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Valladolid - Any new recs?

Well, I really dislike the food in El Bazaar right off the main square so I wouldn't recommend going there. For Yucatecan breakfast antojitos, there is a place right across the street from Hotel Zaci...Doña Hermelina or something similar. There are a couple of stands that people love for tacos and tortas de cochinita in the block before the bus station and also on the side street where the taxis to Dzitnup leave from.

There is a place that I like for dinner tacos but it doesn't open until 7 or 8 pm. It is on the street that Hotel Maria de Lourdes is would walk down that street with your back to the cathedral for three or four blocks and it'll be on your right. It begins with a P.

Apologies for the vaguest directions ever. When I am in the area, I rarely eat in restaurants and typically just end up eating in the super touristy La Campana on the square. But these places I mentioned are all places that family and friends have brought me and places they choose to go to eat when leaving the village to have some food out.

If you have a car or want to pay a bit for a taxi, I'd actually recommend going to the Acuatica which is on the road leaving the city to Merida. It is actually one of those places that tour buses stop, give tourists a buffet meal, and sell them souvenirs, and the food is not that great. But that's not why I suggest it!

This place is JAMMING on the weekends with folks from Valladolid and surrounding villages who bring their kids to play in the pool. It's the type of place that you buy beer and they keep bringing you little antojitos, bowl after bowl of snacks. Some are pretty gross, but things Yucatecans ADORE, like cut up hot dogs swimming in ketchup.

But it'll definitely be an experience, especially if your kids are over 5 years old...they will probably end up with tons of little friends when they go swimming.

Mar 15, 2013
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Good Eats in Cozumel

Not sure froom where you originate, tokyo, but if it's the US, you can find flor de jamaica pretty readily here. In either a larger grocery store that caters to Latinos or in smaller stores that cater to Mexicans.

Jan 16, 2013
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Cancun - Hound worthy suggestions needed

Here is where I eat:
-The Fish Frittanga in the Hotel Zone (on the lagoon side, around kilometer 12, across from the Tourist Police station)
-the ladies who sell tacos outside of the bus station downtown (I have been eating there for over ten years and the quality is still amazing...there are two carts, go to the one run by the two women)
-There is a guy right there who also sells fruit plates and freshly squeezed orange juice)
-for tacos, beers, and people watching at night, there are tons of places with great food on Avenida go-tos are El Asador, El Piemonte, El Poblano, and Los Arcos
-there is a delicious place in Mercado 28 called Le Bons that only opens at night.
-Tacos Rigo about three blocks from Mercado 28 is hugely popular with Cancunenses and they have good tacos and carnitas.

There are also lots of higher-end places that I typically don't frequent, but my friends love. Kinda what yellowbrick might be looking for. Marakame for atmosphere...I've heard uneven reviews of the food, but definitely a pretty and classy place for drinks.

La Habichuela is a Cancun fixture, and though somewhat touristy, dinner in the garden is beautiful.

There are also several places for delicious Argentine and Brazilian food. Though you may be more interested in Mexican food, you might like to try one of these places as there is a growing South American population.

Of course (and this is more for yellowbrick), regional specialties are all about Yucatecan food. The only place I can think of for Yucatecan items is Restaurante Amaro near ercado 28 where you can get panuchos, salbutes, and kibis. I know that there are a couple of places a little further out that do more Yucatecan food, but I have never tried them as it's mostly the type of food eaten in private homes.

There is also a place in Mercado 23 (right off of Avenida Tulum) that sells killer quesadillas in the morning/early afternoon. Of course, I have no idea what the actual name is, but what I love about them is that they grill the tortillas which are made right there. They've often got things like squash blossom and huitlacoche.

If you're really feeling adventurous, one place that I have gone for years for seafood is La Bamba Jarocha. It may be further into Cancun proper than you'd like. It's not too scenic as it is directly on Avenida Lopez Portillo but if you went on a Saturday or Sunday, it'd be PACKED with Mexican families and groups eating ceviche and drinking beer. Sometimes there'd be a guy playing marimba, which was a nice offset to the sound of traffic!

Jan 12, 2013
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Great Fish Market near Providence?

Tony's Seafood in Seekonk.

Best of Cancun for Angeleno in 24 hours

They wouldn't be recommending Los de Pescado or other for pork tacos, but for pescaditos. For good seafood by the lagoon in the hotel zone, I'd go to El Fish Frittanga for lunch.

If you are taking the bus to Playa in the morning, you need to eat breakfast just outside the bus station in Cancun. There are two taco carts...go to the cart run by the women, not the men. I always get a taco de camaron empanizado and whatever other guisado looks good that day. I have been going there since 1999 and it is still my first stop when I get into town. There is also a stand selling fresh organge juice and another Yucatecan lady who sells Yucatecan snacks.

