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Rotisserie Georgette

I went here for the first time last week. Wasn't a huge fan, although the food wasn't bad. they do a traditional French bistro, so the menu wasn't that exciting, so they need to rely on really executing the dishes. Had the rotisserie chicken which was fine, although I wish the skin was crispier. And the mushroom red wine sauce was pretty average. The asparagus with hollandaise was fine, but was kind of bland - needed salt and pepper. And the pommel frites were not super crispy the way I think they should be. Overall, not a bad place in that area, but it's a little overpriced, and I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

May 11, 2015
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Charcuterie in Rome

Great. Thanks for the suggestions! Looking forward and will report back.

Dec 16, 2014
TitoSofrito in Italy

Charcuterie in Rome

Thanks for all the replies. Are most of these places delis that just serve sandwiches or meats by the pound? Or are they sit down places where you can order a charcuterie plate (sampler)? Do most of the salumi places also feature cheese (similar to delis here in use)? Or are there separate specialty stores? Sorry, first time in Italy so not sure about the culture and style of shops.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Dec 15, 2014
TitoSofrito in Italy

Charcuterie in Rome

I'm going to be in Rome for a few days for New Years. I've been reading some previous posts for good places to eat. Was curious to know if there are any specific restaurants that specialize in salumi or if there are other smaller shops where we can eat good charcuterie.

Additionally, unrelated, any one have favorites places for porchetta?

Dec 14, 2014
TitoSofrito in Italy

Overnight Layover in Brussels

I have an overnight layover in Brussels, arriving around 5pm and leaving 10am the next morning.

I've read a few previous posts, but trying to get more opinions. I want to explore the city but was also hoping to eat a lot during my short time. Thinking 1 nice meal (under 75 euros before drinks,tax,tip), 1 late night mussels and frites and then a waffle for breakfast.

what restaurants/neighborhoods would be best to go, while still allowing sightseeing. I prefer exploring the city by foot rather than car/metro. I know the city is quite small, but is this even feasible.

PS. I don't have a place to stay yet - was going to plan that after I know where I am eating.

Dec 12, 2014
TitoSofrito in Europe

Broadway Bites (Food Vendor Market) - 33rd and Broadway - 10/28 to 11/24

i went last week. i tried the arepa place, which was alright. i wish they stuffed the arepa with the filling, rather than serving it open faced. then also had an empanada from sonrisa, which was ok as well. i did get a bunch of corn cookies from milkbar, so i didn't leave totally dissatisfied.

i think it runs all summer, so will have to try some of the other places out. but do agree, that most places seem a bit pricey. $5 for a taco/slider is a bit much i think.

Jun 09, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Soft Shell Crab !

or where you can buy it? i think i saw something saying they were available at Eataly last week. Not sure if that was/still is true..

May 20, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

French restaurants

+2 for le philosophe

little prince is also solid, although probably a bit closer to the standard bistro fare (in terms of menu items, not quality)

Apr 03, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

10 days in NYC - itinerary feedback please

the monday night dinners at louro are unique, but the food isn't that great. i'd recommend going on a different night and trying a bunch of dishes from their regular menu

i'll throw out suggestions for le philosophe, public, hearth, kin shop

Mar 10, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Reader's Poll Bday Dinner: Gato vs. Ma Peche Dim Sum

i agree with this. when i went for lunch last week, the carts usually only had 1 or at most 2 of each dish. i'm sure the carts will be going around more frequently during dinner, but 10 might be too large of a group for everyone to share all dishes at once.

i also think its probably too early to go to Gato. i'm big into giving places 3-6 months after they open before checking them out.

Mar 10, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

1 night alone in NYC

i went to ma peche for lunch last week. i thought the dim sum would be in addition to a regular menu. however it is not. they only serve the dim sum in addition to some chef's specials.

the prices vary from 8 - 26. off the top off my head...

spicy apple - 8
black bass and foie - 16
broccoli salad - 9
clam ceviche - 12
collards - 9
crab dip - 13
duck - 22
duck fat challah - 6
fish bun - 6
cod fish fritters - 8
lamb - 20
lobster - 24
lobster rice - 13
oysters - 21 (for 6)
pickles - 6
pig - 6
pork bun - 5
ribs - 18
scallop - 14
short rib - ?
shrimp - ?
shrimp balls - 8
spicy rice cakes -13
trout roe - ?
uni - 14
vegetable rice cakes - 11
vegetable rice -10
wings - 9

i had the lobster rice, apples, and shrimp balls. the rice had maybe 2 pieces of lobster. the shrimp balls were ok. apples was probably my favorite dish - raw plate with cucumbers, sriacha mayo, bok choy (?). overall pretty underwhelming. but would definitely go back with a larger group to be able to try most of the dishes. seems that would be more fun than solo dining.

