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21st bday dinner July 5 Monmouth cty on the water

We had a wonderful dinner at Sunsets in Neptune. Got a table right on the water, watching kayaker and boaters while we ate really fresh fish. Birthday girl had a fancy cocktail from their 2 lists of fancy cocktails. Mama, here had a great icy Martini. Birthday girl had the lobster dinner, fresh, meaty and a decent price.
New owners, new chef.
I'll be back.
Btw, music up front, so if you want to chat ask for something further back.
Our seats were perfect

Jul 14, 2015
attheshore in New Jersey

21st bday dinner July 5 Monmouth cty on the water

Daughter turning 21 on July 5th. I know, bad timing, but looking to take her out for nice dinner and drinks. Her request is on the water. I don't want to fight traffic. We are critical about food, since we have a food bloggers in the family, so the food has to be good too.

Jul 04, 2015
attheshore in New Jersey

NY day brunch?

Looking Monmouth and ocean county

Dec 31, 2014
attheshore in New Jersey

Green meadows in Colts neck

The food is more than pretty good. The sauces are high end. The chef here knows his stuff. I think there's a review on Best deal is Friday night. 50% off your food bill. Cool 50s decor

Mar 08, 2014
attheshore in New Jersey

Graduation lunch near Izod Center

tuesday the 15th, after 10am ceremony, 2600 graduating, idk, about 130?

May 09, 2012
attheshore in New Jersey

Graduation lunch near Izod Center

Vesta sounds great, but this is the only suggestion?? There are 2,600 people graduating. That's a lot of people to feed.

May 08, 2012
attheshore in New Jersey

Graduation lunch near Izod Center

Daughter graduating from FDU, ceremony to be held at Izod center. We will need to eat lunch after, looking for something nice for about 8-10 people. It needs to be near the Izod center as everyone will scatter after.

May 01, 2012
attheshore in New Jersey

Seeking New Year's Day brunch in Monmouth County

I have been looking as well. I have noticed Matisse in Belmar and The Mill in Spring Lake Heights and The Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant. They all range about 22-25.
I am really looking for something more casual, like a pub, but don't see any advertising.

Dec 30, 2010
attheshore in New Jersey

Where would you eat in Atlantic City Area

I was there with friends for 5 days. Went to Ruth's Chris 2 times. Food and service were both impeccable. Most of us had steak, but I had the Osso bucco ravioli one time and my friend had the planked salmon one time. Wow!
Great service, but friendly, not stuffy.

Jul 23, 2008
attheshore in Mid-Atlantic

Celebrating group 50th bday in Atlantic City

Which restaurant(s) should we not miss. We have all been to AC before as we are all from NJ originally and one of my buddies going is owner of a gourmet Italian market/deli in north jersey. I do not want to insult her, but am in charge of the itinerary.

Jul 14, 2008
attheshore in Mid-Atlantic

Shredded Beef Burrito?

El meson in Freehold and my fav that I don't get to often enough, Jose's in Spring Lake.

Jun 07, 2008
attheshore in New Jersey

Lorenzo's Freehold

Wish him luck there. That place has been through many, many owners. It is off the beaten track for sure. The only time i've seen it work when when Lon owned it and he was the entertainment as well. It closed one night and he dissappeared. How sad.

Oct 27, 2007
attheshore in Mid-Atlantic