For tacos al pastor, I always go to Avenida Yaxchilan. I like El Asador, Los Arcos, and El Piemonte. El Piemonte has great tacos but have consistently gotten pricier and pricier. I'll eat there anyway on vacation. I also like Le Bons in Mercado 28 for cheap casual evening tacos. Most of these places don't even open until 7pm. All fit the bill for cheap, local, and casual.

I also like Super Carne for arrachera on Avenida Coba near Walmart.

Nov 01, 2012
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Looking for Latin Markets near Warwick, Rhode Island

The one mmck mentioned is La Poblana or La Poblanita...can't remember which!

There are probably a zillion Latin markets in RI! I'd say there are about 8 in the more congested area of Cranston Street in which I live. My go to one is on the corner of Superior and Cranston Street and is totally overpacked and looks like a hoarder's house but pretty much has everything one needs. This particular one is owned and staffed by Dominicans but caters to Mexicans and Guates because of its location,

There are also dozens on Broad Street and a handful on Elmwood in Prov as well as a dozen plus between Dexter and Broad in Central Falls. Plenty more in other areas of Prov that I don't frequent as well.

I'm sure you'll find Dulce de Leche somewhere!

Meat Markets in Providence

Can anyone recommend a meat market that is comparable in selection, price, and quality to Armando's in Pawtucket? Moving from Pawtucket to the West End and looking for a local place similar to Armando's. Or should I just stick with them?

Cancun: Severe Food Allergies-where to shop?

Soriana has a better selection of less available items than both Walmart and Chedraui do. In fact, a better selection overall. There is one just a few blocks from the original Walmart. I've always found that the Chedraui in Plaza las America has the LEAST selection.

Try the Living in Cancun forum on Cancun Care...there are several expats who are great at ferreting out less common items. In fact, I remember a recent discussion on quinoa.

No Whole Foods equivalent, but there are a couple of small, natural food stores in Cancun. Again, try that forum as I do remember there being some recent discussions about random food items. There are also a few specialty stores where you'd be able to find things like balsamic vinegar and mozerrella.

But it might be an all day expedition to stop at each of the various places to pick up one or two items.

Jun 05, 2012
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

All-Inclusives that don't suck...

I hope that he is willing to do at least a couple of meals off-resort! :) While I am sure that you will be able to find an AI with food that you will love, you'll be missing out on all the delicious food Mexico has to offer! I can't imagine going to Mexico (and we do stay in an AI at least a couple of nights each trip) without eating in my favorite down-scale places.

May 17, 2012
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo in RI/SE Mass?

I am pretty sure that all Mexican restaurants in the area that cater to non-Mexican clientele will be having something. It'll probably be just another day at the restaurants that cater to Mexicans.

Cancun Recommendations on Blvd Kukulcan (Hotel Zone)

El Fish Frittanga is a good choice for a laid back seafood meal right on the lagoon side. It's a bit hard to find but is around km 12, just across from the tourist police building. Thai is very nice for the ambience, but it is a little expensive for the portions you get.

Sorry I can't recommend more places but we typically eat downtown...most of my knowledge comes from places my husband has worked.For fine Italian dining, I'd say Cenacolo...I suppose many don't go to Mexico for Italian food, but many Italian places in Cancun import their chefs and many of their products from Italy.

As far as really good Mexican, you'll have to go downtown for that, which I do understand you prefer not to do! The couple of Mexican places that I would mention in the Hotel Zone are a)probably fancier than they need to be and b)nothing absolutely amazing.

After hitting "post" I read a couple of good suggestions for nice places in the Hotel Zone on this board...check those out! I suppose I should have kept my trap shut as I am really only an expert on good, cheap tacos, which are not easy to find in the Hotel Zone! :)

Apr 27, 2012
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Cape Verdean/Portuguese Food

Gin n are right! I was trying to say that the demographic is similar, but I left out the important point about the quality of the food. I found Los Andes delicious.

I too dislike El Rancho Grande and I am very well-versed in Mexican food!. But people act like I've slapped their mother when I counter their opinion that this place is ah-may-ZING.

Cape Verdean/Portuguese Food

Wanted to make a tentative recommendation for a place with good CV/Portuguese food. Why a tentative recommendation? Well, you know how folks go ape-$hit for "authentic" ethnic cuisine but by the time those places typically make it to boards like these to get recommended, one actually goes to eat there and those places are no longer patronized by folks for whom this is native cuisine? (I am thinking El Rancho Grande and Los Andes). And then there is another level of "authentic" where the ambience is nil and most likely nobody not from that ethnicity/country has ever stepped foot in the joint?

