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chile verde on the westside/southbay

i just moved here from colorado and i'm looking for a decent chile verde somewhere near marina del rey/culver city. i went to pacos tacos last night and decided that just testing place after place isnt the way to go! everything about the food was fine, but the chile verde isjust not what i'm looking for. i dont expect it to be green... just tasty/hot. in fact, i'm used to a more orange or salsa looking sauce. can anyone help?

also, im looking for a good CRISPY chile relleno. anyone?

lastly, are any of the 24 hour places i see around any good or are they sketchy?

i looked through hundreds of posts before posting this, but most people had their own reasons for why this place or that place was good and the green chile was rarely mentioned... sooO...

Oct 27, 2007
asyrum in Los Angeles Area