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Prosciutto di Parma

I hope you also have one of those expensive special Prosciutto de Parma ham stands to sit your Parma ham on. And don't forget, you'll also need one of those long narrow ultra sharp knives to slice off those paper thin slices with as well.

Turkey Gravy

In addition, I noticed at Costco today, a package of two 30 ounce tubs of "Roasted Turkey Gravy" for $8.59.

Turkey Gravy

I'd try Highland Park Cafeteria in Casa Linda Plaza in East Dallas.
They sell one quart containers of turkey giblet gravy for $9.99.

Prosciutto di Parma

Central Market is the only store in Dallas I can think of that might do those. The money saved in shipping alone would be substantial.

You might also inquire at Jimmy's as well. Their's would be the least expensive for sure. I doubt if they stock whole hams but they should easily be able to order one for you. Ask to speak to Jeff (mgr) or Paul (co-owner).

Searching for *braised meat dishes in Dallas

Gemma on Henderson in Dallas does a fabulous braised veal cheek dish for $34.50.

Dallas Christmas Day 2014

I would suggest one of the restaurants in one of the following better downtown hotels.
The Omni
The Joule
The Adolphus
The W

P.S. Taxi's are horrible. Use UberX.

Dallas Restaurant Suggestion for Vegetarian

If you should decide to eat at FT33, make reservations soon. It's one of the most popular restaurants in Dallas and, reservations are hard to get.

Dallas Restaurant Suggestion for Vegetarian

I would highly recommend the following vegetarian restaurants~
1. Kalachandji's.
2. Spiral Diner & Bakery.
3. Cosmic Cafe.

Dallas Restaurant Suggestion for Vegetarian

I would highly recommend the following excellent 100% vegetarian restaurants~
1. Kalachandji's.
2. Spiral Diner & Bakery.
3. Cosmic Cafe.

Cheap Eats in and around Downtown Dallas

In addition to gavlist's excellent suggestions, you might also try Chop House Burger on Main Street across from the Joule Hotel.
Excellent burgers! Including, Bison burgers.

Looking for local organic ice cream with no added sugar

If you think egg yolks are bad for you, there is research that proves that egg yolks are actually good to eat in moderation.

Personally, I only eat eggs from chickens that are 100% free roaming and pasture raised.

I am not available for any further discussion on this thread.

Looking for local organic ice cream with no added sugar

Thank you. I have had no adverse reaction to Splenda and will continue using it. End of story.

Looking for local organic ice cream with no added sugar

All ice cream machines come with a recipe book. I substitute Splenda for sugar.

Looking for local organic ice cream with no added sugar

Fat won't kill you but, sugar will. I use Splenda for my home made ice cream.

You can find a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker on Amazon for as little as $49.41 including shipping.

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, you can easily buy the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment for $79.00.

That's what I have and it makes fabulous ice cream!

I like the KitchenAid because I prefer an ice cream machine where the paddle revolves and the bowl stays in place.

With the Cuisinart version, the paddle stays stationary and the bowl revolves.

I find the revolving paddle version ice makers make a superior, creamier quality ice cream than the ones with the revolving bowl like Cuisinart. Hamilton Beach offers one on Amazon.

I bought my KitchenAid ice cream maker off a Craigslist ad for $35.00.

Once you make your own ice cream, you'll never buy store bought ice cream again.

Dessert and coffee

I would suggest La Duni in NorthPark.

War Su Gai or Michigan Almond Chicken in Dallas?

Please report back and tell us how you fared.

War Su Gai or Michigan Almond Chicken in Dallas?

In addition, this link might interest you....

War Su Gai or Michigan Almond Chicken in Dallas?

Looks like a lovely chicken dish. Very comparable to a similar chicken dish I grew up eating in many of the old school American/Cantonese Chinese restaurants in NYC.

Although not a fan of Mr. Wok in Richardson, I had a look at their menu and saw a few chicken dishes with components that resemble War Su Gai (almond boneless fried chicken).

Although I can't offer more constructive help other than my above suggestion, I would advise seeking out any American/Cantonese Chinese restaurants in the Dallas area.

Unfortunately, with the exception of First Chinese BBQ and Mr. Wok, most Chinese restaurants in Dallas specialize in Szechuan style cooking.

However, in addition to Mr. Wok, you might also want to try Snow Pea. Located at 10518 E. Northwest Highway, Dallas 75238. They're pretty much a Cantonese restaurant disguised as a Szechuan restaurant.
They offer a chicken with almond dish (No. 304) on their menu.

cattlemens vs del frisco + itinerary review

I've never been to Cattleman's in Ft. Worth but I believe they were originally part of a small local chain that also had a very popular Cattleman's restaurant located in Preston Center east here in Dallas.

We loved eating there and did so at least once a week back in the sixties and seventies. The steaks were huge and grilled over an open fire. And of course the calf fries were "de rigueur" as a first course.

In an old west ambiance, all the serving ladies were colorfully dressed as cow girls complete with "six shooters" on their belts.

If the Ft. Worth Cattleman's is anything like I remember here in Dallas, I think you're in for a real "old west" treat.

cattlemens vs del frisco + itinerary review

I must concur with all the above as stated by gavlist.

Especially Gonzalez for Tex-Mex. And if you do go to Gonzalez, be sure to request their fabulous, freshly made Salsa Fresca with your chips. But, you must request it or they give you a jarred style of salsa.

Mr. Mesero is fantastic and, my favorite! But, they are quite a bit more expensive than the more traditional Tex-Mex restaurants.

Deep dish pizza in Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Good info. Thanks. I'm not from Chicago but, Al's Italian Beef sandwich is one I've always wanted to try.

Cuban Bread in Dallas

A big second for Cuban Dulceria and their authentic Cuban sandwich.

Looking for Aquarious sport drink

You might give Kazy's Gourmet in Dallas a call.

Seeking authentic mexican WITH atmosphere?

Although I recommended El Ranchito as well as Gonzalez, I actually much prefer Gonzalez for their great food and especially, their SALSA FRESCA. You have to ask for it with their great home made flour tortillas. Otherwise you'll get something more like Pace Picante.
If you go to Gonzalez sometime, I recommend their Guisado De Puerco (pork stew). It's listed on the right side of the last page of the menu under "Specialties".

Seeking authentic mexican WITH atmosphere?

I'd still make reservations for a group that large.

Seeking authentic mexican WITH atmosphere?

Seeking authentic mexican WITH atmosphere?

Both El Ranchito and Gonzalez on Jefferson Ave in Oak Cliff are excellent choices. Both serve excellent food. However, of the two I mentioned, I'd choose El Ranchito mainly because of their more festive (strolling Mariachis) atmosphere and the restaurants offering of delicious Cabrito dishes.

In downtown Dallas, I'd choose Meso Maya.

Dinner near the Kay Bailey Hutchinson convention center

You might consider San Salvage. Celebrated chef Stephan Pyles' new South American restaurant downtown.


Sounds delish!


Pardon my ignorance but, what are Tlacoyos?