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Dinner near the Kay Bailey Hutchinson convention center

You might consider San Salvage. Celebrated chef Stephan Pyles' new South American restaurant downtown.


Sounds delish!


Pardon my ignorance but, what are Tlacoyos?

Where can you CURRENTLY buy raw goat's milk??

I just had a good look at your incredible website. Looks like a little piece of heaven in North Texas.

I'm going to bring a large cooler to stock up when I visit this fall.

This board is awfully quiet

I like the Dallas Observer's online blog, City Of Ate for spirited and sometimes, controversial opinions.

Most threads on COA provoke plenty of comments. And, they're not strictly monitored as they are here. Pretty much anything goes and four letter words are quite common.

This board is awfully quiet

I agree with you regarding this board's tendency to be "quiet". Especially compared to the boards of other cities.

I can't give you a solid answer as to why this particular board is so quiet. However, there does seem to be a few 'hounders that do most of the talking here. And I personally wish to thank them for their contributions.

But, I would love to see a broader range of responses from the many 'hounders that "troll" this board with regards DFW's burgeoning and very active restaurant scene.

Hummus/Falafel in DFW area?

Believe it or not, I bought some hummus at Eatzie's after trying a sample taste and surprisingly, it was fabulous!

I love Afrah for Middle Eastern cooking.

Rabbit for K9

Beautiful dog. Looks like a real sweetie.

Foodie Dinner in Dallas

Knife would be great for Saturday night. Although, another great steakhouse for Saturday night would be Nick & Sam's Steakhouse.

For Friday night, I'd recommend FT-33.

Have fun. Go, Cowboys!

Anyone else been to the Nespresso Boutique?

Although I don't own an Nespresso machine, I do own the LaVazza Espresso Point machine. I order my espresso cartridges online from Whole Latte Love. Great selections of pods, cartridges and all coffee needs. The lowest prices online, great friendly service plus, no tax and free shipping keeps me coming back.

Sushi Sake in Richardson - Decent fish, Atrocious prep skills.

LH, all I can say is, thanks for the link. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Sushi Sake in Richardson - Decent fish, Atrocious prep skills.

Are you sure you aren't Leslie Brenner?

pasta for a diabetic...?

I noticed the hamburger and hot dog rolls on the site you provided.

pasta for a diabetic...?

Webra, I've emailed Banza asking if they sell their pasta products in Texas but I've received no answer as yet.

It appears, ordering from Banza online requires six boxes of one style of pasta as a minimum order.

Unfortunately, that's too much product for me to order at one time.

pasta for a diabetic...?

Thanks. I've bookmarked the site for future use.

pasta for a diabetic...?

Be careful Neil. They've banned posters for less!

pasta for a diabetic...?

Sound advice!

pasta for a diabetic...?

Go to the website Webra 1 listed above. The nutrition labels are easy to find by clicking on either of the two "pasta" products illustrated.

pasta for a diabetic...?

Although I don't have the answers to your last question, hopefully someone here can shed some light on the subject.

As I've suggested in previous threads, call the nice folks at one of the Natural Grocer's stores in Dallas or go online and call their main office for possible answers.
These people are dedicated to organic, non GMO food products. And, they tend to be less expensive than Whole Foods for the same products.

pasta for a diabetic...?

Neil, I'm a borderline diabetic. To help with your answer regarding bread, have your dad switch to Ezekiel's organic SPROUTED GRAIN breads. Personally, I prefer their sprouted grain WHEAT bread to the 7 GRAIN because I like the texture better.

Please read the link I've included in this comment. There is especially good information about bread and pasta for people with diabetes. The Ezekiel brand I mentioned above is well noted in the paragraph about bread.

Ezekiel's breads are available at Whole Foods, Sprout's, Natural Grocers and, Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has the lowest price and, theirs is kept on the bread shelf and not frozen as is at the other stores I mentioned. I keep it refrigerated at home.

Ezekiel's Pasta products....

Agua Frescas

No, of course they don't.

Agua Frescas

(LOL) So, you're ok if the Hibiscus tea is gluten free?

Agua Frescas

Agua Frescas

"Nile Valley" in the tea section. With or without mint.

Agua Frescas

Thanks for the link, LH. I'm already planning on making a large pitcher of iced Jamaica agua fresca.
The Hibiscus tea leaves i'ved used previously are imported from Egypt and sold at Whole Foods.

And, I second your recommendation for Dona Lencha.

Dallas Farmers Market?

The OP might find this item from todays "City of Ate" blog clarifying.

Non GMO corn in Dallas?

I totally agree!

Agua Frescas

Any one of El Tizoncito's Agua Frescas. The Jamaica (pronounced, Hamica) is my personal favorite. They also do them as fabulous Margaritas.

Monday Night In Dallas

You might try one of the restaurants in Highland Park Village like, Mi Cocina.

Then, you can work off all the food and Margaritas by shopping at one of the many boutique shops.

Non GMO corn in Dallas?

Easy! The best can be found at Natural Grocers.
Three locations in Dallas.


And of course, Whole Foods.