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Local VA Hams?


I am hoping to buy a smoked or baked ham for this upcoming weekend - but was hoping for something more locally grown and cured than the honey baked or grocery store variety.

Since Virginia is known for their hams I was hoping this wouldn't be too hard. extra points for pickup or delivery closer to DC proper as I am a city dweller and might not want to drive hours to get the ham.

Thanks in advance!

Iranian/Persian Food

Can anyone tell me where I can find a good Iranian/Persian restaurant in the DC Area? I found a few kabob places on yelp, but I was looking for something more comprehensive.


DC Restaurant Week--August 2009. Dates?

I hope Winter RW is better! they used to offer so many good choices like citronelle and corduroy, but now it seems there are only places where $35 isn't that good of a deal (except for Rasika apparently :)

I have had a great experience at Vidalia during RW and I love the places that give the fullest menus....

Chicken and Waffles

So I am having a craving for chicken and waffles and want to go grab some for brunch this weekend. I know they have them at Marvin (which I haven't tried) and I was disappointed by the ones at Creme. I saw they were on the menu at Art &Soul which I haven't tried. Any thoughts on good places for them in D.C. proper?

Corduroy prix-fix menu?

I am going to Corduroy tonight as a first timer and was reading old posts on the restaurant. Several mentioned a prix-fix menu for $55, but I can't find any information about it on their website. does anyone know if this is still being offered?


Best Italian in DC/NoVA

I thought Tosca was great, nice quiet atmosphere and good service.

Feed me yummy in Georgetown

I second tacklebox - casual, great food and reasonable, while it's not a high class place, it's one of the few places where you get good food without being ripped off. I would NOT go to Old Glory or Daily Grill.

ISO Good Singapore Chili Crab in DC Area

It only exists at the Singaporean Ambassador's house, sorry bud. I have friends from Singapore, and unless you bring the spices back from the island yourself, you are out of luck.

Is Oyamel good?

I think it is my favorite of Jose Andres' new style tapas restaraunts. it beats Zatinya and SEI by a long shot in my book. Many of the dishes hit close to the mark for real mexican flavors and some you could even call traditional (despite the small plates thing). It doesn't fill a Mexican food craving for me, but it's a fun place, with good atmosphere and food overall. Just don't expect to be totally wowed like it's the best dining spot in the city and you will enjoy it.

Is Oyamel good?

the grasshopper tacos at $5 each are worth trying (and enough to share just a bite with another person) and worth trying if you have never had grasshopper. basically in the frying process whatever is inside the grasshopper gets fried out so you are just easting the crispy crunchy friend shell. after the first time, I don't feel the need to reorder, but it was definitely fun to try.

SEI Restaurant & Lounge

the house special drinks are about the same price and very good. I think for restaurants that's pretty standard, bars are obv cheaper. I think at Oya the cheapest drink is around $9 or 10.

Anyways, I enjoyed the sushi I think we had the raw beef roll and some fish thing. They weren't much more expensive that you would find for a roll at any sushi restaurant and about the same for the nigiri. They definitely had interesting combinations for rolls.

we had the short ribs and the duck for our meat course, and I was unimpressed.

Fun and Funky Seattle Birthday Spot

So I am coming in from out of town (DC) and want to take my cousin out to celebrate his birthday. I am hoping you all could help suggest a fun and funky place in Seattle (though he lives in Puyallup, so really anywhere is fine, if it's cool) that I can take him to to make a special night. He doesn't drink (and is turning the big 22). What places are good and hip?

Jul 21, 2009
arose in Pacific Northwest

Anyone know where I can get "Miracle Fruit"

I bought them from that website and they took almost 10 months to arrive! they were great and it was fun (definitely do strawberries and tabasco). I have freidns who did both and apparently the tablets work just as well.

standard cooking tasks that you just won't do......

But when you have a good fresh fava bean - it is totally worth it. and like pearl onions it is kinda fun to see them pop right out of the skin.

I won't shuck my own oysters - talk about dangerous!

Oct 02, 2008
arose in Home Cooking

Dinner near Mt. Vernon Square

You are about 3 blocks from Chinatown and 6 from Penn Quarter. I would suggest you do a search for those two neighborhoods to find good choices. there are plenty of them in that area!

