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Really good casual salad?

I've been craving a really good salad in a casual setting, either quick service or low-key table service. I moved to DC from Florida a year and a half ago, and one of the only things I miss, foodwise, is Crispers, home of fabulous salads. Anyone know where I can get Crispers-like salads anywhere in DC or MD? Panera and Atlanta Bread just don't cut it.

MD State Fair Food

Elsewhere on Chowhound I've been reading about all the great fair food at the MN state fair. We're thinking about going to the MD state fair this weekend. Are there food delights to be had there? Is there anything that is not to be missed? We're up for pretty much anything both traditional (fried things on a stick) and nontraditional fair food.

Italian restaurants in MD?

I'll second this. Pasta Plus has great handmade pasta with a wide variety of sauce options. Get there early or prepare to wait, even on some weeknights.

Any word on Eamonn's?

I went on Friday afternoon and had a pretty good experience. Ordered a small cod, which was surprisingly small, about 3" by 4". Very tasty, though. My husband and I ordered a large chips to share, which was more than enough for the two of us. The tartar sauce was really interesting, more herby with little pickle flavor. We also tried the Hot Chili, which wasn't particularly hot and was a great accompaniment for the cod. Next time I'll get a regular fish, and there will definitely be a next time.

High-end chocolate bars?

I'm looking for a few exotic chocolate bars to buy for my husband's birthday. I'd prefer single origin darks, or interesting blends (like Vosges). I'm not looking for grocery store chocolate or major chains like Godiva or Lindt. His birthday is this week, so I don't want to order anything. Anyone have suggestions?