubt you I just don’t know who else does so I’d be curious in case there are any closer to my place.

I do know that Lawrence has more than one beef supplier, they carried Quebec Wagyu (excellent marbling) awhile ago and our now carrying beef from, IIRC Runaway Creek farm, there has been a third beef supplier but the name escapes me. Yes, there’s not a lot of marbling on this beef but that’s pretty standard with grass fed beef, it is still very good and they aren’t charging an arm and a leg like say Ferme St Vincent.

Their pork is from Rheintal farms and their chickens are from Crepuscule, I doubt there are many butchers that carry product from these farms. Try their dry aged pork sirloin steak, it’s out of this world full of flavor.

The owner of Le St Urbain/Bete a Pain had tweeted a few months ago about a local butcher shop opening up near his place but I don’t see any storefronts “opening soon” in the area. Does anyone have any updated info on this project?

**Avoid** Les Fermes Saint Vincent in Atwater and Jean Talon markets

Thanks Lagatta, I think you've mentioned this promotion in the past and every now and then I look at their online flyer. Unfortunately I didn't look at it this week. :(

Breaded Veal Sandwiches

I never claimed I was looking for a schnitzel type sandwich, I only in passing mentioned that we lack good veal sandwiches like those in Toronto. I shouldn't have assumed that everyone would make the connection between Toronto and a veal parmigiana sandwich even though they are pretty well known for that, that was my only crime.

I wasn't aware I was going to get a warning and a wagging of the finger from the CH police. :-)

Thanks for the recs although looking online into those places it's hard to tell if they serve a veal parmigiana sandwich, it seems that Joe's specializes in paninis and a couple of the ones in Lasalle are more pastry shop than sandwich places. I'll dig deeper.

**Avoid** Les Fermes Saint Vincent in Atwater and Jean Talon markets

I know beef prices have increased across the entire industry recently and I understand that St Vincent has always come at a premium but it's going to be hard to justify ground beef for $18.95/kg, an increase of 19% and an almost 50% increase from two years ago when it was going for $12.95/kg. I noticed the price increase this past weekend to go along with their logo changes. Every other beef cut has also seemed to have increased as well as their poultry, a whole Voltigeur chicken is now $13.95/kg.

Breaded Veal Sandwiches

I don't know about the latter two establishments but the Hungarian place doesn't do the veal sandwich in the "Italian-American" type of way they do in Toronto with the onions and red sauce. Don't get me wrong, they make a good sandwich just not what I'm looking for. Milanos on Jarry east might be close but I don't think they put tomato sauce on it.

Same with Das food truck, no sauce.

Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

A Boucanerie is taking over the location of La Grange du Marche. Smoking fish, meat, everything? I'm not sure as I didn't read the fine details on the storefront.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I think it will work in that area. I believe that you are giving too much credit to that Mile End demographic not everyone is an artist/bohemian around there but I digress. It's these off topic discussions that bloat these opening threads.

No, I don't see it as an odd concept, pulled pork sandwiches were odd and pretty hard to find in Montreal up until a few years ago, a French Wikipedia entry for Porc effiloché doesn't exist either, yet it's on so many menus today. I don't see the oddity of bringing in a new concept, I thought that's what we Montrealers were about.

We also need a place that serves a good breaded veal sandwich like in Toronto. I think there was a place on Guy but it didn't last long.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

We need a good Philly Cheesesteak place. I don't believe people in here thought B+M would work on St Viateur and it's always busy when I pass by on the weekends during the day at least. I can't speak for it during the evening.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

I don't see any mention of this place on the board.
I passed by on the weekend, anyone know when they are opening up?


Opening soon at 125 St Viateur.

Is this going to be the real deal?