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Is Anyone Else Underwhelmed by Harman's Cheese in Sugar Hill?

You are sooooo right! Cabot makes great cheese. I am just a cheese lover (and cheese-a-holic) and like lots and lots of different cheese. Including both Harman's and Cabot. Like most cheese lovers... I like them all for different reasons, and can 'spread the love' :-)

Aug 27, 2012
ELWarren in Northern New England

Is Anyone Else Underwhelmed by Harman's Cheese in Sugar Hill?

Interesting that personal food taste preferences dominate this review. Harman's is most definitely a small town, country store. The store features their cheese, made in upstate New York, specifically for them. Personally, I LOVE the cheese, and apparently a lot of other people do to, since Harman's literally sells tons of it. Much of it by mail-order to people who visited, decided they had great cheese and products, and order over and over again. I began ordering from Harman's for my holiday gifts a few years ago for famiily and friends who live throughout the country. They now request Harman's products, and wait anxiously every year for their shipment. :-)

I would have to assume the trinkets being referred to are the specialty foods (jams, spreads, syrup, some cured / smoked meats, etc), locally made pottery, local books, postcards featuring photos from the Sugar Hill area. The cheese prices are in line with or less than comparable cheeses, As a lover of Harman's cheese, I can vouch for the price... a half pound block of their aged cheddar (normally aged at least 2 years) is about $6.95, which is actually less than Cabot's half pound blocks for comparable cheese. And personally I like Harman's better. Not only is their regular aged cheddar really good, their smoked cheddar is exceptional. It is smoked at a local New Hampshire smokehouse. But, that, again, is a matter of taste preference. It's not something I would base a review of the store on.

If you are looking for a quaint, small town store with a lot of history and local items, you will like Harman's. If you are looking for cheap, run of the mill cheese, in a large, tourist crowded place, go somewhere else. We love Harman's as apparently do many, many other people who visit and order year after year.

Aug 22, 2012
ELWarren in Northern New England