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What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Langer's doesn't make their pastrami. RC Provisions does.


about 6 hours ago
foodiemahoodie in Los Angeles Area

Bel Campo

How they should have looked.

Bel Campo

I'm no fan of grass-fed beef.

But I've been twice and the French fries were very, very good. And I'm a French fry snob. I would easily put them in the Top Ten French fries in L.A.

But I didn't have the same meal you did. What was wrong with fries?

Mori...not the same for everyone

It's possible that the other diners requested something specific. More appetizers, less nigiri, or more nigiri, less apps. Or no apps.

And possible they run out of stuff.

Next time - I'll just ask.

Does this look like a paella?

Paella soup!

Mori...not the same for everyone

I've been to Mori more times than I can count. But there was a time I went and took a friend for omakase - who'd never had that kind of sushi experience before, but I notice other people were getting things we were not. Which I thought was strange. And kinda pissed me off. He loved it, but I thought it was odd.

But that one experience kinda chilled me for a while. I've been back since - many times.

I forgot about it until this post.

Best grilled cheese?


ALERT: Chef Change at smoke.oil.salt

Will be the same menu.

My Two Cents on Pico

Actually there was a place on Pico in BH; The Ritz Cafe. (I think Delmonico's was the last restaurant to inhabit that space).

My Two Cents on Pico

Pre-cooked lobster meat

Santa Monica Seafood has it in their deli section. Not sure if that
hits the limit or not.

Also, Bristol Farms has it too.

Now that Mr. Taster™ is gone, can we please discuss Gjusta?

My favorite thing there is a fish platter - you can pick out a variety of different offerings from the deli case. It's pricey ($40 ish?) - but big enough to split. Get a bagel and cream cheese and you'll be in deli Heaven. (I tried all manners of cured salmon on in the bottom of the case). Or skip the bread altogether and go low carb. (but they do have great breads - that won't be easy!)

But there's a lot of interesting-looking food coming out of this place.

Now that Mr. Taster™ is gone, can we please discuss Gjusta?

Tried it - very good.

Sushi Omakase Journey Take Two

Takao in Brentwood is often overlooked. It's where Mori and Niki (n/naka) got their starts.

I had a very satisfying last-minute omakase a few months back.

Now that Mr. Taster™ is gone, can we please discuss Gjusta?

This is one fun restaurant. Quirky location. For me? I mean, really odd location. I've had considerable personal history at this address - I was engaged to someone who lived there and i was there pretty much every night for a year. So going in there and realizing the bed was over there, the Japanese-style soaking tub around the beverage station. All manners of drama there! In fact I was mugged at gun point in the alley behind the place.

Best Desserts in LA?

Sticky toffee pudding at Birch. (I think they have it at Butcher's Dog on Sawtelle - same chef).

Best Desserts in LA?

Yes, it's terrific.

Desert for July 4th Party?

That was my thought.

Best omakase under $50

Lunch or dinner?

I think Kiriko has a lunch omakase for around that.



L.A. Weekly Top 10 Sushi Restaurants

Pretty much agree on all points.

What's the most unique and upscale Iranian/Persian food in LA?

I've to Flame International a few times. Mixed experience. Unbelievably tender lamb chops the first time with middle eastern spices. I prefer my euro-style, but it was very good.

The last time I got a steak. Ordered it medium rare and it was served well-done. Sent it back and it was well-done again. I was pressed for time and getting annoyed (medium rare would take less time after all than two well-done steaks). I get the owner over and politely tell him I know a thing or two about cooking. He insists that their extra hot oven is the culprit. (700 degrees?) I tell him just take it out earlier. Third time it comes out - medium this time (hint of pink). They comped me (I've been in a dozen times - they kinda knew me a regular), but this was annoying. It was like there was a child cooking in the kitchen.

I haven't been back - that was last summer. Maybe there's someone new in the kitchen.

There is a decent lunch buffer on - I think it's Thursdays.

