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homemade mochi

Dunno about SA, but I would check some of the bakeries in Houston's Chinatown near Bellaire. Also, there's a Korean Bakery named Teh Guk Dang on Royal lane in Dallas that has red and green bean mochi, though I'm unsure if they actually make the dough themselves. I hope this helps.


Te Guk Dang
2546 Royal Ln
Dallas, TX 75229
Neighborhood: North Dallas

Aug 27, 2012
CarDair in Texas

Mexican for a Dallas expat in SA

Thanks for the tips. I checked out the menus for both online and I think these will work. So far have only been able to try Los Cocos on Bandera and Taqueria Datapoint, both of which I enjoyed.

Aug 27, 2012
CarDair in Texas

Mexican in Downtown Dallas

For some excellent tacos, go to La Banqueta just north of Downtown. My favs there are the Pastor, Chorizo, and Suadero. Really good stuff (definitely better than Fuel City IMO)

You would probably have to take a cab, though, and it's sort of in the hood.


Tacos La Banqueta
4500 Bryan St
Dallas, TX 75204
Neighborhood: East Dallas

Aug 21, 2012
CarDair in Dallas - Fort Worth

Mexican for a Dallas expat in SA

I'm going to be in the SA area for a few months on work, and am looking for some good authentic Mexican grub. I already have Guajillos down after reading some threads, but I know there must be a lot more in a city like SA. So, what are the best authentic Mexican joints in SA (you know, the ones where the salsa is spicy and where cheese is largely absent).

As a side question, I'm also curious where the best places in northern SA are to get a dozen tortillas for takeout. No preference on whether corn or flour, just looking for good house-made tortillas.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Aug 21, 2012
CarDair in Texas