PS7's or 1789 this weekend?

I went to PS&'s for lunch during restaraunt week last week and was a little disapointed. They didn't offer their full menu and probably some of the most interesting things off their full menu were not included in the RW menu. I had a smoked salmon salad as an appetizer which was served with plums and it was fabulous. others had tuna tartar sliders and mussels which were not as unique but tasty enough. The entree and dessert selection was less impressive. I got pulled pork with polenta. the pulled pork was nothing special and not even great for pulled pork. the fried chicken, was, well fried chicken but the short ribs were good, not great. the desserts were also good, but not out of this world. beignets, chocolate cake and crisp. hope that helps you make your decision.

Best Dishes at Oohs and Aahs

I am a big fan of oohs and aahs. I live pretty close from the restaraunt and go fairly frequently trying to enjoy new dishes every time. When I went there last, I had the BEST fried chicken of my life. It was like no fried chicken I have ever had. It ws not their regular fried chicken but their lemon pepper wings. They are fried and then dipped in a a lemon pepper sweet and sour sauce. It sounds weird, but the skin stayed perfectly crunchy and the sauce added a je ne sais quoi. It was HEAVEN. literally. I can't stop talking about it. I know many have tried this place, but next time you MUST try the lemon pepper chicken. Make another trip soon if you haven't had it. I am drooling just thinking about it.

I also really like the cajun shrimp. They are sauteed and covered in this spicy pepper rub and are killer.

I was a little disapointed with the short ribs when I was there last. They were tender but the sauce was uninspiring, but maybe that was in comparison to the best fried chicken ever.

What do you like to eat there?

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

This is my favorite burger in D.C. hands down. I love that they cook it very pink as the standard. Just the way a burger should be cooked. It means that they trust their meat, the quality, the preperations and the purveyor. All good signs. Before I ate I knew that it was a 10 oz burger. but I didn't get it, these things are huge. I totally couldn't finish it though I desperately wanted to. I got my burger au poivre with cheddar and onions.

We didn't have a problem getting a table, but we went on a wednesday night. The corn was succulent but the water melon wasn't very juicy. The rootbeer was great, I just wished they had real beer too. It would really make the burger.

mmm mmm mmm I just can't wait to go back.

Good Stuff Eatery lately?

I work in the area as well and have tried Good Stuff many times (over 5) since they opened. I am a big Top Chef fan, I love burgers and the hill desperately needed a new quick food place for lunch so I was predesposed to really like it.

I don't.

I understand that it's new, that is has gotten a lot of hype and there are bound to be lines. For a good burger I will wait a LONG time. My first issue isn't with the lines, it's with the service. It amazes me that after being open for almost a month and having crazy lines every single day, almost all day, that haven't perfected their technique. I mean when I was there last week, they weren't even cooking the burgers from scratch (they were just heating precooked) and it still took 20 minutes after ordering to get my burger.

Then there was the time I just got a milkshake, the toasted marshmallow, which was amazing with homeade marshmallow (not the storebought kind) and I don't even like marshmallow. their's shakes are probably the best thing there. Now granted they are hand spun, so I don't mind waiting a little bit for a milkshake, but I was ONLY getting a milkshake and how long did I wait? 15 minutes. I kid you not. for a milkshake. I know we have all been to diners and ice cream shops the nation over and rarely if ever had to wait that long.

Then there was the time I went with my vegetarian friend. We order in succession, and do not expect the food to come out at the same time becuase we didn't order together as one party. All of the burger folks got their burger (after a 20 minute wait remember), started eating their burger, started eating their fries, finished eating their burger, and finished eating all their fries. and still no sign of the mushroom burger (which btw is called vegetarian's are people too 'shroom burger ). My friend goes down to see about his burger and waits down there another 10 minutes (yes we have been there for a little under an hour at this point). I don't know how hard it is to fry a pre-made mushroom burger, but it sure doesn't take 10 minutes or 40 for that matter, and if it wasn't pre-made into little patties, it should be because, as I mentioned before I have NEVER seen that place without at line at lunch time, especially when Congress is out of session. So they should be prepared ahead of time.

