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Any feedback about Smokin' Al's in Bayshore, LI?

I'm taking my husband out for his birthday and he wants barbeque. I heard Smokin' Al's in Bayshore is good. The latest review I have seen was from 2004 and it was pretty positive but doesn't have good things to say about the service or consistency of quality, despite some very good food. Has it improved?

Good chinese in Huntington, LI?

Don't know about Vietnamese but on the thai topic there's a place called Thai USA on New York Ave that I don't like— the food is amazingly bland. There's a new thai place opening up on New Street that I am praying will be good. For good thai the best place is a bit of a trek but worth it in my opinion. Lemongrass Grill on Old Country Road near Roosevelt Field next to the Red Lobster. Great food, low prices and never a wait. It's little Chinatown-style dumpy, but who cares as long as the food is good? There's a Jaiya Thai restaurant in Hicksville that's related to the Jaiya thai in the city, but I haven't tried it. I like the NYC Jaiya, so hopefully their reputation might count for something. There's also a restaurant in Hicksville I've read about that's a fusion of thai, indian and chinese. That's a little more questionable, but it might work! The place is Masala Wok. It's a combo haaka chinese and indian with some thai thrown in.

Maroni Cuisine

My friend ate there and said it was amazing. Very creative, but not weird. The place is also very small, so it is very intimate.

Good chinese in Huntington, LI?

We waited patiently as our favorite chinese restaurant, Imperial Huntington Lucky Garden, closed for renovation for the past 2 months, leaving only a mysterious note on the door. It just reopened... as another SUSHI bar, just what Huntington needs!!!!! This makes the 4th sushi place on the same 2 block stretch. Now what do we do? We loved Imperial because they had great food, very clean and fresh, lightly sauced, never too greasy. I went to Albert's Mandarin out of desperation and couldn't believe how such a mediocre restaurant with fairly high prices can do such good business. Anyone know what became of Imperial, and/or have any suggestions for an alternative?

Looking for good eats around Hauppauge in LI

La Scala on RT 111 (near the LIE) is supposed to be very good. Also on Motor Parkway look for Pomodorino for very reasonable, basic pasta and pizzas. Alas, there aren't any nice cafes besides the Starbucks on 111. You have to go all the way north to Smithtown to find anything non-Starbucks.