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Fresh Sardines in Suffolk County

Any fish markets in western Suffolk County that carry sardines?

press 195 RVC

Press 195 in a landside. When we lived in Brooklyn we ate there at least once a week. Now that we live in Suffolk I have driven to Bayside several times to get the goods. Sandwiches are on excellent ciabatta bread with many creative ingredients. Current faves are the #5 and #18. We always get the Hudson Valley Salad with grilled chicken. If you want to really indulge get the pressed knish sandwiches.

Anybody ever get a Dipaola turkey from Prospect Park farmers market?

Thinking about getting a fresh organic turkey from Dipaola's turkey farm. They have you pick it up at the farmers market on Saturday before Thanksgiving. Will this be too many days in the fridge? We have never gotten a fresh turkey before. Any thoughts? Thanks

Nov 13, 2010
sgny in Outer Boroughs

Fresh Organic Turkey

Want to order a fresh organic turkey but my only concern is they have you pick it up at the farmers market on Saturday before Thanksgiving. Is this too many days to have the bird in the fridge? Thanks.

Nov 13, 2010
sgny in Home Cooking

Sushi around Nassau Coliseum area

Any good sushi places around Nassau Coliseum area to eat at around 6pm before concert tonight? Thanks.

2 dinners and one lunch in Rome - what would you choose?

We were just in Rome and had a great lunch at Enoteca Cul de Sac right in the Piazza Navona area. We had a great salumi and formaggio plate, liver pate with cognac and for dessert the glazed figs which had to be one of the best things I've ever had. The bread was also excellent. A nice stroll through Piazza Navona after will make for a perfect afternoon before you get back to business. Good luck and enjoy.

Oct 08, 2010
sgny in Italy

Farmers Market Cookbooks

Looking for some good cookbooks that use seasonal fresh ingredients from farmers or good produce markets. Thanks.

Oct 07, 2010
sgny in Home Cooking

Dinner before Jones Beach Theater tomorrow night

Looking for a good casual seafood restaurant with a raw bar to have dinner at before the concert. Outdoors on the water a plus. Nassau/South Shore would be ideal. Thanks.

RIP- Maize Cantina

Maize Cantina
1141 Jericho Tpke # 1, Commack, NY

Mambo Italiano Visa Commercial

Have you seen the Visa commercial with the Mambo Italiano song playing while they show a pizza maker doing tricks with the dough in the brick oven kitchen? The pizza that they bring out to the customers looks awful. Looks like frozen pizza. I guess the word "go" is part of the ad campaign so they have a pizza with the word "go" spelled out in pepperoni slices. The pizza looks awful. Really thought they could have done a much better job with the pizzas in the commercial considering they give you the impression of a pizza artisan making them.

Apr 13, 2010
sgny in Food Media & News

Great Passover Dessert Recipe

Mom wants me to bring dessert. She is making mandel bread. Need recipe suggestions. Thanks.

Mar 24, 2010
sgny in Kosher

Favorite Long Island Restaurants

Yes, the service at Maize Cantina can be inconsistent but we actually get a kick out of it. We were there Saturday night. A couple of minutes after the busboy took our appetizer plates away our waiter came by and asked us how everything was. We said it was great and then he asked us if we wanted any dessert. We told him maybe after we finish our dinner. We are still laughing about it. Service was prompt and my beer from Barcelona was served on time.

Cake Designer in Long Island?

Jason Ellis was on a couple of Food Network challenges.

Favorite Long Island Restaurants

My wife and I have been loving Maize Cantina in Commack. Some of the tastiest food we have had in some time. Four visits and and can't wait to go back. The menu has recently expanded. They have a lobster quesadilla appetizer that is fantastic. Homemade tortilla with a lobster filling topped with greens, pickled onions, bacon, truffle vinegarette and a sunnyside egg. They also have a $5 off coupon in the Clipper magazine on purchase of at least $35 and it is good anytime. Another nod for Butera's. We go to the one in Smithtown. No matter how much you eat you leave with a full tin.

40th Birthday Gift...... Congers and vicinity

Looking to get somebody a restaurant gift card ($100) for their 40th birthday. He lives in Congers, NY with his wife. They are not "foodies" but they like to eat and I would like to send them somewhere that might not be in there normal line-up. Thanks.

Dec 01, 2009
sgny in General Tristate Archive

Reflections about Long Island Restaurant Week(s)

Just ate at a Newsday four star restaurant during this promotion and we all agreed the meal was underwhelming. Flavor was lacking. Choices were somewhat boring. Should have went with our first choice of sushi.

Nov 06, 2009
sgny in General Tristate Archive

What was Newsday thinking (LI restaurants)?

