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Liguria: West of Savona

Thanks allende. After looking more closely at Noli, I realized it's not what we're really looking for, down home straight forward cooking. Conchiglia D'Oro looks perfect and it's close to where we're staying.

Mar 23, 2013
jonnyNY_BK in Italy

Liguria: West of Savona

So, I'm replying to my own post a few minutes later via Allende's recommendation ;)

Conchiglia D'Oro in Varigotti

And, thanks to barberinibee:

With a video of the fish delivery for Noli

Mar 21, 2013
jonnyNY_BK in Italy

Liguria: West of Savona

My family and I are driving to Liguria from France the Wednesday before Easter.
We're driving back on Easter Sunday. May be a mistake, but we want to beat the traffic, our drive is 4 1/2 hours with no traffic but traffic can easily add 90 minutes or more.
We're staying at an agriturismo near the coast between Imperia and Diano Marina.
I find using Trip Advisor to be a bit of a hall of mirrors. I was more grounded in a "real food" reality reading the outer boroughs posts for NYC when we lived in Brooklyn. I fondly remember the posts about Di Farra's in Midwood. They were like epic poems to a pizza and it's maker.

We were in Piemonte last summer and had a truly great meal at Osteria la Torre in Cuneo and our kids loved it. Our two boys 8 & 10 seem to be able to handle a long meal in a family friendly environment.

Any suggestions either on the coast or up in the hills would be appreciated.


Mar 21, 2013
jonnyNY_BK in Italy

Piamonte between Torino & Asti this week

Hi Allende,

I had already read your voluminous comments! Thanks for all the info.

The restaurant in Asti I was thinking of is:

Trattoria al Mercato, corner of Campo del Palio


Has anyone been here?

It was described as a real "down home" place.

We're leaving a day early, tried to get through to Osteria Veglio but with no answer.
Going to try again from the road tomorrow as well as Osteria la Torre since we're staying about 20 minutes between the two in Vergne for our first night. Then we move north for the rest of our stay to an Agriturismo between Poirino and Asti.




Aug 21, 2012
jonnyNY_BK in Italy

Piamonte between Torino & Asti this week

Hello Chowhounds ~

As a New Yorker, I was a frequent user of the Brooklyn board for a number of years, then we moved and we're now in France. Not as romantic as it might sound from afar, but it has it's percs food wise.

We're driving with our two boys 8 & 10 to Piamonte to spend four days. We're staying beteen Torino and Alba.

We're thinking about:
Osteria Veglio
La Morra Cuneo, Italy

Osteria la Torre

I'm looking for local restaurants, that are not necessarily "gastronomic", more local family restaurants.
I read about a restaurant right on one of the plazas of the market in Asti, don't have the name in front of me, but it's as simple as "restaurant of the market" it's mentioned in Fred Plotkin's book. (latest edition
) When I looked it up on the web, it didn't seem to match the description. I'll find the name and post it tomorrow. Anyone know of or have experience with this restaurant?
It was mentioned as being one of the oldest restaurants in town and very simple in it's decor.

We plan to go to Torino to check out the caf├ęs, chocolates, Ice cream... we might eat too.
I think we'll skip eataly this time to avoid the mall-like experience.
I have to buy some coffee beans to take back with us, the coffee where we are living near Geneva is not very good and I'm fiending for my old Vienna Sumatra roast from Porto Rico on Bleeker Street.

I'm also thinking of driving towards the coast into Liguria.
So any out of the way-up a mountain/dirt road-national park etc.- country restaurant you might know of either in Piamonte or Liguria (towards Savona) will be much appreciated.

Has anyone been using, for reviews?

Thanks for reading!


Aug 19, 2012
jonnyNY_BK in Italy