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Searching for Pho

Pho 888 is supposed to be one of the most authentic ones. I went there recently with a friend and i definitely prefer it over Tank, 777, and 999!

Feb 27, 2010
coconuttygirl in Chicago Area

Help! Lou Malnati's or Giordano's?

Definitely agree with that one - Uno really blows all the other deep dish out of the water.

If you had to choose, I'd go with Malnati's. Giordano's really isn't very good IMHO.

Feb 27, 2010
coconuttygirl in Chicago Area

Graduation Dinner in June

I'm looking for a place to take my parents and a few friends for my graduation dinner this upcoming June. I want it to be a nice, upscale place - the environment is very important to me (think tie + slacks at the least).

I'm thinking of spending around $60-100 / person, so does anyone have any specific recommendations? The cuisine isn't really an issue, but nothing too unique (aka Alinea) because I don't think my guests would necessarily appreciate that haha.

Thanks in advance! (:

Jan 24, 2010
coconuttygirl in Chicago Area

Burger and football in Pasadena?

Houston's has AMAZING burgers. this i can definitely testify to. the atmosphere is also wonderful and the service is fantastic.

H K Gourmet Delight in Arcadia

It's Shanghai cuisine; the restaurant is pretty nice. usually not too crowded inside. service isn't that great, but it's doable.

i haven't eaten there enough to recommend any of their dishes though; the menu looks pretty expansive and their dishes aren't really expensive, so you can experiment around (:

Williams Sonoma Cocktail Tamales?

i've tried the regular-sized tamales [pork carnitas with tomatillo sauce; white corn] and they were absolutely amazing. i got them as a gift and literally ate them every single day until we didn't have any left ... it's very pricey to buy for yourself, but it's seriously worth it. the tomatillo sauce actually doesn't even need to be heated up, and the pork is just amazing (:

i'm actually looking forward to buying a new shipment sometime soon ...

Mar 04, 2008
coconuttygirl in General Topics

Best Upscale Thai Food in Chicago?

i'm going to have to disagree with thai sookdee being an "upscale thai" place.. i tried their original hot #1 and their pad kee mao. both were just gross and not like any thai food that i've eaten at other restaurants... not good at all. i don't know about their other dishes; some of their appetizers looked pretty good, but it's definitely not gourmet.

Mar 02, 2008
coconuttygirl in Chicago Area

parchment paper vs. waxed paper ?

wax paper is horrible for actual baking in the oven in terms of sticky cookies and such.. i had a major disaster when none of my macaroons would come off the wax paper.. sad thing is they came off of my non-greased baking pan more successfully than it did off the wax paper! and it ended up killing the entire 2 batches.. so use parchment paper and don't get the two confused. also wax paper burns like crazy if you broil in the oven.. watch out for smoke / fires!

Jan 01, 2008
coconuttygirl in Home Cooking

sour cream & cakes

i just had a basic question. what exactly is the purpose of putting sour cream in cakes and such? i have used it plenty of times but i don't understand what it does for the baked good... also, would putting too much of it give the cake a sour taste??

Nov 18, 2007
coconuttygirl in Home Cooking