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Tried Pollo - much better than the Hollywood Zankou! I say Zank-you for the heads up.

I like the smoke and seasoning, a touch on the salty side, but not enough to stop me from going back.

It's still a bit over done - white meat wasn't as dry as Zankou, but it was dry.


That was the offending venue.


The one on Sepulveda and the one in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

The latter was the offender that inspired me to post.

now that it's back, where are the best foie gras dishes?

I had a very nice foie gras at The Brentwood, accompanied with a glass of Beringer Nightingale. Delicious.


jonathan gold offically gives up his anonymity and publishes his pic

That's what I thought. I guess it's official now. I think he applied for and has been approve for revocation of his International Anonymity Credentials. Or something...


Maybe they used to be good, but the past few times it just sucked. The white meat was WAY overdone - grainy and dry. Heimlich dry. Dark meat was merely overcooked.

So...no more for me. Given up on them.

Who does a decent roast chicken? West side and east Hollywood?

truffles / capo santa monica

I had a similar experience at Capo with black truffles (and corn ravioli). They had an odd "chemical" taste. Server took it back and returned with more of the sweet corn ravioli with the same weird, chemical-ly taste.

Don't think it was a truffle oil issue. But it was definitely off.

Was wondering if it was those Oregon truffles?

They took it off the bill.

Republique Dinner Review-L.A.

Wines, foie, truffles. About right. Not a bargain, but not out of the ballpark of sensibility.

CA Foie Gras Import Ban-Struck Down by Court

Wilson was appointed by Reagan too.

Foie Gras - Persimmon Tostada @ Tacos Puntas Cabras

Perissmon and foie - nice combo - and something I used to a cook-off (where Persimmon was the crucial ingrediant)

Let's face it - using foie gras and anything sweet is almost like cheating.

I won BTW.

CA Foie Gras Import Ban-Struck Down by Court

It's interesting that Alex Kozinski (Chief judge of the 9th Circuit) wrote the opinion defending the ban. He's kind of a Libertarian and you'd think he'd lean more towards individual rights, but in this case (his decision anyway) it was more a state's rights issue.

Trip Report (short)

I'm a fan, but it really depends on what you order.

If you had to pick 3 of the 5 which would you choose?

My choices too.

Beef Tenderloin from Costco

I love those big hunks of meat. So easy to prep and cook - and looks impressive coming out of the over.

I also use their boneless rib eye roasts.

Dec 29, 2014
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Dim Sum on the Westside

The Palace Seafood & Dim Sum on Wilshire. Decent. Methadone for your dim sum habit.

Tasting menu

That was my impression of Robuchon last time I went. Loved that bread cart though. And stupid-expensive. Felt abusive. Exploitational. At that price every dish has to be a home run (or a Grand Slam - and not the Denny's kind).

(For the record - I feel Urasawa is also too expensive, but it doesn't feel abusive.)

Tasting menu

It's the photos? Shouldn't you judge a restaurant by the food?

Heavy french? Hm. I don't think I've been to that restaurant. With the exception of the egg caviar, I wouldn't say it's traditionally rich - as in cream and butter. Especially if you ask for a pescetarian menu.

Tasting menu

Melisse, Providence, n/naka are my favs. Possibly in that order, but really, it makes no sense to try judge one of these over the other. They're all great. I tend to have more fun at Melisse and Providence, n/naka is actually less formal, but feels more formal, quieter, serene.

I should give Maude another try - but the focus on one ingredient seems like an Iron Chef gimmick. I like variety.

Belcampo Meat Company in Santa Monica

Anybody know what happened to this? They opened briefly, then shut down and were supposed to open in the fall (or so I read), but the phone number isn't working. What's up with that? Anyone know?

Why does Sushi Kimagure not get much love here?

If you can give me more details besides "something about it is just not as satisfying" and I'd be more inclined to give it a try.

Is it cheaper? How's the fish?!

Is there a single good Thai place in Santa Monica or Venice?

By the way - my experience with Thai restaurants is that one particular dish may be great at one particular restaurant, but the rest is merely okay. For instance - the BBQ pork at Spicy BBQ is great, but their Tom Ka Gai soup is only good. (with a VERY good in the middle). There have been places where nothing is great, nothing really stands out, but everything is good. Would be handy to list the top 10 Thai dishes - and compare them. And then another Top 10 of fairly unique, stand-out dishes (like Spicy BBQ's BBQ pork).

LA's Oldest Still-Thriving Restaurants

Ate at Tom Bergin's Friday night. Not a restaurant destination by any stretch, but I meet friends there once a month - and if I'm famished - -nothing like a plate of corned beef (done right) to hit the spot. (quite tender).

Santa Monica Openings

Apparently they are no longer open for lunch. Heads up on that.

Is there a single good Thai place in Santa Monica or Venice?

Bangkok Thai West. Their Tom Kha Gai soup is pretty stuff. A bit richer and more luxurious that what I've had in Thai Town's best.

But that's my reference standard. Don't know much about their other offerings.

It's also the prettiest, most formal-looking Thai restaurant I've ever been to in L.A.

Santa Monica Openings

I was starving a few months back (or shortly after they'd opened - maybe a month ago?) and saw Takuma and gave it a whirl. The chef/owner I believe was the only person there. I was the only one in the restaurant. I can't say the menu was unique and exotic, but everything I had was good - and the chef was very charming and amiable. I've been meaning to go back. Thanks for the reminder. Now I'm hungry for that spicy tuna with rice cracker.

LA's Oldest Still-Thriving Restaurants

Tam O' Shanter (1922). Went there for the first time last week - sat at the bar and had Lawry's (the owners) style prime rib, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes. It was fine.

Ipsedixit Was Right--Visit To New Port Seafood Beverly Hills

I could argue (comfortably) that it's the cultural center of the known universe.

Ipsedixit Was Right--Visit To New Port Seafood Beverly Hills

is there some hidden irony here? They're smack dab in the middle of SGV. Please explain!

Ipsedixit Was Right--Visit To New Port Seafood Beverly Hills

I went last week for lunch. Business was slow, about 15% capacity.

One thing they could do to bump business is change their website's lunch offerings. It's limited and not all that exciting.

But once you sit down - they give you an additional menu - the dinner menu. So in reality, you get both menus. And that dinner menu is pretty great. We had a great meal (loved the crab, hate the mess). I can see putting New Port Seafood on a monthly rotation.

Live Lobster Prices - Old topic, but a new year.

I have no current experience, but 99 Ranch, LAX-C and Shun Phat were the cheapest. Usually under $10/lb. Call and find out. And please post back here.