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Any good mexican/latino finds in Plainfield (North/South)?

While I was living in California, I just loved the great taquerias and latin hole-in-the wall places the local hispanics frequented. With a local hispanic community in the Plainfields, does anyone know of any good place for some authentic mexican/ latino food?

Sep 28, 2007
zoukme2 in New Jersey

Any Good Japanese Restaurants in Union County, NJ?

Had a craving for Japanese food yesterday(hey! I'm 9 weeks pregnant!) and since someone mentioned 'Fuji' in Westfield, hubby and I dropped by. Had the unagi roll and the pork katsudon (can't wait to deliver so I can eat raw fish again!)I have never had bad Japanese food but this was it! The rice on the roll wasn't seasoned well and the egg in the 'donburi' was more of a 'scrambled egg' on top of rice. And the place was more 75% full at 7pm on a Sunday night! Will never go back there again.

But I still am craving for good Japanese food. Anyone with recc's for good ( I'll settle for decent food if good Japanese food is not available) Japanese food in Union County? Or must I go into the city to get my fix?

Dec 11, 2006
zoukme2 in New Jersey

Happy Hour- Palo Alto?

Anyone with recommendations for a good beer place with a great deal for Happy Hour in Palo Alto? Read that the Old Pro Bar has $5 pitchers.

Where is the Churros truck/stand in RWC?

(sniff! sniff) Anyone know of anywhere else in the neighbourhood (RWC)with fresh , good churros?

Where is the Churros truck/stand in RWC?

Read that there is a churros truck/stand somewhere around 6th and Middlefield in Redwood City. Since I was in the neighbourhood last thursday, I looked around for it but couldn't find it.(was there around 2pm). Where exactly is the truck (parking lot, road side...)
My mouth is already watering for some fresh churros.