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Moe Pancer's Reno

If anyone happens to be driving up or down Bathurst passing by Pancer's, please post if they are open or still closed for renovations.

I will be in GTA a week from today.

Moe Pancer's Reno

I have been going to Gryfe's every visit for many years & they always have products available. The packaged Pizza bagels and danish are also very good. I always also go to the kosher bakery down the street on the same side - Grodzyski's. They have great bread & rolls.

I find Centre St a bit overrated. I hope to drive up to Montral for Shwartz's, Main & Smoked Meat Petes this Summer. I feel Centre St has been slipping over the past 10 years & is not nearly as good as Snowden Deli despite the relationship. I still have not had s great hand sliced smoked meat in T.O. I have high hopes for Ben & Izzy's but we have been down this road before. Maybe I should hit them up this visit before success goes to their head like some highly touted places downtown that never really lived up to their publicity and have trended downward ever since.

I have been visiting GTA often for over 45 years and fear that the locals don't see the the possibility of the loss of their deli/jewish food scene. I have watched it disappear in the face of modern eating trends all over the USA (even the metro NYC area). I know that David Sax was a leading voice to alert Canada to save the deli, but his voice is not to be found since his publishing success. There is legit concern among the faithful around NYC and other parts of the US where the exile still has some economies of scale to support this tradition. I am not certain that T.O. is even close to their potential. I love Canada!

Moe Pancer's Reno

I am coming to Toronto next weekend. Any word on Pancer's reopen date. I am not sure I want to deal with the potential grand opening crowds at Ben & Izzy's (if they are open by May). If neither are open I will choose between the new Pancer's or take the Monday opportunity to finally try Switzer's on Tobram Rd. Does anyone know if Lorne Pancer is really out of the Major Mac Pancer's & if so, is he going to start a new store?

Also any of you deli fan's tried out Nu Bagel? Should I make the stop or stick with Gryfe's (or do both)?

Keep up the great work on this GTA board!

Ribeye or steak for one at Peter Lugers

Great idea, but not likely to fly. She loves the salmon lunch deal with french fries and creamed spinach. I will make the pitch but she loves to dip the salmon in the spinach. Are all the sides except french fries portioned for 2 as per their web site? I really want to try the German potatoes but have a limited capacity.

Also it seems very few folks have tried and none suggest the rib eye. I guess the porterhouse is the tradition for most people on the food boards. I just hope my steak is prepared rare as ordered as my first visit produced a medium rare result despite my request. Any order secrets and tips are appreciated.

Jun 22, 2011
sspector in Outer Boroughs

Ribeye or steak for one at Peter Lugers

Has anyone tried the rib eye at Luger's? Should I give it a go or stick with the steak for one? I would love to get the porterhouse but my wife won't eat rare steak.

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jun 21, 2011
sspector in Outer Boroughs

Dreamland Tuscaloosa still good?

I will be in Atlanta for a week this June. Is the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa worth the trip from Roswell? I went to the Roswell location 3 years ago and was very disappointed. If not Dreamland, is Big Bob Gibson's or Syke's worth the drive from Atlanta?

I am planning to go to Sam & Dave's, Fox Bros., Swallow at the Hollow, Melear's (Fayetteville), Spayberry's (Newnan), Dean's & Old Hickory House. Should I avoid any of these & what do you suggest?

I have been to Harold's, Fresh Air (Jackson), Nu Way, J R's log house, Mary Mac's, & Zesto's. The only one I want to return to is Harold's (loved the ribs), as well as the Varsity and Clairmont hotel.

So Please help me as I don't get to the South very often and want to make the most of my visit food wise. I am willing to travel and will go into any neighborhood. I have no fear or common sense in my pursuit of good stuff to eat. I will have a rental car and want to get my $ worth.

The only other plans I have so far is to go to Turner Field my first day in town to watch the Braves play the Pirates. I figure to est dinner at Harold's before the game. I also am thinking about taking my mother to the Silver Skillet on the way from the airport to my Niece's home in Roswell.

Unless you folks make some other suggestions, I am trying to choose between a side trip to Tuscaloosa (U of A) or Athens (U of GA) to check out an authentic SEC legend. What do you recommend?

In any event, I am looking forward to my 3rd visit to ATL from NY. I hope you folks will help me make the most of it. One of these days I hope to get to some of the real BBQ hot spots - North Carolina, Memphis, KC, & Texas.

Is Shorty's cheesesteaks connected with Tony Luke's?

Is Shorty's on Ninth Ave. in the spot previously occupied by Tony Luke's still associated with the Philadelphia owner's of that family's sandwich operations? The bartender told me that the name is changed but is still owned by the same people that had Tony Luke's NYC. Can anyone confirm this? It is a nice spot to stop in for an after game meal, but it is not very busy and I never see anyone eating there. The bar atmosphere is way different than the Philly Oregon St. vibe.

