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Where can I buy tri-tip/picanha in the Newark area?

Okay, so I'd like to do a homestyleish rodizioesque grill this weekend, and I'd love to get some tri-tip to season up and throw on. Does anyone know where I can get some? The butchers near me are pork stores and can special-order but I was hoping to have it for tomorrow.

There's a Seabra's market in Springfield; I'm in Union and I'm going to give them a call later, but I was hoping that if they don't, someone might be able to point me in the right direction?

Bonus points if they have tenderloin at decent prices to wrap in bacon to grill as well.

May 18, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Cathay 22 - does it have dim sum with the carts and all that jazz?

Can't help you with xiaolongbao, but I'd kill for some nearby.

Pho Minh in Linden sells banh mi and pho. There's also Pho Anh Dao on Rt. 1 in Edison, and a couple of other pho joints on Rt. 27. I like Pho Anh Dao best overall but Pho Minh is a lot less of a schlep to get to.

May 03, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Newark Cherry Blossom food vendors - worth it?

So the cherry blossom picnic is tomorrow, and my wife and I are going. The question is: is it better for us to drive from Union to Edgewater to get bento boxes or other nifty Japanese takeaway (unless someone knows of a better/more convenient place) and then to Newark? Or are the food vendors decent for some Japanese food? I'm not expecting handmade onigiri and broiled mackerel but we'd like to avoid $4 hot dogs if possible.

Apr 13, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Cathay 22 - does it have dim sum with the carts and all that jazz?

Oh, we've done Jade Isle for regular dinners before and were happy with their preparations on the good ol' generic dragon and '60s Chinese classics. The drinks couldn't be beat, too. But they do carts, though? Definitely good to know.

Apr 09, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Cathay 22 - does it have dim sum with the carts and all that jazz?

Union. I wasn't aware Noodle Chu did carts and I didn't know of Qin Dynasty until you mentioned; they're definitely up on our list now. I was just hoping it'd be a major coup scored if there was local dim sum joints right around the block from us.

Apr 09, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Cathay 22 - does it have dim sum with the carts and all that jazz?

My wife and I are craving dim sum with some friends on a Sunday but don't want to make the schlep into NYC. Can anyone confirm if Cathay 22 does dim sum or anything comparable to it, on or close to Triple 8 Palace or other Chinatown dim sum?

Apr 09, 2012
MJPByron in New Jersey

Mangos! And Indian Mangos?

Patel Shah in Fairfield, NJ has Alphonsos, $33/doz.

Apr 25, 2008
MJPByron in Manhattan

Decent restaurants by the Beacon Theatre (Bway/74th)

I'm going to a concert tomorrow night at the Beacon Theatre, Broadway at 74th. Any places worth seeing? Casual/street dress, inexpensive, unpretentious? Any cuisine is fine.

Apr 25, 2008
MJPByron in Manhattan

Restaurants for 150 people in northeast NJ

I'm planning a private party far in the future. I'm looking at 150 people, maybe a few less. I'm thinking either extended cocktail dinner or a really nice sit-down, but I'm open. Anyone have a really nice restaurant that can do 150 people for preferably $100/person or less (open bar included, less per without liquor)?

Not too far west, Parsippany is about as far as it goes.

Andouille, tasso, and bring-homeable foods near NOLA?

I'm in NOLA right now on vacation, going home early Wednesday morning. We're going to have a car on Tuesday to head out to Avery Island for the Tabasco factory and we'll be coming home that day. I want to bring home some andouille, tasso, boudin (if possible) or even alligator.

The trick is we don't have a cooler, so I'm not sure what will survive the flight back. Does anyone know a good location near NOLA on our way out to Avery Island (We take I-10 to 90, if that helps, all the way out towards New Iberia) to get some good Cajun charcuterie and other tasty goods?

I'm open to suggestions and advice outside of those.

Thanks in advance Chowhounds!

Jan 13, 2008
MJPByron in New Orleans

Food and Jazz for Nawlins newbies

My girlfriend and I will be in NOLA from Thursday, January 10th - Wednesday, January 16th. We're from Jersey so we can pretty much experience any kind of food save for real Cajun or Creole.

So what we want is New Orleans for awesome renowned restaurants and local divey joints with awesome food. I've seen a few posts here and elsewhere and I've started to put together some of the basic good stuff we'd like to eat at. Plus, we want to take in some jazz. Neither of us are jazz aficionados so we have no clue where to start or what's good. :-D

Here's what I'm looking at in terms of meal since we don't really have a singular set plan for what day to eat. Any input or advice is mucho appreciated.

Commander's Palace

Willie Mae's Scotch House
Grand Isle (Shrimp or crawfish boil, any input here?)
Liuzza's By the Track (OTB raved about the barbecue shrimp po'boy)*

Morning Call Coffee Stand
Commander's Palace

I did put Commander's Palace up twice - is it better for brunch or dinner?

* = we've been told the po'boys are worth it, my hope is to get the best debris po'boy, the best fried seafood po'boy, and the best overall for any other kind of po'boy.

Everything else is totally open. Feel free to call me out for the shameless tourists we will probably be. :D

EDIT: We plan on going to Laplace to get some Wayne Jacobs andouille, and I'll have a rental car for a bit as well. Are there any destinations worth driving out for? I've heard good things about Lafayette. I'll also have a scooter for a day or two to get around the city and have fun in the process. XD

Oct 26, 2007
MJPByron in New Orleans