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Private room/garden downtown for 30th birthday dinner

Hello, all.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect location for a 30th birthday dinner. Criteria:

Below 14th street
A room with some privacy—a garden would be ideal
good atmosphere
excellent food
Not terribly expensive (less than $30 an entree)

Rooms where I've been happy before: Freemans, Il Buco, Diner (the airstream), The Harrison.

Any bright ideas would be *much* appreciated.

A million thanks,

Aug 17, 2009
gmoney1 in Manhattan

Best Coffee Houses in South America?

I'm on the hunt for some good ones. any thoughts?

Amazing Coffee House Down Under?

Hi, all. I am on the hunt for any really delicious/unique coffee houses to visit while I am in Australia and New Zealand next month. Any suggestions? The crazier location, the better.

Oct 26, 2007
gmoney1 in Australia/New Zealand