Ok, so that's my beef with the prep time. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt at the beginning because it's hard to open a new restaraunt, especially when it serves such a high volume of people every meal. But at some point they have to get their stuff together and serve high quality food quickly if they want to compete in the fast food market. And for me that point as already passed.

Ok - now to the food.

As I already stated I LOVED the milkshake and look forward to trying more flavors. the best thing on the menu by far and would be worth going there jsut for that, if you didn't have to wait. forever.

I LIKE the fries. The rosemary and thyme is a new twist for fast food fries that is fun and tastes good. they are crispy and obviously hand made. The regular fries are good too. and I really like all the different mayonaise choices (I lvoe mayonaise and it reminds me of the way european's eat their fries). However, they are now only selling the large fries for some reason, which when you go alone, is too much, plus they are like $3.5 for fries and you cna't get the meal with the herb fries. definitely something you need to share. Though I have not received fries with evenly distributed herbs throughout the bag, which isn't that big of a deal bcause you can shake them up yourself, but that stuff packs a punch if it is covering one fry. And then other times I haven't gotten enough herbs to cover all of the fries (or perhaps more than 5).

I love the flavor of the burgers. I really do. There are tasty combinations and some are pretty unique. But they don't make them fresh (as mentioned above) but have been reheating precooked burgers, which really overcooks them in my opnion. The first time I ate there they were pink in themiddle, as so few fast food type places do, which is just the way I believe a burger should be cooked. And now they are well done. the patties are also small. smaller than 5 guys and the buns are cheap -they fall apart in your hands. and they are always put together sloppily. I am not sure it's a good idea to have the open kitchen on this one. you can see the line cooks yelling at each other, getting mad, dealing poorly with the stress and slopping stuff onto your burger. they are also stingy on the sauce, but you can ask for more bbq or whatever when you get your burger. So the burgers have gone downhill since I first ate there.

For me, what it all comes down to, is the food is fine. not great (except the shakes) but a nice change. but they cannot execute as well as five guys and their burgers are not good enough to demand the wait. I am over it.

Best "hip" DC Restaraunts?

Cork is a good suggestion - I still haven't been - but I hear it's crazy crowded on weekends. have you found that to be the case?

Best Brunch in Dupont Circle?

here is what Tom says about brunch in his review of circa

"Brunch, for instance, finds snappy green-apple "mimosas" and satisfying omelets. My request for a vegetarian model delivers a fat and fluffy package filled with diced asparagus, colorful bell peppers, mushrooms, cheese and (oops!) bits ofbacon. Skin-on potatoes -- and fruit that appears to have been cut a day earlier -- complete the picture"

Best Brunch in Dupont Circle?

If you want to venture to U street Cafe Creme has a good brunch and a fun scene. I

also like Cashion's Eat Place. A little more upscale (though the prices are the same as all the others and cheaper than Kramers) and quiet. good food. I took my dad there when he visited.

Best Brunch in Dupont Circle?

I ate brunch at Napolean and waspretty dissapointed with the menu. I though it was pretty boring and the omlette I had wasn't that good. I haven't been back since.

Who is offering the full menu for RW?

DC Coast, Ten Penh, Acadiana usually do - with additional charges for some dishes.

Kaffir Lime Leaf

I have had the same problem! my roommates mom is bringing some out with her from Oregon! Also - I hear they are pretty easy to grow if you can find a plant.

Best "hip" DC Restaraunts?

I do like Zola, the food is great and it has a fun atmosphere - but when I have been there it's been a little quiet. have you had the same experience?

Best for Seafood...

Hook is fabulous. I love that they have all sustainable seafood, great service, very fresh fish. I highly recommend.

Best "hip" DC Restaraunts?

So I have a friend coming into town - the type that likes good food, but also likes the "it" places, the ones with a scene. We are both in our mid-twenties, so places with good drinks, fun atmosphere and good food (and not terribly terribly expensive $25 an entree is fine). Zatinya is the first place that comes to mind, but I was wondering what you all think?

Local Fish and Produce in Ocean City

I went to Martin Fish, which I had a hard time finding, but the fish was fresh and cheap and they had a pretty good selection. Thanks for the rec!


For my birthday last year my boyfriend took me to Carrol's Creek. It is right on the water and has great food and good service. ncie at sunset