Mar 10, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Kitchen view tables?

dell'anima has a bar facing the kitchen. so does l'artusi. north end grill also has bar seats facing the kitchen (i'd go for the ones across from the grill). pretty sure kin shop also has a bar counter across from the kitchen.

although, i'm not sure if any of these are reservable.

Feb 11, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

had the grilled mushrooms with manchego curds and brown butter vinaigrette at Casa Mono last week. the curds melted, and it basically became mushrooms in butter and cheese sauce. delicious.

Feb 02, 2014
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Unsophisticated favorites?

hearth, barbuto, dell'anima, spotted pig, dbgb, cannibal/resto, co., little wisco (joseph leonard, fedora, etc.)

Dec 11, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Last Minute Group Dinner for 15

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that's a little north for the group. Also, the vegetarians in our group do not eat fish, so the menu is a bit limited for them.

Thinking large format prix fixe is going to be the way to go...

Nov 12, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Last Minute Group Dinner for 15

Looking to find a place for a large group dinner for 15 of us, for this Thursday at 7:30. Obviously it's going to very difficult since it's so last minute, but looking for suggestions/ideas. Trying to avoid prix fixe family style menus, and prefer a place where everyone can order a la carte. Mostly because it's not the most adventurous group of diners, and there are a few vegetarians in the group as well. Looking for a price point of around $30 - $40 per person for food only (before tax/tip). We are coming in from NJ, so prefer to be somewhere near the PATH stops (i.e. not far uptown).

Nov 12, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Liverpool-Aresnal match on Saturday

the nyc arsenal supports club uses blind pig as their bar for all matches. a must experience for any arsenal fan, but would be enjoyable for any soccer fan. its mainly standing room, and non-stop singing.

since they got so packed, they expanded to a 2nd bar, O'Hanlons, which is just another block east on 14th street. I'm sure both bars will be crowded for match.

for a more neutral/casual experience, there is football factory and nevada smiths (which i agree is not the same anymore). also, there is smithfields (23rd and 7th).

recommendations are based on atmosphere, as i never eaten anything at any of the places, nor had anything to drink besides a guinness.

Oct 31, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Spotted Pig Burger....Anything Better

spotted pig is my favorite burger in nyc. the roquefort goes so well with the beef, and the bun is able to absorb all the juices.

i'd also recommned black label at minetta, lamb burger at the breslin as fancier burgers. for a cheaper burger, you should try burger joint or shake shack.

Oct 08, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Suggestions for day trip

the breslin has a very good brunch, and isn't too far from penn station.

Sep 17, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Spotted pig burger memories

i have it once a year. it remains my favorite burger in nyc.

Sep 04, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Upscale restaurants with great bread

i'll throw in another vote for scarpetta.

the only place i know i've been that has a stromboli in the their bread basket.

Jul 10, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Little Prince

thanks for the review. i heard about this place a few months back, but could never get feedback from someone who dined there. definitely want to check this place out soon.

i read somewhere they have a pretty good burger, although i think it is only served at brunch/lunch.

Jun 25, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

5 nights in NYC (from San Francisco!) - Feedback please

i haven't eaten at montmarte, but from what i have read/heard is that they didn't get great initial reviews but then changed the menu to include a more vietnamese/asian influence, playing to the strengths of chef tien ho. since then, the reviews have been mostly positive.

Jun 13, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Coming to NYC in August

kappo dinner at ma peche could be fun. a little above the price point, but would be a more unique dining experience.

Jun 04, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Le philosophe

the duck a l'orange is really good.

had the frog legs as well. wasn't overly impressed, but seems to be a popular dish.

May 23, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

La Esquina vs Empellon Tacqueria?

i vote empellon

May 08, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Low-key romantic downtown dinner with spacious seating

le philosophe
ciano (is it already closed?)

May 08, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Best Duck L'Orange?

the one at le philosophe. is really good. it's also the only time i've ever had duck l'orange...

Apr 14, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan


with the regular tasting menu you can ask for 1 or 2 dishes to be included. as well as note any dishes you'd want to avoid.

i think the 2nd monday is the way to to go. i'm trying to make it to one of these soon.

Feb 17, 2013
TitoSofrito in Manhattan

Tasting menus at the bar?

Le Bernardin

Dec 18, 2012
TitoSofrito in Manhattan