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Worcester, MA - New Restaurant - Promising Barbecue!

There is a new restaurant that just opened maybe 3 weeks ago in Worcester (very near Bocado). I think the address is 90 Canal St, but don't quote me on that. My wife and I have tried it twice. The space is very nice - it has a bar area that probably seats around 50 people between the tables and the bar itself. The other side is a wide open area with a mix of tables and booths. The menu is predominantly barbecue as you wold deduce from the name. Our first trip, we tried the sampler [where you select three items - I chose brisket, St Louis Ribs, and pulled pork]. My wife had the baby back ribs. All were very good. There is a selection of excellent beers on tap - mostly microbreweries. They offer a flight option which we both enjoyed a lot. The second trip we mixed up the coices a bit and ordered an apetizer as well, but the quality was just as good as the first trip. The owner of this restaurant is Richard Romaine - The Romaines own and run "Romaine's Bistro" in Northboro which has remained one of the best restaurants west of Boston for around 10 years now. He brought a couple of his menu items over from the other restaurant (fish Tacos and Calamari that I remember noticing) - and those are both excellent apetizer / bar choices at his other restaurant. To me, Worcester has a large number of very average restaurants. I predict this one will catch on. They don't gouge you on price, the atmosphere is nice, the food is coming from a proven restauranteur, and the bar is very inviting. I am interested to hear what others' opinions and experiences are so far.

Jun 28, 2010
PeteB in Southern New England

Dinner Near Mass Pike and I 495?

Looks like you're right. My bad. I'd just read through a couple of threads on the area prior to this one and I think the suggestion about CJ's was elsewhere. I think Steve999 does have the correct URL below and sadly that is about what I'd expect. It's strictly a local place to have a drink and/or a steak but not if you are in to fine dining, ambiance, and the like.

Dec 02, 2007
PeteB in All New England Archive

Dinner Near Mass Pike and I 495?

Just spotted this thread - not sure if I'm too late. I have to strongly second the Romaines and Willy's recommendations. Both are consistently good. Romaines is a bit closer to your target area. Also suggest AVOIDING 1790 House. I've tried Tomasso's twice and have had spotty results. Has a nice look and feel, but they seem to struggle with consistent food and service. CJ's might be OK for a steak or a burger, but I wouldn't venture much beyond that. Also has a 30 year old supper club vibe going on that doesn't help the dining experience IMHO.

Nov 13, 2007
PeteB in All New England Archive

La Voile---magnifique!

There was also a Prix Fixe on Saturday night - for 2 I believe.
The Fish Soup, Sea Bass, and one other item as I recall. (we did not order off of it, but the couple next to us did, and were very happy with it).

Nov 12, 2007
PeteB in Greater Boston Area

Le Voile on Newbury Street

We went Saturday evening. We intentionally arrived early to sit at the bar for a bit before being seated. A quick note here - at this point, they do not have the type of liquor license that allows them to serve any hard liquor - so the bar is strictly wine (and I think beer). There are some very nice choices by the glass and some expert help more than willing to direct your choice if you wish. While we were enjoying a glass of wine and some chit/chat with the bartender, we were presented with a couple of complimentary appetizers which were both delicious.
Things have apparently settled down a bit since the opening weekend, but we did pick up on some stress at the front desk. There were no outright clumsy moments, but they just seemed very nervous about getting everything right.
We decided to share a couple of items as starters - we selected the Terrine Duck Foie Gras (one of the 3 preparations of Foie Gras on the menu) and the plate of 5 cheeses. Everything was just excellent.
For our main course, my wife selected the Grilled Sea Bass and I chose the Dover Sole Meuniere. These were priced on the high end of the menu choices, at $31 and $42 respectively. Both were deftly de-boned tableside by our waiter. The bass was tasty and had an accompanying sauce that was a perfect balance for it. (You do need to be diligent with this preparation, however, because you are still dealing with a fair number of bones. ) The sole was even better than the bass.

There was a small tureen of vegetables that accompanied both dishes which were tasty, but not memorable.
For dessert, we shared a Moelleuz au Chocolat (essentially a flourless chocolate cake with a molten center) accompanied by a little pistachio ice cream. Both the ice cream and the cake were delightfully tasty. A cup of espresso topped off a thoroughly enjoyable evening for me.

Our waiter was the same guy described in an earlier post (Jean-Charles). He is one of two employees (the chef being the other) who moved here from Cannes with the restaurant. He was still not completely smooth in his communication, but he was a very good and clearly experienced waiter. He hussled, was attentive (but not at all obtrusive) and while tending multiple tables, always knew what to re-prioritize on the fly.

I am sure they will all get more relaxed as the settle in to their new digs for a little longer... but this is already a place I'd recommend to anyone.

I did ask about the hours - although initially the plan was for the dinner-only limitation for just the first week or so, they are not yet open for any other meals. Seems like it may still be a couple of weeks from what we could gather.

Nov 12, 2007
PeteB in Greater Boston Area

Le Voile on Newbury Street

Have a reservation to try this place out next Saturday, the 10th, so I'll let you know what we find. (The place is currently only open for dinner, but reportedly will be open for breakfast / dinner shortly.) Saw the place last week and it looks encouraging, but as I was there mid-day, alas no chance to try it out that day.

Nov 01, 2007
PeteB in Greater Boston Area