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Interesting video of wax food samples being made in Japan

I'd like to see the "chefs" try to make casu marzu.

about 24 hours ago
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Balducci's new york

Too bad the Takashimaya never had a Japanese-style food hall!

1 day ago
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Balducci's new york

A&V puts mayonnaise in the baba ghannoush. No thanks.

1 day ago
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Is Japanese food overrated?

Frog can be found all over the place, donkey mostly in the north/northeast, and in Guangdong/the northeast, dog is very common.

As for Donghuamen, since I didn't notice those foods - scorpions, sea horses - in many other parts of China, I capitulated. Chomping on a starfish was essentially eating salty glass.


What turns you off about restaurant restrooms?

Getting laughed when asking someone to refill the soap dispenser.

what to eat after food poisoning?

I ate some funky Yangzhou fried rice in...Yangzhou, and I think it contained participants from all groups of the archaic food pyramid.

BRAT became a good friend the next day. The Kewpie jam I used for the Carrefour toast didn't help though.

favorite fish dish

I'd like to try the sole meunière served in the movie Tampopo.

favorite fish dish


Japanese BOSS canned coffee in America?

If anywhere, Torrance?

black burgers and other limited-edition and novelty items at fast-food establishments

What are the latest Pepsi/other sodas these days (in Tokyo)? I may be heading there in 1.5 months.

Oct 20, 2014
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Discontinued at Trader Joe's: July 2014-December 2014

Are the Trader Joe's version of Cracklin' Oat Bran still around? If I knew their name, I would have written it...

Oct 20, 2014
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Top "hidden" or under-visited food cities/regions

Dubai is for regional Indian food as Shenzhen is for China. It works. Deira is the appropriate neighborhood, IIRC.

Also, supermarkets in Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar are worth a peek.

Top "hidden" or under-visited food cities/regions

Food in the DPRK (North Korea) isn't so hidden: http://buildingmybento.com/2012/02/07...

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

I've never thought of HK as a solid choice for various mainland cuisines.

More and more tourists from China are coming to HK and along with their zest for queuing along Canton Rd. is a craving for Dongbei, mala and Shanghainese restaurants.

Though, with Shenzhen being China's first and most prominent special economic zone, millions of migrants moved to that city to find work, and to enjoy whatever they drank and ate back in their home provinces. Here, the atmosphere is more relaxed though perhaps equally convivial, night-time sidewalk bbq is available, there are plenty of neighborhoods wherein restaurants spill onto the street, and prices can certainly be lower.
Try finding food from Guizhou or Henan in Hong Kong.

Plus, you'll never see Uighurs biking qiegao around Hong Kong! (http://buildingmybento.com/2012/03/08...)

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

If you like baklava, BEY (Beirut's airport code) will surely serve you well.

Also, if you can find a butcher near Luna Park selling shawarma on the street, please let me know the name!...(lost cause, I know)

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

Yep, not wanting to get a visa just to go to Shenzhen is quite understandable...unless it's during a major convention and even the hostels are charging HK$900/night. But if you had a few days and the budget (for the visa anyhow), it's a great intro to food from throughout China.
(For those that don't know some Chinese, I'd recommend looking at the "Abbreviation/Symbol" column of http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/maps... when trying to decipher restaurant signs


You continue to bring up points about health and hygiene. It's completely rational; I'm not going to cavil, but I am also still kicking after all of these years of eating street food, random vacuum-sealed tendons, syrups and bones and who knows what else. There's no guarantee that a street vendor will be any more/less prudent/aware of soap than someone at a brick-and-mortar, but this isn't a new argument.

As for Hong Kong, what do you like to eat there? I really have never enjoyed anything at a 茶餐廳, but when I've gone out to eat dim sum with locals, I dig the tea and seafood-dishes. Otherwise, it's Causeway Bay (for Indonesian) or Chungking Mansions.


Top 10 Food Cities in the World

It's not a strong enough word.

Also, hot sauce? Nothing needed it.

However, at one particular shakshuka hole-in-the-wall, I found a pilastre in my meal. Guess the chef didn't realize that the restaurant and not the patrons usually get tips...

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

In Dhaka, I went right for the puchka and mishti! (Did you know that there was a Pyongyang restaurant on Ataturk Avenue?)

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

Check out Zeytinburnu the next time you are in Istanbul. Some Uyghurs have opened up a few restaurants in that 'hood.

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

For me, Hong Kong is monotonous and frankly disgusting. Whenever I'm there (not much these days), I head straight for Chungking Mansions and supermarkets in the vicinity. If I really wanted something Cantonese - extremely rare, but those "wants" would include steamed mud carp and a few dim out of the entire...sum - I head for Guangdong.

As for Cairo, it really could include Alexandria with an asterisk. Grilled eggplant, koshary and ful (http://buildingmybento.com/2014/09/09...), unlimited pita, shakshuka, and a glass of doom are some of the reasons why I'm a fan. Seriously though, ful wins me over every time.

Singapore is overrated, as are Malaysian cities. Which is to say, since I'm not really into Chaozhou/Hakka/Cantonese food, much of the scene is lost on me. If I'm with a friend/local, I'll partake, but by myself, it would be two glasses of teh tarik and an amalgam of Malay/Tamil.

Jakarta is to Indonesia what Shenzhen is to China- THE place to try regional cuisines. However, I will admit that eating Batak food right in front of a public bus depot is truly truly intoxicating.

Top 10 Food Cities in the World

Yep. For the variety, and the availability of diverse ingredients.

favorite fish dish

Why include bivalves? This is already too difficult...

In any event, I have plenty to choose from, but the first that came to mind was a trout (likely from Lake Titicaca) lasagna at a cozy Italian restaurant in Copacabana, Bolivia.

Top 10 Hong Kong restaurants for regional Chinese cuisine

Before I knew better, I liked Pasha ("Xinjiang"-influenced) at Causeway Bay. Pumpkin dumplings and little sesame bread pockets that you filled with carrots and lamb were the highlights.

It's closed now anyway, so reading about the suggestion in Kowloon city will help out for the next HK trip.


Top 10 Food Cities in the World

This is actually a top ten...no, eleven list that I could create (this time, in alphabetical order):

Bangkok (if only for its supermarkets/the Sukhumvit Soi 3 area)
Los Angeles
Mexico City
"S"omewhere in the RoK (not a fan of Seoul, but I'll be damned if I didn't add this country onto the list.)
"S"omewhere in South Asia (I'm leaning towards Lahore or Dhaka)


hamburger in Midtown?

I thought both Shake Shack and Burger Joint had disappointing burgers, but would certainly go back to Bareburger...at least for take-out.

Oct 13, 2014
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My Chinese supermarket items to get

Do you know if Lao Gan Ma is Hunanese?

I kick myself for not having stocked up on chili sauces that I only found in Changsha (the province capital of Hunan). Dang good stuff. When I went further south in the province, it wasn't on any shelves.

Does your city have an International District/Chinatown?

Is the de facto Chinatown still in Rockville?

Does your city have an International District/Chinatown?

My favorite part of a day-trip to Lowell was stopping by the Khmer Consulate (http://buildingmybento.com/2014/02/07...).

On a side note, if one knows about Lowell history, looking at where Trader Joe's reusable bags are made might be amusing.

Does your city have an International District/Chinatown?

Hasn't Little Tokyo become Koreatown #2?

Would the more contemporary choices be Torrance and (I forget where it is) Little Osaka?

Does your city have an International District/Chinatown?

I reckon there's nothing remotely Japanese about "Jade Palace," save for the fact that they probably serve sushi.

With a name like that...