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Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Sounds good! Glad to see you have reservations at FT33.
If you go to Slow Bone for lunch, try to avoid Wednesdays. Both Jack (owner) and Ann are off on Wednesday.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Hattie's food is quite good and the restaurant's lovely decor makes you feel like your on the coast in South Carolina.

Their food is cooked in the style of South Carolina's "Low Country" cuisine.

I'm especially fond of their Shrimp & Grits.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

After reading gavlist's above comments, I'd have to second his thoughts and suggestions.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

On your way, East you mean.

Sorry, I haven't been out that way to Tyler in a hundred years so I won't be helpful at all in that direction. The town of Canton would be your best bet but I guess you'd have to Google Canton, Texas to get a feel as to what sounds good to you. Chances are, it will only be BBQ, (probably, nothing as good as what's in Dallas) Tex-Mex, (like you don't have Mexican food in So. California). So, Chicken fried steak would be my best suggestion.

I just Googled "Yelp restaurants for Canton, Texas" and found a few "country cooking" style restaurants in Canton. One called Buttermilk's has 4-1/2 stars for 42 reviews.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

All sound very good!

Personally, I'd replace Small Brew Pub with Meddlesome Moth.
Incredible craft beer selections on tap and excellent food.

You'd love FT33 if you can get in. Grange Hall is fairly new but getting excellent buzz. You might also consider Gemma. But,
there again, a very hot ticket nowadays. It may be too late to get in.

Don't forget, Lucia has four seats at the kitchen "bar" open for walk in's. Difficult on a Friday or Saturday but doable during the week. See if you can get someone at the Belmont to help with that.

Have fun and report back if you were happy with all our suggestions.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

The Slow Bone opens at 11:00am and closes at 3:00pm unless they sellout before that time.
There is usually a line between 11:00 and 1:00 but it moves quickly.
Trust me-The best BBQ in Dallas!!!!
Checkout their Facebook page-
Tell Ann (the cashier) that Michael (the Uber driver) referred you. No, I don't get a commission!
Also check out their Yelp reviews for lots of 5 star reviews and tons of pictures.

Owner Jack Perkins also owns and operates Maple & Motor. One of the "top five" hamburger joints in Dallas. Great 1/2 lb. burgers.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Y'all are quite welcome!
You also must visit The Meddlesome Moth. Arguably, the best gastropub in Dallas. Great off the wall pub food done extremely well. Again, not terribly far from the Belmont by car.
Also in the same neighborhood (one block away) is FT33. One of the "top five" restaurants in Dallas. Hard to get in on short notice so, reserve soon.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Right. Plus, there might also be a few other new restaurants open now at the new Sylvan 30 development just "caddy corner" across from the Belmont.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Near you, check out the multi restaurant food park at Trinity Groves.
Casa Rubio, Resto Gastro Bistro, and Chino Chinatown are amongst the best there.
Stay away from Babb Bros. BBQ.

Also check out Bolsa, Nova, and all the restaurants on W. Davis and the Bishops Arts area.
Hattie's and Lucia are the best in the neighborhood.

On W. Davis, Senor C is a free standing "walk up" with outstanding Cuban style sandwiches and burgers.
Lockhart Smokehouse for excellent Texas BBQ,
Eno's for great paper thin crust pizza and fabulous craft beer selection.

Also, lot's of great restaurants on "Lower Greenville" Avenue and the "Deep Ellum" areas.

Be sure to try and snag a reservation at Lucia. Fantastic chef driven Italian food but hard to get reservations. However, they also have four seats at the kitchen bar for walk in's. See if the Belmont can help with that.
Ask at the desk about all the above mentioned.

Also, just a short ride over the Sylvan bridge at the corner of Irving Blvd. and Wycliffe is the best (and, my favorite) BBQ in Dallas. The Slow Bone. The fatty brisket melts in your mouth. And just across the street from them is Off-Site Kitchen. The very best burgers in Dallas.

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

For starters, you'll be staying up the hill from Smoke. One of the most celebrated restaurants in Dallas. Especially noted for their brunch service.

What kind of foods and ambiance are you most interested in?

Also, try looking at mine and other Dallas poster's previous posts for folks visiting Dallas and also looking for suggestions.

I'd also have a look at

Trendy+Kid Friendly+Tasty+Weekend Large Party

I second Cane Rosso. Either East Dallas or Deep Ellum.

Asian cake for bday

Jeng Chi does beautiful pastries and custom cakes.

Gemma - one of my top ten restaurants in the past 10 years

Thank you for reinforcing what many of us living in Dallas believe that Dallas has indeed become a dining destination to be reckoned with.

