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Gyros North Beach [San Francisco]

I live a block away and we go there often. We love it! We normally do some sort of schwarma plate, dolmas, and hummus.

Very specific restaurant criteria

He's never been to either. I have though, I think he'd love them.

Very specific restaurant criteria

RL, what do you think about the food at both places?

Very specific restaurant criteria

Thanks for all the great suggestions! We'll probably skip the steak places as he's convinced no one does steak as well as they do it in the Midwest. (His favorite steak place is Manny's in Minneapolis.) And he liked Town Hall and Park Tavern when we've eaten there before, but didn't love them. I'm leaning towards Bix and Big 4. I see a lot of chatter about Bix on the boards, but I couldn't find anything about Big 4. Good food or touristy and not worth it?

Very specific restaurant criteria

Hi Hounds! I'm trying to find a restaurant for my husband's birthday that fits very specific criteria. I keep thinking I'm missing a gem! Help me out, please.

1. My husband prefers American food. His favorite restaurants in the city are Presidio Social Club, Spruce, and House of Prime Rib. So all different types of American food, but American nonetheless. We may still pick one of these restaurants, but we've done them all for parties before and want something new.
2. The restaurant needs to take large party reservations of 10-15 people on a Saturday night. We do NOT need a private space.
3. Even though we're a large party, we want to be able to order off the regular restaurant menu. We don't want a separate menu for the party.
4. The restaurant needs to have amazing old fashioned's as this is my husband's favorite drink.
5. I prefer the restaurant be in the city. That being said, we are considering Murray Circle Restaurant because it's so close to the city. And has fun fire pits. :)
6. This one's a weird one, but my husband likes large open restaurants. He doesn't like a cramped space.

Just in case these restaurants come to mind, he does NOT want Wayfare or Zuni. He can't seem to put his finger on why, but it might help you with suggestions. Thanks!

Uni Donburri

Does anyone know where to get Uni Donburri in San Francisco? I had a dream worthy version at En Japanese Brasserie in New York last year and can't stop thinking about it. I'd love to find one in the city! i searched the board and came up empty.

Odd request for a "bar & grill" [San Francisco]

FYI, I gave up and just booked Serpentine. :)

Odd request for a "bar & grill" [San Francisco]

Thanks for the replies, but I feel like these may be too fancy (an expensive) for them. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking casual might also mean cheap. Does that change any of your suggestions? I was thinking Citizens Band.....

Odd request for a "bar & grill" [San Francisco]

We have some midwestern friends that just moved to town and want us to pick out someplace for our Saturday night dinner plans. They've requested someplace casual, "like a bar & grill". I'm not against this type of food, but AM against restaurants that don't take reservations. I'm also not a fan of restaurants that turn into a bar scene later at night. Any ideas for where to go in the city? I'm stumped on this one.

Rosen Shingle Creek hotel restaurants, Orlando

Just checking in to see what you found. I'm headed to the same hotel for a 5 day conference.

Nov 02, 2014
debbie421 in Florida

The Italian Homemade Company -- Fresh Made Pastas, Piadini, and Cassoni on Columbus Avenue [San Francisco]

We live a block away, so we checked it out for dinner last night. We had the tagliatelle with bolgnese, the lasagna, and a sausage/pepper/onion/cheese cassone. The food was fresh, the customer service was amazing, and we left full and happy for $40. My only complaint is I don't like eating on a bar stools with my feet dangling.

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

I LOVE sushi. I don't know a lot about it, but I do know I'm looking for the same things the OP is. Since we moved to the Bay Area in 2011, I must have tried at least 30 different places. Although it doesn't seem to be popular on this board, I seem to keep coming back to Okoze. It's in Russian Hill on Union and Hide and they DO take phone reservations. My husband and I can eat our fill and still leave with tax and tip under the $200 mark. Anyone else have good luck with it?

Post run brunches/lunches

Thanks for all the great suggestions! On Saturday, we went to Laughing Planet. Everyone loved it! On Sunday, we ended up at the Nike Employee Store, and went to New Seasons Market. What an amazing grocery store! Everyoned loved what they got at the deli. For our non healthy foods, we did Laurelhurst Market and Voodoo.

Jun 23, 2014
debbie421 in Metro Portland

Post run brunches/lunches

Hi hounds! I'm putting the finishing touches on our girls running weekend in Portland this weekend. We've all been to Portland before, but we're coming back out as a group to get some great runs in! We plan on a long distance trail run in Forest Park on Saturday, and a long distance road run around the rivers and bridges in the middle of the city on Sunday. That being said, where can 4 ravenous, sweaty girls get some grub on after our runs both days? Our preferences:

- We're morning runners, so should be getting done around brunch or lunch time.
- Someplace we can show up gross to, immediately after our runs.
- Somewhere in the vicinity of our runs, so near Forest Park and the city center on the river (does NOT have to be waterfront).
- Somewhere with healthy options so we don't ruin the benefits of our runs.
- Somewhere that doesn't require reservations or have long waits. No one wants 4 girls to get hangry!

We're from San Francisco, but don't mind copying good food we can get here. We normally do something like Whole Foods, but why not kick it up a notch on vacation! Our only other planned meal is Laurelhurst Market on Saturday night, just so you know what we have planned.


Jun 16, 2014
debbie421 in Metro Portland

State Bird Provision wait... how long on a Wed. night? [SF]

Just checking to see if all this remains true. I'd like to go tomorrow for my birthday and have no problem waiting in line. It sounds like I should get there at 4:45 if I want to eat at 5:30-ish?

Monday night sushi

Thanks for these great recs! I'm not sure where I'm staying yet, but once I figure that out I'll pick a place.

