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Recommendations for memorable authentic meals in Rome- non-touristy

Thank you Jen for your recommendations. Are there particular specialties you enjoy at each of the restaurants you listed?

I ask. because my experience is that two people can go to same restaurant, but yet have different experiences depending on the food ordered. (For example, if someone goes to a Cantonese restaurant and orders (Shanghai) soup dumplings, they are necessarily going to have great dumplings. The restaurant may offer it on the menu for the tourists, but it is not their best effort.)
This is why I posted requesting recommendations for restaurants, and particular dishes, and indicated that we are adventurous eaters (not deterred by use of organ meats, which, I understand is used in some Roman cooking), rather than relying on other posts. (Also, it helps me discern the reliability of the advice, if the poster merely tells me that he/she has pizza or lasagna at every restaurant he/she suggests.).
Thanks much.

Aug 23, 2012
999dlc in Italy

Recommendations for memorable authentic meals in Rome- non-touristy

We are traveling to Rome in October for about 8 days and are adventurous eaters (such as specialty meats, oxtails, calamari).
We want the TRUE Roman experience, and are looking for AUTHENTIC, non-touristy restaurants for lunch and dinner near some of the tourist sites, but also would be willing to travel.

Price is not an issue, but we like value for our money.

If you make a recommendation, can you also suggest some dishes we should order which are the specialties of the house. ( I find that it makes the experience of dining more enjoyable).

Some places we will hit are:
Spanish Steps ( our hotel is there, so breakfast, lunch and dinners)
colissium ( lunch and dinner?)
trevi fountain ( lunch and dinner?)
vatican ( lunch and dinner?)
pantheon (dinner?)

Please also think of some great apertivo spots, that we can get glass of wine and some free apps.

Thank you! I have waited 20 years to go to Rome and please help it be memorable!


Aug 22, 2012
999dlc in Italy