Best Mex-Mex restaurants in Dallas area?

A big second for Estilo Hidalgo! Very much what the OP asked for.

Best Mex-Mex restaurants in Dallas area?

La Banqueta Puro DF Proximamente. 1305 No. Carroll Avenue. (My personal favorite)

El Atoron.

Each of these two have other locations. But don't let that put you off. Take my word, you'll be the only gringo in either of these two great taquerias.

Note: Most of the really good Mexican taquerias in Dallas have more than one location.

Best Mex-Mex restaurants in Dallas area?

I'd go with Mr. Mesero on McKinney Avenue and Meso Maya (downtown or Preston Forest). Also, Gonzalez Restaurant (order from the "house specialties" and don't forget to request the "salsa fresca" with your chips) ) and El Ranchito (cabrito is the house specialty). They're both on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff. And don't miss Mesa. Also on Jefferson Avenue.

Great dinner, great wine, great cocktails

Enjoy! They've just been rated as one of the 10 BEST restaurants in Dallas.

Great dinner, great wine, great cocktails

Gemma. On Henderson Avenue. Has everything you asked for.

Brief visit to Dallas from UK

Maybe this will help regarding burgers.....

Brief visit to Dallas from UK

Mike is correct about Off-Site Burger. I neglected to mention it. Not fancy but, it's what you want! My favorite, actually.

Also, Maple & Motor on Maple Avenue. Another contender for "Best burger in Dallas".

Pecan Lodge uses Mesquite wood to smoke their brisket. Mesquite makes for a very acrid bark on their otherwise excellent brisket.
Slow Bone uses Post Oak for a smoky but, friendlier brisket eating experience. The brisket at both places are melt in your mouth tender.

Btw, The Slow Bone BBQ and Offsite-Kitchen are across the road from each other.

Brief visit to Dallas from UK

The closest you'll come to a British style carvery in Texas is Lawry's The Prime Rib. Their various prime rib cuts are sliced off the whole prime rib section in front of you from the cart. Fabulous! I highly recommend.

There are burger joints galore in Dallas. Some of the best...
Hoppdoddy Burger Bar. Three Dallas locations.
Chop House Burger. On Main Street downtown across from the Joule Hotel.
Adair's Saloon in the Deep Ellum area.

BBQ. In the order of the best in my opinion...
The Slow Bone
Pecan Lodge
Lockhart Smokehouse

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse. The very best in town. Incredible wine list as well.
Knife. Excellent for long dry aged steaks.

Cleburne, Tx suggestions

Look up Yelp for Cleburne,Texas restaurants. I'm sure you'll find something that will appeal to you and your family.

Empire Rendered Chicken Fat

Try the Tom Thumb store at Preston & Forest. N/E corner. They cater to a large Jewish clientele.

Dallas to Austin to San Antonio

Lonesome Dove is over 30 miles away from Dallas in Ft. Worth.

While in Dallas, you might try Meddlesome Moth. An excellent gastropub with a very large selection of craft beers on tap and excellent food to match.

85 miles south of Dallas on I-35 to Austin, you should stop in the Czech town of West, Texas for the best Kolaches this side of Eastern Europe.

Near Austin, my personal favorite BBQ is Louie Mueller in Taylor, Texas.

13 Things to Do With Canned Sardines

The very best canned sardines come from Spain, France & Portugal. Not necessarily in that order.

Feb 06, 2015
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where to buy calamari steak in Dallas?

If HEB has it then Central Market might have it as well. (Same company).

where to buy calamari steak in Dallas?

I would try Sea Breeze, TJ's Seafood, or even Central Market. If they don't stock it they might be able to get it for you.

Italian Sausage in DFW?

I remember seeing and talking to Al's son when he worked the deli counter at Central Market (Dallas) after Al's Market closed. But he is no longer there. I was told he died a few years ago.

Italian Sausage in DFW?

I'm afraid I have to agree with you. Jimmy's sausage needs more fennel in it for one thing.

If anyone remembers Al's Italian Market at Park Lane & Greenville Avenue, they'll remember that Al's sausage was THE benchmark for Italian sausage in Dallas. And theirs contained plenty of fennel.

Best BBQ sauce and rub from a supermarket?

I know nothing about the Westlake area. However, if you'll drive to Dallas, you'll have access to three of the best BBQ joints in North Texas.

In the order of my personal preference......
1-The Slow Bone.
2-Pecan Lodge.
3-Lockhart Smokehouse.

I'll let you google them for reviews, open times, and locations.