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raw spanish peanuts - where to buy ??

There is a stall at the Farmers Market @ Bayfair on Saturdays that sells raw peanuts (In the shell). He also sells vegetables. I don't remember how much they are per pound

Calbee seaweed & salt potato chips?

There are some on Amazon 12 for $ 20.31

Tortilla Press

I know Mi Pueblo has them. You can probably find them in any medium size Mexican market.

elephant bar in emeryville, dublin, or fremont??

There is also one in Hayward, near Southland Mall. I had a horrible experience at the one in Dublin. Not too busy and their service was horrible! The Fremont one is good. I go to the Hayward one more often because I live there and their service and food is good too.

Thai Red Rice

I saw Red Rice at the 99 Ranch in Newark about 3 weeks ago

99 Ranch
4299 Rosewood Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Ig Vella, R.I.P.

How sad. I took a food tour /w Grace Ann Walden years ago and one of our stops was Vella Cheese.

Vella Cheese Company
315 2nd St E, Sonoma, CA 95476

Mexicali Rose has beef kidneys (Rinones Estilo Mexicano)

That is the only good thing about going to jury duty there. Being able to check out the new places!

Ingredient Search

If you don't mind ordering on line. Here is a website

Where to buy chicken livers/hearts? I'm in San Jose

Try Mi Pueblo. All of them have them

Catering mexican food in Sunnyvale

openhelix, Thanks for the suggestions

Catering mexican food in Sunnyvale

mdg, Will check them out after I see about the taco trucks. Thanks

Catering mexican food in Sunnyvale

skwid, I will search for trucks here on the board. Thanks

Catering mexican food in Sunnyvale

Looking for someone to cater a lunch for around 200 people. Would really like for them to cook at our building in Sunnyvale. Maybe tacos, fajitas, beans, rice etc.

Minami: budget sashimi

I go to the one in San Leandro and have always been pleased with the food. Usually order the rolls, but have also ordered the boxes. Good sushi that is fairly inexpensive.

Wayfare Tavern - Tyler Florence's new San Francisco Restaurant

I am with you OldTimer and Windy. I can't believe he is opening all of these restaurants at the same time! And then, to charge these ridiculous prices??? With so many unemployed, I really don't think that this spells success.

tortilla chips

I will place a 3rd vote on Mi Pueblo. They make them at the stores. My husband loves them! Has the right amount of salt. Not a lo cal chip, that's for sure

First meal in Acapulco, where should I go?

dl: Thanks for responding to my question. I know about the rain, etc.... but we will make the most of it!

Jun 28, 2010
sosdiaz in Mexico

First meal in Acapulco, where should I go?

My husband and I are visiting Acapulco mid July and would like some recommendations of where we should eat our first meal. Really interested in any kind of food. Don't really want a formal, ritzy type area. Prefer local, informal. Thanks

Jun 24, 2010
sosdiaz in Mexico

Yucatán Chowdown Report: 12-Course Tendejon de la Calle Dinner by Mateo Granados

Oh my! I am sure the pictures don't do it justice! The menu looks amazing.

Oaxaca Trip Report

Thanks for writing this! I am SO excited to be going to Oaxaca in July with my husband. Printed this as a reference!

Jun 15, 2010
sosdiaz in Mexico

fresh garbanzo season

All of Mi Pueblo supermarkets carry them too. Missed the price.

ISO Yogurt/Cheese strainer in San Francisco

You could probably use the strainer cloth that painters use. It is in the paint supply at Home Depot etc. Looks almost like the Stonyfield one but larger

Finding Bulgaros Cultures for Yogurt?

There is a mexican fruit/vege market on El Camino in Redwood City across from the BevMo that sells a tablet that you can use to make cheese. I have not had the time to stop by after work and I can't find the name of it online.

Licuados, Coke, Fanta and Modelo at the Transmigrantes on the Mexico/Guatemala border

Good to hear that you made it to Guatemala. Sad to hear about the "gratuities" that you had to pay. Seems like some things don't change. Are you thinking about it or do you or will you have a blog of your life in Guatemala? Thanks

Apr 12, 2010
sosdiaz in Mexico

Somewhere in Oaxaca (Route 200): Comedor Lupita tlayudas – the highlight of my SF-Mexico-Guatemala drive

RW: Happy to see that you are reporting on your adventures! I am planning on going to Oaxaca with my husband in July! I have never been and I can't wait!

Apr 12, 2010
sosdiaz in Mexico

Where can I buy fresh anchovies?


White anchovies served in vinegar (boquerones en vinagre) or deep fried.

Pastured eggs, Santa Clara County

I could not add the link, but here is an item from a prior article on organic food. It is in Palo Alto. Don't know if that is too far for you.

Hello - I have a small local hobby farm near Stanford and the Palo Alto area. I sell my duck eggs locally. I dont have large quantities and do have people that really love duck eggs so they do go fast. If you are looking for a duck egg source I would be happy to put you on the list. I also have chicken eggs from my banties - so they are small but both are delicious - you can certainly taste the difference between our eggs and store bought . My girls are fed flax meal daily - rich in Omega 3,6 fatty acids for heart health. You may contact me at (650)949-1619.
$5 per dozen for duck eggs and $3 per dozen for the chicken eggs.
Thanks so much. Rose Hill Farm

Can't-miss Bay Area cheese mongers?

Kristenss, What is the link to your blog?

coit tower

The lawfirm that I worked at 10 years ago had our holiday party in the Fish Roundabout. That was a great party to say the least. The food was excellent too!

good Greek place for moussaka and/or dolmades in Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro or nearby?

I went to Gold Coast about a year ago and thought the service was not the best. I had never been there before and noticed that the people being attended to were the regular customers. The prices are on the high side for the food being served. I will not return based on that.