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Vegan/non-dairy black and white cookies?

Know of any Kosher bakeries in New York that have black-and-white cookies? I'll bet you can find one without too much trouble. ;-) When you do, ask if it's a "Pareve" bakery. If so, ALL its offerings will be dairy free. If not, they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

May 06, 2011
asthmaticeog in Manhattan

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Back off White Castle, hater.

Agreed about KFC though. That place's food is beyond vile. Surely you've heard Patton Oswalt's classic torpedoing of the KFC Famous Bowls?

May 05, 2011
asthmaticeog in Features

Absinthe: A Status Check

Thank you for this. Now instead of explaining at length to people that thujone doesn't make you trip and the fire ritual is a pack of lies, I can just link them to this page.

Feb 17, 2011
asthmaticeog in Features

Basic Potato Tots

My girlfriend has celiac disease (that's right, a gf gf). What does the flour do exactly, and since there seems to be so little of it, anyone know if I can eliminate it or sub a non-wheat flour?

Jan 25, 2011
asthmaticeog in Recipes

New Yawker going to Cleveland

Istanbul in Tremont is wonderful, I've had two very fine meals there. I'm told that it sports the chef from the original Anatolia, before the plaza it lived in got torn down. I have many friends who've tried Frank's on W65, and they all report the exact same thing - good falafel, punitively long wait for it.

Aug 22, 2010
asthmaticeog in Great Lakes

Bridges Restaurant in Quicken Arena [Cleveland]

If you're going to follow the Lola suggestion, I urge you to make your reservation as far ahead as you can - one can't always simply stroll in to Lola and expect to be seated. It's worth taking the trouble to ensure you can get in, though -- there's a reason you can hardly have a Cleveland thread on Chowhound without someone name-checking Lola.

Cleveland area - business trip eats ?

If you're looking for a decent local place, nothing fancy but great food, you absolutely have to try Melt in Lakewood. ( Grilled sandwiches that defy belief, served with huge mounds of superb fries and slaw. It's on the far west side, so it won't be too huge of a trip from Olmsted.

Lobster in Cleveland?

kathrynanne's calls are both very, very good ones. There's also Don's Lighthouse, a durable place with a fine reputation for its seafood.

And best wishes for your speedy recovery!

Mar 04, 2009
asthmaticeog in Great Lakes

West Side Market Cleveland

There's a fantastic cheese shop simply called "The Cheese Shop." If you're a cheese fan at all, stop there, the variety and depth of their stock is astonishing. Ask for Lisa, if she's there, she knows all.

Maha's falafel was already mentioned, so I'll second it - better falafel than I had in the Middle East, no lie.

As for bread, pretty much all the bakery stands are quite good, so snoop around a lot before you commit to a loaf, there's a lot to see.

rockandroller1 is quite correct about the produce, the WSM is not a farmer's market. It's amazing how many Clevelanders are still under that misconception. Buy only what you're can use in a couple of days, tops. The prices are great, but it's almost all on the verge of turning (of course with things like cantaloupe and avocados, that works out superbly, everything's fine to eat that day). There's an organic stand near the entrance to the left that's a wonderful and astonishingly inexpensive exception, though, be sure to find it. I can't remember if it's the aforenamed Basketeria or not.

Oh, and near Maha's there's a bakery stand that has awesome apple fritters that'll go beautifully with your City Roast coffee. And if you do get anything to eat on premises, eat it on the mezzanine. The view is fantastic.

Have fun!

Cassoulet in Cleveland?

I'm pretty sure Wonderbar on East 4th Street downtown serves small crocks of cassoulet during happy hour, probably during dinner hours, too. Can't say how traditional it is, but I've heard it's quite good.

Mum's the Velveeta

This is DISGRACEFULLY bad advice. Is this the Bourdain thing at work here, where dismissing people's dietary needs signifies some sort of maverick gonzo cool? It can be amusing, yes, when he jokes about dangling strips of bacon under the noses of the pork-averse, but you'll note that he doesn't force-feed anyone the bacon.

Jan 23, 2008
asthmaticeog in Features

Le Creuset from TJ Maxx and Marshals

The stuff they sell in discount stores is the same as the stuff they sell in their outlet stores, which is to say it's flawed somehow. That said, I got a fantastic Le Creuset 5.5 qt dutch oven for $90, and the "flaw" is a tiny, insignificant chip in the enamel on the outside near the bottom. You can find perfectly fine seconded pieces if you're patient, and you'll save a ton - the flaw could be something as trivial as the inspector disliking the color, seriously. I'd steer clear of wobbly lids, though.

Jan 05, 2008
asthmaticeog in Cookware

Shuhei sushi catastrophe (heartbroken Cleveland hound)

This is not the first time I've heard about Shuhei coasting on reputation. Too bad, they were brilliant, once. Have you tried Aoeshi in North Olmsted?