Add me to the hater list. was a site visited multiple times everyday and since the change I click on, get annoyed and then click off. I am back to buying the paper and never miss Thursday's food section. I love the fact that they have expanded the food section and they should also give Erica more space in the section and some bigger review features. Keep up the good work Erica.

Aug 09, 2009
sgny in Food Media & News

Recipe TV?

This channel is very disappointing. If you watch it for a couple of days you will have seen all of their programming. There are probably about ten chefs and all of their restaurants are in California and Hawaii. More than half of the recipes involve seared tuna. Boo!!!

May 29, 2009
sgny in Food Media & News

Cookie or cake recipe without eggs

My 3 year old niece is allergic to eggs. She is such a good sport about it but I would love to have a special dessert for her when she comes over for Thanksgiving. Thanks.

Nov 08, 2008
sgny in Home Cooking

Budapest, Prague, Vienna Recs?


Lary Fary- Dlouha 30 Praha 1- 420-222-320-154- This place is part of the Kolkovna restaurant group and is on par with anything similiar in any big U.S. city. Good food, great service and beautiful decor. Bill was $88.00 USD.

Aromi- Manesova 78 Praha 2- 420-222-713-222- Great Italian restaurant. Food was great, staff was great and the deocr is great. Interesting tableside presentation of all of fish specials of the day. Fried scmorza cheese with proscuitto and pumpkin ravioli with clams were memorable. Cappuccino creme brule with cantucci cookies was pure heaven. Take the green metro line to the Jiriho z Podebrad stop. As an added bonus the Prague tv tower is in the same area which we went up for some beautiful views. Tower open until 11pm. Lost receipt but I remember Aromi was a good value.

Bellevue- Smetanovo nabr. 18 Praha 1- This was our upscale special meal. Reserve in advance and make sure you get a table by the window for bridge and castle views. Food was really good but the views and romance even better. Bill was $218.00 USD. Service was not added into the bill.

U Medvidku- Na Perstyne 7 Praha 1- 420-224-211-916- This was our beer hall meal and we loved it. We had gone to a different place at first but the place was packed with about 100 chain smoking men. A little too much for us. U Medvidku was perfect for us. Great unhealthy food and beer. What's better than that? Bill was $33.00 USD.


Cyrano Etterem- Kristof ter. 7-8- Cool, big city type place. Food was pretty good. Varied menu also offering Hungarian style food. It is right off the popular shopping strret Vaci utca. Bill was $73.00 USD.

Spoon Cafe- Vigado ter. 3- 36-1-411-0933- Great place. It is on a permanently docked boat on the Danube River facing the Royal Palace. Reserve in advance for a window table for awesome views. The food is great. Varied menu also offering some Hungarian style foods. I had orange roughy and my wife had filet mignon and a lobster tail. Both dishes were excellent. Our favorite thing was an appetizer of boiled beef bruscetta with brie cheese. Excellent. We had a great Hungarian wine as we did throughout our Budapest jaunt but of course all names were not remembered. Bill was $116.00 USD.

Kisbuda Gyongye- Kenyeres utca. 34- 36-1-368-6402- Great neighborhood place on the Buda side a bit off the beaten path. We took a cab there and they called one for us for the trip back. Food was great. I had Veal Remiz with potoato croquettes that was excellent. She had Chicken Paprika that was excellent as well. The sauce was so darn good. We tried a goose liver platter. We'll pass next time. They have an old man playing piano in the middle of the room. A really great night. Bill was $104.00 USD.

Belcanto- Dalszinhaz utca. 8- We went here after the opera on a Saturday night. They have live music along with some opera singers. The waiters also sing opera. Food was good but coupled with the entertainment made it better. Bill was $118.00 USD.

Central Market Hall- Fovam ter.- Great place for your souviniers but even better for great unhealthy food. Meats and produce galore. The second floor has the food court with all sorts of goodies. Tried the highly "chowhound" recommended langos. They brush cream on it and then sprinkle it with grated cheese. AWESOME! Go there with an empty stomach.

Hope this helps. Enjoy. We had a great time.