Nov 07, 2007
sspector in Manhattan

confusion over papa's tomato pies in Trenton

Do you know if Joey's Pizza of Hamilton at 1201 Whitehorse Mercer Rd. is the same place as Maruca's Famous Pizza at the same address? What do you think about this place/places? What is it about Trenton with these overlapping pizzerias?

Oct 30, 2007
sspector in New Jersey

confusion over papa's tomato pies in Trenton

Rough neighborhoods are not a problem as I live next to what was Kodak Park here in Rochester NY. When Kodak was thriving our neighborhood had lots of families, restaurants, stores and bars to service the throngs of Kodak employees. Now Kodak is busy imploding their buildings and employment is a fraction of those days. The neighborhood is suffering as well. I try to support concerns in distressed areas in all urban settings that my travels take me to. Places like Bragman's and Hobby's in Newark are just the ticket for me. I am sure I don't need to explain this situation to people that live around Trenton or Camden.

Also my sons are grown ups so a bar is suitable. They are used to me dragging them to historic spots in what is considered a seedy neighborhood. I prefer to see it as an area with character where poor people live. My kids just think of it as humoring their old man, especially when he is treating. Plus they admit, I can find good eats.

I really enjoy the experience of sharing an experience like trying a Trenton tomato pie for the first time in a place where many generations have also enjoyed the simple things in life. I never know how many more chances I will have to do stuff like this before the boys move on to the rest of their adulthood. Plus they handle all the driving. I just supply the car and gas.

It may be just to hard to pass up going to one of the celebrated DeLorenzo's for my first tomato pie. Even if it is the less heralded Hamilton St. site. So many choices and so little time. How many other people can get so excited about spending a couple of hours in Trenton ( or Newark)? Maybe next time we are visiting Philly (Trevose), we can make a run to Trenton for a Rossiburger. Thanks for all the suggestions that you kind folks have provided. I am no more certain about where we will wind up, but it is sure fun thinking about all the possibilities.

And I still can not figure out how a professional food writer like Ed Levine can be mixed up about Papa's location.

Oct 29, 2007
sspector in New Jersey

confusion over papa's tomato pies in Trenton

Thanks for the note that Championship is across the street from the famous Rossi's Bar & Grill. jsfein - where do you recommend to go to get a tomato pie this Saturday? If my sons want bugers or wings, I guess we can go to either place that you reference. Do you think that Rossi's would be the choice based on it's reputation as a historical part of Trenton / Chambersburg? I see that TomDel lists Rossi's as one of his top 5.

Oct 29, 2007
sspector in New Jersey

confusion over papa's tomato pies in Trenton

Thanks for both of your informative responses. I did indeed mean to ask about Top Road Tavern in my post. Which would either of you knowledgeable folks recommend Jo Jo's or Top Road?

I called Papa's and got a hard to hear tape message that sounds like they open at 3 pm. So it looks like my selection is narrowed down to Jo Jo's, Top Road, or DeLorenzo's. Based on TomDel's comment I am leaning to Jo Jo's.

Oct 29, 2007
sspector in New Jersey

confusion over papa's tomato pies in Trenton

Ed Levine's "A Slice of Heaven" lists Papa's Championship Tomato Pies at 932 Chambers St. as the Papa's that opened in 1912. My resrarch on Google turnrd up 2 separate entities Papa's Pizzeria at 804 Chambers St. and Championship Tomato Pies at 831 Chambers St. Which of these is the Papa's Tomato Pies that was the second pizza establishment after Joe's Tomato Pies as noted on the Slice website Pizza History.
I am driving from Philly to Secaucas on Saturday afternoon and would like to take the opportunity to have my first Trenton Pie. I see that DeLorenzo's on Hudson is not open for lunch, so I will try to get to the one on Hamilton St., but if I get there after 1:00 I will need a fall back plan. I figured Papas to be the next choice baseed on Ed Levine's book, but only Championship seems to be open for lunch. What do you NJiers think my fall back should be -
High Street Tavern or Jo Jo's.Does anyone understand the relationship between these two? I live in Rochester NY and don't get that many opportunities to dine in Trenton, so I would like to make the most of it. I am traveling between professional wrestling shows from Philly to NYC this Saturday. In the unlikely case that any of you chwhounds are the least bit interested - the Ring of Honor Wrestling promotion offers the best professional wrestling product in the entire world. I travel to shows in NYC, Philly, and Edison NJ on a monthly basis. I try to sample as much roadfood as possible on this quick trips.

I am trying to figure out how such experts as Ed Livine and the Slice guys could be confused about these 2 Tomato Pie spots. Will the real Papa please identify yourself?

Oct 28, 2007
sspector in New Jersey