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Best Lebanese

There are a few places in the Buford Hwy area that I've not yet tried (Mezza, Lawrence's) but for all the Lebanese food I've tried over my many years in and around the city, I'd have to say Nicola's is my favorite.

I'm curious to know what the lot of you think! I'm always on the hunt for good food from the land of my distant (and not-so distant) ancestors.

RIP Cedar's

Mar 13, 2012
shipwreck in Atlanta

Home Beer Brewing--good or bad idea?

Nothing to add that hasn't been said.

Homebrewing is awesome!

Feb 04, 2011
shipwreck in Beer

First trip to Montreal

Well if nothing else Europea should earn us a few foodie points.

First trip to Montreal

We're currently on our first trip to Montreal as well and we've had some great meals: Boustan (Lebanese wondrousness), Chez Cora, Eggspectation, Stash (polish cuisine in Vieux Montreal) and we're booked for Europea before we leave. We couldn't get reservations at Toque, though I hear it's more flare than flavor. We'll have to try some of these spots as well.

Fritti (pizza) - ATL

Well we visited Fritti last night and I have to say it wasn't all I hoped for. The space was great and the apps were tasty; we went with the fried goat cheese, fried mushrooms, and seared tuna. All delicious.

The pizza, not so much.

We went with the Margharita and it was undercooked. The crust was more toasted than well done and it was barely luke-warm in the center of the pie. Maybe the Verace pies are cooked differently from the traditionals but it was soggy and, again, undercooked. My understanding was that part of the measure of a pie was a finely charred crust, crispy yet chewy, that could hold up to the toppings with ease. This was no such pie. Of course I ate it - it wasn't bad, just not up to par with what I, in my modest and undereducated opinion, thought to be a good Neopolitan pizza.

What's your go-to drink?

I like all of these ideas, I'll have to try some.

My usual go-to drinks vary from mood to mood and season to season but are as follows:
--1 shot Crown, 1 Pint Dos Equis (usually reserved for Mexican restaurants)
--plain ol' Guinness
--Jameson, water, ice
--Knob Creek (or some other bourbon) and ginger ale
--Scotch (any brand, I'm not picky) and soda

I've also wanted to try a Blacksmith - Guinness and Smithwicks. Now all of the above are if I'm spending. If I'm just out at a show, looking for a cheap buzz I'll go Miller Lite. Please don't throw stones.

Nov 26, 2007
shipwreck in Spirits

Big B'ham Weekend

Sadly I missed all of your comments before we left. Overall it was a fantastic trip! Despite some latecomings and a bit of illness we definitely enjoyed Birmingham.

We arrived at Hot & Hot a bit later than our reservations had prescribed: first of all it took us longer than we thought in leaving Atlanta and then, well, we just couldn't find the place. Despite its cumbersome location the building itself was a treat. The sign on the door read its name in bronze like you would expect to find on the front entrance to some sort of explorers club. The decor and atmosphere was elegant and warm, as well as intimate; star bulbs illuminated the windows, the rest covered in dim orange light (as opposed to white, of course). The first thing that struck me as we sat down was the salt and pepper arranged in two shallow, clay fish bowls. No shakers here!

The service was good but nothing to write home about. I started with a Knob Creek and Ginger Ale, which was fine and about the price you'd expect for a cocktail out. Next came the bread and butter, simply par for the course. As we waited on our entrees we observed casually the open kitchen where the chefs slaved away with their comically long-brimmed caps. We also noticed the other guests getting more and more loaded - to be continued.

I ordered the Hot and Hot Shrimp & Grits which was simply fantastic! Moderate size shrimp (21-25 count if I had to guess) served as what I could best describe as a hot ceviche: very citrusy with loads of fresh tomatos, onions, peppers and the like. The grits complimented the shrimp well, with a smooth and mellow flavor to contrast the bright sauce it came in. A definite winner.

Mrs shipwreck ordered the Garganelli Pasta with clams and sausage. This was another great dish, nothing life changing but excellent nonetheless. I was most pleased with the handmade pasta. The sauce was very subtle with the bits of sausage/pancetta (I cheated) and clam standing out amidst the mushrooms and pasta. Both entrees were impressive.

Dessert was a bit of a flop. We ordered the chocolate souffle which came out a little flat and, well, not very flavorful. Luckily the waitress was aware and deducted it from our bill. So, again, not disgusting but a dessert one would expect more of from such an establishment. The evening was fine, despite some drunken shouting and impromptu dancing from other patrons, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

After our radio show the next day we were just looking for a place to eat and wound up in Five Points at the Five Points Grill. Compared to Hot & Hot it might as well have been Chilis but we had a fine meal of crab dip and a split blackened fish sandwich. Not bad.

Next we head to B'ham we'll probably try out some of the other places and try to hit a few galleries as well. Good times!

Big B'ham Weekend people in Birmingham actually refer to their city as "B'ham"?