Jul 13, 2008
sgny in International Archive

Need help choosing wife's B-day dinner in Providence

Suprising my wife in a few weeks with a Waterfire trip. Coming from Long Island via Orient Pt./New London ferry. Staying at the Courtyard. Arriving Friday, June 20th about 8pm. Suggestions welcome for a casual dinner and some walking around for that night. Maybe Federal Hill? Not sure of how late this area stays open for food. Saturday night is the B-day dinner and Waterfire. Booked a 9:10pm gondola ride. Here is where help is needed. After scouring some posts and knowing my wife's likes and dislikes I've put these on the list. ( P.S., I'm not wearing a jacket or tie and she is not wearing a dress)..... Cafe Nuovo, Bacaro, Siena, Pane e Vino, Gracies and Three Rivers. Keep in mind the 9:10pm gondola ride and I think we have to be there at least 15 min. earlier. I know these places are in different areas and its hard to tell by map how far away from Citizens Plaza we will be with some of these choices. Cafe Nuovo was my original choice for food and view but I don't know how fancy it is. Then I thought Bacaro with its Venice concept would fit in well with our gondola ride. ( We are obsessed with Venice). Federal Hill looked tasty. Tough call for one special dinner. Open to more suggestions. Keep in mind our time constraints. Also, while I'm here annoying you how about a place to grab a beer that says I went to a cool bar/pub while in Providence. Looking foward to the trip. Thanks.

Jun 02, 2008
sgny in All New England Archive

How Far In Advance Can I Prepare My Veggies etc.?

I am making some dishes that require onions, fennel, basil, parsley etc.? Would like to get prep work out of way but how soon is too soon? Also, a bruscetta recipe with ceci beans says serve immediately. Any problems making it and throwing it in fridge and bringing it to room temp before company arrives? Thanks.

Mar 01, 2008
sgny in Home Cooking

Rhinebeck recs. for this weekend

Staying at the Beekman Arms this weekend. Forgot to make reservations at the CIA and there is nothing available. Need some good places to try. First time to the area. Thanks.

Oct 28, 2007
sgny in General Tristate Archive

Brooklyn: Your favorite Italian place... a private party of 20?

I can highly recommend Scottadito Osteria Toscana on Union Street in Park Slope. My wife recently threw me a surprise 40th birthday party for me there wih about 35 people attending. They did a fantastic job with the food and service. I received many calls the next day from people saying how much they enjoyed themselves. There is a parking garage next door that offers a discount for your guests that you set up with the restaurant. Big thumbs up.

Jul 25, 2007
sgny in Outer Boroughs

Calling all juicer's..

Back to the Land- 7th Ave. between Garfield and Carol

Jun 08, 2007
sgny in Outer Boroughs

Best Time To Go To Blue Hill At Stone Barns

Recently received a $200 gift certificate for a 40th birthday present. Sweet!!! I'd like opinions on when the best time to go is. I remember reading about touring the grounds. Has anybody done this? Chow.

Jun 07, 2007
sgny in General Tristate Archive

The Next Food Network Star

I already don't like this show. What does this have to do with getting a show on the Food Network. Totally different show than last year. Top Chef ripoff anyone? All the sterotypical personalities you find on every reality show with the artificially created drama. Been there, done that.

Jun 03, 2007
sgny in Food Media & News

overrated restaurants

The numbers are in and here are your favorite overhyped restaurants:

1. Otto
2. Shake Shack
3. Momofuku
4. Craft
5. Schillers
6. Pastis

Runner ups: Bouley, Tabla, Boqueria, Dos Caminos, Dylan Prime, Lomabrdi's

Enjoy your meal!!!

May 07, 2007
sgny in Manhattan

First Night of Honeymoon in Florence

We ate at Osteria Cinghiale Bianco as well as Cibreo. We enjoyed both meals very much. In my opinion Cibreo is more romantic but with that comes the bigger price tag I just checked my folder and the bill was 197 Euros or 268 USD. There were two things at Cibreo that I will forever remember. A stew of calamari and chickpeas call zimino ( please correct me on the name) and an orange cheesecake for dessert. I'm getting goosebumps!!!! I do recall some sort of private tower/booth at Cinghiale Bianco and how cool it was. It definetly is a loduer more happening scence. Hey, everybody defines romance differently. I second elc515 on not doing it on the first night. You will be on sensory overload just roaming around the first night. There is no doubt you have to walk up to the Piazzale Michelangelo. We did it our first day there. We did the walk that was outlined in the DK Eyewitness travel guide. It involves hills and the steps to get you to the top. It will be a honeymoon moment to cherish forever. Enjoy and report back. Also, no matter how full you are from your meal, there is always room for gelato.

May 04, 2007
sgny in Italy

40th Birthday

This never disappoints... This should cover fun and non-usual as per your request.

May 01, 2007
sgny in Manhattan

Cleaning my Boos Block cutting board

Finally got a nice cutting board. What a pleasure. Just a little unclear on the best way to clean it. Should I wipe it down with a wet rag or should it be cleaned with soap and water in the sink? I've seasoned it with the mineral oil as instructed. Also, do you guys try to avoid cutting raw meat on it? Never had a good wood board and I don't won't to ruin it. CHOW!

Feb 03, 2007
sgny in Cookware