Sorry for the circuitous intro, but I did want to mention Churrasqueria on Broadway in Pawtucket though it falls in the latter category. The waitresses speak little English, the bar is full of drunk Cape Verdean men, and the decorations are lacking.....but our meal there was delicious!

I do recommend visiting for the food, though the place might be a little intimidating!

Upcoming Yucatan trip - Tulum, Piste, Chichen Itza, PDC - questiones?!

Don't get me wrong, Veggo. I personally get so bored in Valladolid that I want to scoop my eyes out. Just have spent tons of time there and therefore have ferreted out the good places for some things. But it's all comida de la calle, as I eat the typical Yucateco specialties in my husband's village just south of the city (relleno negro, escabeche, puchero, etc).

But for vistors, good cochinita can be had at small stands and also in the market. Very rarely actually cooked traditionally (in the pib) but still tasty and greasy.

Xni pek (aka nose of the dog, which Dining Diva mentioned) is actually sooooo easy to make....we make it at home in RI all the time and the only difference is the ingredients come from the store and not the in-laws' patio.

Overall, Valladolid is a great place to use as a base for day trips but ultimately one would be bored with the food options after a while.

My theory? All of the good Yucatecan specialities are best made and eaten in someone's home and therefore the restaurants' offerings are often a weak imitation.

Mar 15, 2011
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Upcoming Yucatan trip - Tulum, Piste, Chichen Itza, PDC - questiones?!

So now I'm embarrassed to realize that I can't remember the names of the restaurants that I like! There's a good place that serves Yucatecan antojitos for breakfast and lunch that's right across the street from Hotel Zaci. And my favorite place for tacos is down one of the streets that leads directly into the main square. If you're about to head down the street the bus station is on, you'll have Hotel Maria de Lourdes on your left in front of you and you take a right on that street. I'm sure the name will come to me.

Never made it to El Yepez, but my husband and brother-in-law eat there a lot....the original location closed but they opened another on the patio outside Hotel San Clemente. This and the taco place don't open until later evening and it doesn't pick up until late night.

La Chispa doesn't have the greatest turns into more of a young club scene at night...but some of their appetizers are okay.

In the mornings, there are good tacos de lomitos sold right outside of the cathedral. I don't recommend any of the places in El Bazaar right on the main square...too greasy! But for tacos and tortas de cochinita, there are a couple of good carts at the corner of the street where the ladies sell their fruit and veggies on the sidewalk and the cross street where the taxis and combis for Dzitnup park.

I'm sorry my directions are so vague...perhaps somebody who think in streets and avenues could help me out, as I obviously think in landmarks.

What is Kol Pak? Never heard of it.

Mar 15, 2011
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Upcoming Yucatan trip - Tulum, Piste, Chichen Itza, PDC - questiones?!

I still haven't gotten over the closing of Dr. Taco. I become sad again every single year we go to Playa and walk by where it used to be.

I do like Carboncitos as well...though they made themselves a bit more upscale (wooden chairs instead of plastic, slightly higher prices, and they moved the pastor spit to the kitchen). We did have the most amazing arrachera tacos though my husband was deeply confused about why a small salad was included with it.

Haven't been to the Super Carne (HC de Monterrey) in Playa but do like the one in Cancun.

Can't make any recommendations for Piste, but if you're visiting Valladolid I've got some suggestions.

Mar 15, 2011
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Foods unique to Rhode Island

You're from RI? Aren't you the one I always see with insight into Yucatecan food? How interesting...have never met anyone else from RI who's also lived on the Peninsula! :)

Lunch around Pawtucket and Central Falls

Caprichos antioquenos has Colombian antojitos. Emanadas, bunuelos, etc (can't remember the names of others...more familiar with Mexican).

We usually go to Rosa's for breakfast and a plate of eggs, homefries, and toast is 1.99 and a bit more for meat of course. I think the plates of canja and cachupa are 5 or 6 dollars.

The Dominican Market on Weeden at the corner of Lonsdale also sells plates. And I also like the food at Union Fruit Market on Broad, which is just before the train tracks and CVS...Guatemalan food and cheap. I also love them because they sell Coke in glass bottles, which excited me to no end.

Also, Tres Amigos has some good Mexican antojitos...they're on Dexter...can't remember exactly where but I know if you hit Cowden Street then you've gone too far.

Lunch around Pawtucket and Central Falls

He actually just showed up so I will ask him!

Lunch around Pawtucket and Central Falls

It was called Dakar and unfortunately it did close. :(

The mom of a client of mine opened a Ghanian place on Broadway (next to Luke's on the corner of Central Ave.). Have not tried the restaurant though I have eaten her food before.

