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In search of exceptional cinnamon rolls

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to avoid Cinnabon, but will report back on the others. Thanks!

174 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035

In search of exceptional cinnamon rolls

Hi Chowhounds,

One of my best girlfriends (who is pregnant, by the way) is visiting me in San Francisco this week, and has warned me she has been having insatiable cravings for cinnamon rolls. I have to admit, beyond Specialty's, I've never even noticed any local bakeries or restaurants serving cinnamon rolls. Any recommendations or tips greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!
The Cinnamon Roll Seekers

New Years Eve "Foodie Events" in San Francisco

Does anyone have any recommendations for Foodie Events (special dinners, parties, tastings, etc.?) slated for the upcoming New Year's Eve in San Francisco?

I've heard there is going to be a graffEats Guerilla Dining event that night, but no details are yet available:

I have a good friend traveling from L.A. and we would love to luck into a special menu or other event that night.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions!!

Breakfast in the Bay Area

What about Zuni Cafe? It's a SF classic, consistently good, and a favorite spot of mine for special occasion brunches. I believe they only serve brunch on the weekends, however.