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Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage?

There's a sams club in Concord. I can call and see. Thanks for the tip.

Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage?

Are there any places in the bay area where I can buy conecuh smoked sausage?

Maple Butter/Cream

Anyone know where I can buy this product in San Francisco?

KAM'S Gourment Chicken

I loved the gourment chicken from Kam's out on Balboa, but it looks like they went on vacation and then decided to never come back. Does anybody know of any other restaurant around here that makes gourment chicken, or the recipe for this dish?

Maple Butter

Was the store in San Francisco? I really want to buy some without having to pay a bridge toll or shipping.

Aug 22, 2012
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