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ISO Virginia Salted Peanuts

I remember seeing them in Bulk Barns...

Jun 03, 2010
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Miu Garden - Cheap & Good Chinese Food (review + pics)

避風塘 (Bay Fong Tong)

Feb 03, 2010
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Korean food near Yonge & Finch? Review + pics on Nak Won

I believe the glass noodle is called Japchae and the beans is called Kongjaban.

Aug 29, 2008
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Shaved Ice With Condensed Milk and Fruit

I found most bubble tea place offering this is really crushed ice instead of shaved ice (which is suppose to be snowy). There were two that used to offered it (Taste of Taiwan) and Bubble Tea & Me (兵馬俑) take out place place at Pacific Mall but both locations had closed down since. Recently, I went to Ten Ren at Hwy 7 & Lesile and saw it on their menu, you can get shaved ice for an extra $1.50 (or so) otherwise it'll come as crushed ice. I'm not sure the TenRen at Empress has this option though because last time I went (mind you this was more than a month ago so the menu might have changed) they only have crushed ice.

Aug 27, 2008
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


It depends on what you're baking. For bread, Five-Roses, Robin Hood AP flour but don't use Duncan Hines AP flour, I found Duncan Hines AP flour is a bit lower in gluten level. Or I just get bread-machine flour from Bulk Barns. For cakes, I just AP flour and they turn out fine, just don't over mix it.

Apr 28, 2008
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chestnut paste in Toronto??

I remember seeing them at Longo's.

Jan 27, 2008
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Toronto dimsum near 401

I think you are referring to:
1. Yen Ching Palace Restaurant (2901 Bayview Avenue)
2. Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine (7301 Woodbine Ave)

Jan 08, 2008
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Duncan Hines All-Purpose Flour

Has anyone used Duncan Hines all-purpose flour? Do you know if it has lower-protein level then other AP e.g. Robin Hood? The reason I ask is because I recently bought a bag of it and tried baking bread with it ... but the bread turned out a bit cake-like... I used the same recipe with other brand & it was okay. I was wondering if anyone has the same experience?

Nov 14, 2007
g_lee in Home Cooking

Fortune Cookies

I believe if you go to chinese groceries at chinatown you can get them $1 for a box.

Aug 15, 2006
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

what the heck are those cold elasticky noodles called that you get with Korean/Japanese food?

From the description, the first thing that comes to mind is "bibim naeng myun" which used dried Arrow root noodles. You can probably buy it at Korean Grocery like Galleria (Yonge & Clark).

Aug 02, 2006
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Taste of Lawrence?

I believe it's a different event.. This event is taking place this weekend (July 7-9) on Lawrence between Warden & Crockford Blvd. The URL is

Jul 07, 2006
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Taste of Lawrence?

Have anyone been to? Is it worth going at all?

Jul 07, 2006
g_lee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)