Lunch around Pawtucket and Central Falls

Hope you liked La Sorpresa because I tried La Sorpresa #2 where Jac's Wraps used to be, and it was terrible! You mean Tierras Hispanas on Broad St? They're slow but have replaced another (now closed) as my favorite for fast Mexican. I also sometimes like to grab something quick at Caprichos Antioquenos on Lonsdale and did hear that Apsara was opening a storefront take out near there too.

Rosa's Kitchen on Main Street is great for cheap breakfast and traditional Cape Verdean dishes though it's faster to call in your order and pick it up.

La Sorpresa
61 Cedar St, Norwalk, CT 06854

Apsara Restaurant
716 Public St, Providence, RI 02907

Best lunch strategies for sightseeing around Coba and Valladolid?

I can't even eat in the Bazaar anymore. So flipping greasy and gross. For antojitos, I found some restaurant right across from Hotel Zaci that my sister in law took us to much tastier and less greasy. Can't remember the name though. Still like the lomitos they sell outside the church in the mornings though.

Feb 06, 2011
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Plse Help Stop the Arguing About 1 or 2 Tortillas on Mexican Tacqueria Tacos!

Of course, no definitive answer on this because I've also not been to either country, but only eaten in El Salvadorean restaurants and in the homes of Guatemalan friends. I don't think they're nearly as ubiquitous in Guate as in Mexico. My husband (Yucatecan) and most other Mexicans of humble means I know simply CANNOT move forward on a meal if they're aren't tortillas and from what I've seen, Guates don't require them. I will ask next time I have the chance though.

We also ate El Salvadorean food at two restaurants and the first time, my husband asked for an extra a 6 tortillas because the menu said each dish only came with two. The waitress just looked at him funny but brought us these incredibly thick tortillas, so thick they couldn't even be filled and folded. They reminded me of what the Yucatecans call pim (sorry, don't know the word in Spanish or English) but the waitress said they were typical.

As far as the tortilla question, I can't really put a number on which I've encountered more. If I'm thinking about my favorite taquerias' food, they usually have two...but this may just be because they're memorable. Have even had orders of tacos de arrachera where they've come on two and one taco de pastor served on only one taco on the same plate! Always attributed it to the price difference. And I've never seen tacos on two handmade tortillas but much more often seen the ones from tortillerias on two.

Tipico Restaurant; Cranston, RI

Has anyone ever been? Thoughts on it? Heard a commercial for it on 100.3 on the radio and wondered if it's any good.


Then you're looking at a bit more in travel time...that hotel is further out in the Hotel Zone.

Dec 26, 2010
GabachaYucateca in Mexico


Depends where YOU are staying in the Hotel Zone...are you staying at Club Med, one of the last hotels in the zone or at one of the places around kilometer 3 or 5?

Dec 20, 2010
GabachaYucateca in Mexico


Los Pescados? Do you mean Los Pescadillos on Yaxchilan? Or Pescado con Limon in Market 28? Can't think of any restaurant named Los Pescados, unless it's some hole-in-the-wall seafood place.

And when you say pork tacos, do you mean carnitas? There are lots of good places for carnitas in Cancun, don't necessarily need to stand up in the middle of a grocery store to eat them. Tacos Rigo is the most famous in Cancun and a very family friendly restaurant on Avenida Palenque near Market 28.

Dec 20, 2010
GabachaYucateca in Mexico

Epazote or Mexican Oregano in RI?

Can anyone point me to a place that sells it in the greater Providence area? Haven't found it where I usually pick stuff up...Price Rite, Union Fruit Market in CF, C-Town.

Also where can I find banana leaves in small numbers? My husband has only found them in very large quantities.


Looking for meat markets in Northern RI/Providence area

I'd also try to do my best to avoid Armando's on the first of each month...I don't go to Price Rite then either. :) Take note...they close early on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure you're prepared ahead of time! Have often gotten locked out when running there for last-minute meats to grill. Oh, and the butchers all seem quite knowledgeable!

Chilangos in Providence?

I'm not dissing Taqueria Lupita for "doing it right"....I was dissing the place for several other reasons which I mentioned above! I shoud have also mentioned that the breadcrumbs were blackened and the bread burned!

I mostly bought Milanesa as my choice for comida corrida from dozens and dozens of places and in the occasional taco, and had very, very rarely had it so thin and that's why I thanked you for your background. When I say I don't sweat the authentic thing, I mean that we frequent places that "true" Chowhounds hate, such as Cancun and El Tapatio.

I've now got quite a bit of background on Milanesa, thanks...but I am so pleased that the Milanesa that I buy from the ladies selling comida corrida from their kicthens is inauthentic, as I find it much tastier!

El Tapatio
214 Grand Ave, New Haven, CT 06513