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A great Dallas Steak experience

Everyone has their favorites but mine are, Knife, Al Biernat's, Pappas Bros. and, Nick & Sams.

about 20 hours ago
twinwillow in Dallas - Fort Worth

My personal DFW BBQ ranking

I agree about the oversmoked brisket at Pecan Lodge.

A big second for Slow Bone. IMO, the BEST smoked brisket in Dallas!

Dallas Labor Day weekend

"Gemma" is a must for a great meal.

An excellent restaurant in north Dallas would be "Kenny's Woodfire Grill".

"Houston's" on Beltline is in the same vicinity and serves excellent food.

The above restaurants are all highly rated for both food and service.

The best BBQ in Dallas can be found at either "Pecan Lodge" or "The Slow Bone".

Good Mexican close to you would be "Meso Maya" at Forest Lane and Preston Road. N/W corner.

Also, really great seafood at TJ's in Preston Royal N/E corner.

Going to be in DFW for a few days, having trouble deciding where I should eat:

A big second for Celebration. A true longtime Dallas gem.

Yellow watermelons in DFW

I just saw them today at Wholefoods (Lomo Alto). Organic, too.

Going to be in DFW for a few days, having trouble deciding where I should eat:

Slow Bone is always at the top of my list for the best BBQ in Dallas. Have the fatty brisket. Outstandingly melt in your mouth tender.

Lobster rolls in DFW?

I'm a big fan of the Sea Breeze's lobster roll in Plano. Stuffed with fresh lobster and including a side dish (must have the Asian slaw) for only $13.95.

BBQ Startup

Location, location, location!

family steak house Richardson-Dallas Galleria general area

I would suggest Kenny's Wood Fire Grill at 5000 Beltline Road in Addison.

4-1/2 well deserved stars on Yelp by over 1,000 reviewers.

Should fit the bill quite nicely.

Worchestershire powderr

Yeah, I think David's show aired during the late sixties and very early seventies.

Worchestershire powderr

I cannot help with the Worcestershire powder but I sure do remember David Wade. He was doing food and cooking shows in Dallas about the same time as Julia Child was doing her shows. I never missed his shows.

Knife Restaurant Dallas


Knife Restaurant Dallas

I'd probably order one of those 2+inch heavily dry aged prime Porterhouse steaks to share with someone.
Medium rare of course.

Dallas area prime beef

If your sous vide beef ribs don't work out, next time take a nice ride to Taylor, Texas for a visit to Louie Mueller BBQ and eat the very best smoked BBQ beef ribs in the entire world.

Best BBQ in downtown/uptown. Also Gluten-free breakfast recs please!

I believe Pecan Lodge is open until 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday.

Best BBQ in downtown/uptown. Also Gluten-free breakfast recs please!

Yes, their lunch (only) is from 11:00am~3:00pm. Unless of course they sell out earlier.

Best BBQ in downtown/uptown. Also Gluten-free breakfast recs please!

Been to them all and like Slow Bone the best by far. Especially for their incredible fatty brisket and excellent sides.

I like Pecan Lodge for their huge beef ribs. Not as good as Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor but, best in Dallas.

Lot's of excellent breakfast places in Dallas. My personal faves are Original Pancake House, Crossroads Diner and, Lucky's.

Any Chinatown-ish Little Saigon-ish area?

For Dim Sum, in addition to Kirin Court, I'd try Maxim's, J.S. Chen, and Hong Kong Royal.

Dallas area prime beef

I buy my prime, dry aged NY strips at Wholefoods. $22.95lb.

However, you might also like Rudolph's Meat Market in Deep Ellum. They dry age their prime beef in-house

Also try Central Market, and Kuby's. I would imagine they also have what you're looking for.

Any Chinatown-ish Little Saigon-ish area?

Also, First Chinese BBQ in the Dallas area is CASH ONLY. The only FCBBQ that takes credit cards is their Austin location.

Any Chinatown-ish Little Saigon-ish area?

As it happens, I also love Bistro B even though many here do not.

Just across the parking lot from BB is La' Me. The very best Banh Mi anywhere. Their bread is amazing!

Jeng Chi is noted for their terrific Taiwanese boiled dumplings and juicy soup dumplings. However, my two favorite dishes are their (medium spicy) Twice Cooked Pork and Golden Beef. I also enjoy their Leek Turnover and Clam Soup.

I haven't been to Yao Fuzi in a few years (off my beaten path).
The last time we tried to go was Christmas and there was a two hour wait! We did not stay.

Any Chinatown-ish Little Saigon-ish area?

In Richardson, the very best (IMHO) Cantonese restaurant in the metroplex is First Chinese BBQ.

Also nearby FCBBQ is the China Town Center with many Chinese restaurants covering every part of China including Taiwanese and Szechuan styles of cooking. Especially notable are Jeng Chi (Taiwanese), King Sichuan and, Royal Sichuan.

Also, a must try is Yao Fuzi in Plano. Considered by some the best Chinese in the area.

The best Vietnamese restaurants are located in Garland. Not terribly far from Richardson.

BYOB options in Central and North Dallas?

We enjoyed a terrific dinner last night at 20 Feet Seafood Joint last night.
Great seafood and, BYOB!

Explain yourself Dallas

I'm afraid I have to agree with your assessment of the situation.

My own opinion brings it down to their particular location on W. Jefferson Blvd. As in, not in a "trendy" restaurant driven area such as Bishop Arts, Lower Greenville, and Deep Ellum to name just a few.

It's a damn shame too because the fabulous Reyes family provide a superior dining experience thats comparable to other popular, "chef driven" restaurants in Dallas.

I think, had they snapped up the bungalow building next to Jonathon's on No. Beckley when it became vacant a while back, their situation would be quite different now.

Recommendation for small group dinner near Adolphus Hotel

Second CBD Provisions in the Joule Hotel. Also, Stephan Pyles on Ross Avenue.

Soft shell crabs?

If anybody has them, Sea Breeze, Rex Seafood, and TJ's would probably have them.

BYOB options in Central and North Dallas?

Sorry about the duplication. My bad.

BYOB options in Central and North Dallas?

Chowhound has made it to difficult to paste urls's now so just search Yelp Italian BYOB restaurants Dallas.
13 pages. The best are on the first page.

BYOB options in Central and North Dallas?

Chowhound has made it too difficult to paste urls's now so just search on Yelp for "Italian BYOB restaurants Dallas".
Thirteen pages. The best are on the first page.

Best Restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth

When you open the Chowhound page for Dallas-Ft. Worth, look for the post, "Good food near the Belmont Hotel". It's about the seventh post from the top. Read all the 29 replies.