Anyhoo, Mrs shipwreck and I are off to Birmingham tonight for an evening of dining, a night at The Redmont, and a morning recording of Says You, our favorite radio word-game show. Having said that, my choice in our one indulgent (read 'over $50') meal was a long and hard one. I received some wonderful tips from a few older posts on this forum as well some good Birmingham dining sites.

I settled on the Hot & Hot Fish Club ( since I don't eat meat apart from seafood and Mrs shipwreck can't resist good atmosphere. Expect a full report.

Are there other sites / food experiences we should not miss? I've been to Birmingham a few times but those times often involved driving to a concert (from Atlanta), attending the concert, turning around and heading home to get a few hours sleep so I don't know much about the town.

Thanks in advance.

Rabanada (Brazilian-Style French Toast)

I like the Brazilian Santa more...

This recipe has me drooling.

Nov 16, 2007
shipwreck in Recipes

Fritti (pizza) - ATL

Ye gods...

I'll definitely try it but pricey and pizza generally don't mix.

Lunch in Atlanta this Saturday

Just have a cappuccino.

Fritti (pizza) - ATL

Okay I had long, elegant, and well-written post about how I love pizza and how Sotto Sotto and Fritti are so highly rated and how they're certified by the VPN (the only one, apparently). The post was lost and I don't want to retype it so I'll just cut to the chase:

Who's had the pizza at Fritti? Is it life changing? Thanks in advance.

Columbia, SC need rec's

One place I quite like in Columbia is Yo Burrito. Nothing fancy, no real vibe of which to speak, just good burritos.

downtown Atlanta lunch

Right. In the downtown area where you'll be (Centennial Park, Aquarium, etc.) there are a bunch of chain-type places that you should probably avoid - Ted's Montana Grill and the like.

Its a bit out of the way, but my understanding is that Rolling Bones BBQ (on 377 Edgewood) is one of the best bbq places in the city.

There are countless good eats in the Downtown/Midtown area but I will recommend Junper St (right off 14th near Piedmont Park). There is Einstein's, Loca Luna, and a bunch of other fun and more unique places. I think Nam is out that way too, which is a recommended Vietnamese place.

Best burger in Columbia, SC

Salty Nut.

atlanta/vinings: great for a group?

Post a review once you've gone: I've never been and would like to hear some opinions.

athens (GA) dinner spot

No worries, friend; I can be that way too.

I suspect I would feel similarly about Grit if I lived there. It isn't exactly 5 star dining but it's such a cool novelty and I eat it so rarely (being in Atlanta) that I love it.

To each his own.

Guinness and ????

Ah! I'll have to report my local bar tender.
You mean the shot, right?

Oct 25, 2007
shipwreck in Beer

Frank Pepe in Manchester,CT w/pix

I've never met a Pepe's pie I didn't like. I'll give it a shot next time I'm up.

Guinness and ????

Baileys. You can't top a good Irish Car Bomb.

I'll have to try some of these mixes, though. The Blacksmith sounds delicious.

Oct 25, 2007
shipwreck in Beer

Frank Pepe in Manchester,CT w/pix

Thanks for the reviews!

I live in Atlanta but my family is CT so Pepe's has been a religious experience for me since I was a kid (we always go to the original). I heard the second one (Milford, was it?) was second rate and last time we were up (August) the talk of the third one opening in Manchester was the talk of the town.

I guess we'll stick with the original on our usual pilgrimmage.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta?

Here's a second vote for The Globe; excellent food, service, and atmosphere.

Fabulous food - Asheville or Black Mtn.???

You must try the Laughing Seed Cafe! While it's not a 5 Diamond experience, every dish is creative, delicious and 100% vegetarian. It's also a very cool atmosphere and the local beer (Green Man or something) is cheap and very good.

We also ate at an Italian place on our visit (I think it was Fiore's) that was decent.

athens (GA) dinner spot

Sorry to dissappoint you, sir. I'll keep my opinions to myself next time.

Savannah--what not to miss?

I actually quite liked The Lady & Sons. I only eat but I still snuck in some pork with my collard greens they were so good. The Pirates House was missable as it was more novelty than fair dining.

Of course a stroll down the River Walk, snacking on pralines and other munchables is never a bad idea.

athens (GA) dinner spot

Do yourself a favor and hit The Grit. Downhome veg cooking.

Last Resort Grill is great as well, if a bit pricey.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta?

First of all, I hope you love Atlanta. It's got a horrible infrastructure but everything else is nice.

To agree with a few posters above, Cafe Sunflower is fantastic as is the Flying Biscuit. It's a shame your visit wasn't two years ago; there was once a place called Lush that offered entirely vegan cuisine. Another option around Midtown would be Soul Vegetarian off North Highland. If you can get out of the Perimeter a few places to try would be Harmony Chinese (all veg), Three Bears Cafe (Marietta), and ThaiCoon (again, Marietta).

You'll find that many restaurants, especially in the city, have veg options available.