Monday night sushi

Hi Toronto hounds! I'm coming in for a business trip and have Monday night free. I LOVE sushi and read all about Kaji and Zen. Unfortuantely, neither place is open on Monday night and it's my only open dinner! Is there any other sushi place that's chow worthy and also open on Monday night? I hope so!

Best bites of 2013

A lot of mine aren't new to the board, but were new to me in 2013:

1. uni pasta at SPQR
2. scallop entree at SPQR
3. Spoonful of Happiness at Koo
4. raw beef salad at Yummy Yummy
5. cinammon roll at Devil's Teeth Bakery
6. devilled eggs at Fog City
7. Khoresht Bademjan at Maykadeh
8. BBQ oysters at The Marshall Store in Point Reyes
9. limeade at Sol Food in San Rafael

Best Pad See Ew in San Francisco?

I'm not sure how popular my answer will be, but I order Pasd See Ew at Jitlada every time I'm there. I'm not a huge Lers Ros fan, so I go here every time I have a Thai craving. Small neighborhood place, excellent flavors. I've never had a bad meal here.

Very specific New Year's Eve request

Great ideas everyone! I think we may have waited too long though, things are already booked for late night dinners. I made a reservation at Town Hall just to have something. Doesn't fit the fancy bill, but seems to fit everything else. Hopefully La Folie or other restaurants will open up.

Very specific New Year's Eve request

That sounds pretty good! Any other ideas?

Very specific New Year's Eve request

Hi all! Before I start, just want to say I promise I've done my research by searching this board AND searching other online sites for Bay Area New Year's events. That being said, I can't seem to find what I want! We are two couples, 30 somethings, and two out of the four of us do not drink at all. Also, two out of the four of us are very into food. Here's our requests;

-We're not interested in paying for an open bar, both for the environment the event tends to become, and because it's a waste of money for our party. (If that's your thing, more power to you, no judgement!)
-We don't care if it's prix fixe as long as it's good and has choices for extreme foodies and people who go along for the ride.
-We don't care about price if it has everything we want.
-I secretly love the fireworks, so bonus points for fitting that in. We'd even go outside the city for that (Marin, etc.)
-It'd be nice to go to a place where everyone is dressing up. It doesn't have to be black tie, but something fun and out of the ordinary.
-We don't want to be the oldest or youngest people there.

I intially thought about the NYE event at Epic Roasthouse, but I can't find anything on it this year. Any other ideas?

Farm to Table Dinners at THE FORK (Farmstead Cheese Co.) in Point Reyes

Did you find anything? I'm interested in this as well.

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Hi all! Quick update before we leave Paris for London. We've had amazing meals at Josephine Chez Dumonet and Chez Denise, some out of this world pastries at Pierre Herme, and mind blowing choclate at Patrick Roger and Jean Paul Hevin. My husband really enjoyed quick, cheap meals at Eric Kayser when we were off sightseeing. We're off to Dans Les Landes tonight, can't wait to report in more detail!

P.S. We decided to skip Le Taillevent for something more casual.

May 30, 2013
debbie421 in France

Borough Market search help

Hi all! I've been searching the board for a Borough Market thread that discusses all the great treats to chase down while at the market. It may be operator error, but I can't seem to find one. Any help? I've seen Kappacasein mentioned several times, so that's definitely on my list.

May 06, 2013
debbie421 in U.K./Ireland

Paris report - Le Gavroche

Just saw this restaurant mentioned here: http://www.traterra.com/travel-like-a...

I may check it out on our upcoming May trip!

Apr 17, 2013
debbie421 in France

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Dang it, now I just saw this: http://www.traterra.com/travel-like-a...

The problem with planning so far out if you keep getting more information!

Apr 17, 2013
debbie421 in France

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Is it truly $600-$800 (american dollars) per couple? We would clearly go cheap on wine, but just trying to wrap my head around the cost. Thanks for the replies everyone!

Apr 15, 2013
debbie421 in France

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Hmmmm, it looks like La Regalade St Honore might fit my price point as well. Worth giving up any of the other restaurants for? I'd really appreciate your feed back!

Apr 13, 2013
debbie421 in France

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Hi all! Talk about an exhaustive chowhound research extravaganza! I think I might have my dinners planned out for my 5/28-5/31 trip, but would love your opinion. Here's are those details you love to ask:
-We're doing one fancy pants dinner, but going for mid range for the other two, i.e. less than 100E for 2 people for something akin to 3 courses (including tip, tax, and whatever else they charge in Paris).
-My husband drinks but doesn't mind inexpensive wine and will only do a drink or two with dinner. I don't drink at all.
-I'm an extreme foodie who will eat anything, but my husband is a middle of the road diner. Every once in a while, he surprises me with his choices, but not often. So no sea foam or degustation menus. :)
-We're staying at Hotel La Belle Juliette in the 6th but don't mind traveling for good food. We currently live in San Francisco, so public transportation doesn't scare us.
-I know a lot of people like to save money by doing nice meals at lunch, but we're just not into that. We'd rather grab food on the run as we're being touristy and do dinner after a shower and a nap.

Here goes!
Tuesday: My husband's boss got us reservations at Le Taillevent. I'm a little apprehensive about this, but he claims it's a once in a lifetime experience. It also sounds like a $600-$800 per couple experience. Worth it? Is there somewhere else we should go?

For Wednesday and Thursday: My top choices at the mid range price are Chez Denise, Dans Les Landes, and Les Papilles.

Since we have so many cuisine choices in San Francisco, I feel like sticking to “French” food, but don't really have it narrowed down to type.

Can't wait to hear your opinion!

Apr 12, 2013
debbie421 in France