Also, I love the ambience of the place - affluent and very friendly Persians abound. Pretty women of all ages all done up. It feels like I stepped into an Iranian wedding or something.

Date night restaurant?

No. Sorry, I was having computer problems in posting on CH - just wouldn't take and I thought this was the other request for a date-appropriate restaurant. (which was on the west side).


Though I've only given Maude one try, but I have to agree. Besides your point about social desirability (which is compounded if not directly inspired by the fact he's a "celebrity" chef), it takes it cue from Iron Chef (single ingredient). I don't get why this is a good idea. (as a competition it makes sense, but for a lovely, decadent meal? It's like going to a swinger party and bonking your wife 5 times)

My date felt the same way after the meal. It just didn't overwhelm. Not one dish.

Italians do meals with one animal - and you get different parts of the animal prepared different ways. I like that, but as a restaurant EVERY night? I don't get why this is a good idea.

Date spot - west LA?

Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge.

Oodles of cool, definitely cozy if you get a booth, and dimly-lit. Makes you look 10 years younger.

Has a rat-pack feel.

Perfect date place in my opinion.

Most underrated LA restaurants

If that's what he means, I agree.

Date night restaurant?

Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge.

Oodles of cool, cozy (get a booth), dimly-lit to make you look 10 years younger. Great martinis.

Kind of a rat-pack feel to it.

Food is very good too. (Bruce Marder/Marvin Zeidler/Richard Drapkin/Steve Wallace joint venture - if you know L.A. Food - you these guys).

LA Weekly's 99 essential restaurants released today...what did they miss?

Keep in mind this is last year's list. Which effectively makes this thread "vintage".

How One Acclaimed Restaurant Went From Critical Darling to Almost Broke in Just a Couple of Years

Price wanted to help. And wanted to be compensated for his help. That isn't help. That's a service which implies a business relationship.

But he called it help. When you help someone you do it out of kindness, not for some kind of reward. It sounds like he helped and was then spurned. Resorting to litigation sounds a bit, well, litigious to me. If their financial situation is as they describe and he knew this, then he knows there's nothing there. So why do it?

Is he just trying to shut them down? Is it just a legal pissing contest that he knows he can win?

Then again, if they're hiding assets (a pile of cash somewhere) then this plea for help might just be a ruse to give the impression they're broke and that he's trying to get blood from a turnip. And he probably knows this - and is only way to get at what he think is his fair share- it to sue them and hope to settle out of court.

Hard to believe a shit-can location like that could cost much, no investors to pay and tons of business - and they're broke. (possible - since their lease was renegotiated - they may have foolishly paid over top dollar. Can they be that naive? Possible.) Their food costs may be high (fine dining chefs want the best), but the portions were tiny. So unless they were paying their staff way over standard practice, I suspect there's more (cash) to the story.

How One Acclaimed Restaurant Went From Critical Darling to Almost Broke in Just a Couple of Years

I thought I might know the guy and find out.

He says there was an oral contract. I know the one of the partners from the plaintiff's firm - Patty Glaser specifically - who went after Kim Basinger for dropping out of a movie (Boxing Helena) after establishing an oral contract. But there was SO much evidence in that case - actual contracts went back and forth, were marked up, etc. But not signed. Still, that implied an oral contact had to have been made. Also helped when Charlton Heston the president of SAG should up and said about 50% of all his movies didn't have signed contracts. I was in that courtroom when Basinger's agent was asked if your word is important in Hollywood. He said "Your work is everything. You are you word." And then when he was asked "Do you believe your word to be legally binding?" He said "No." Well...there yah go!

It doesn't appear (so far) that there was any kind of contracts here - marked-up or otherwise.

How One Acclaimed Restaurant Went From Critical Darling to Almost Broke in Just a Couple of Years

That sucks. Anybody have any idea who brought the nearly-crippling lawsuit? Who's the rich, Hollywood-connected guy?