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Kevin - ever been to Angelini Osteria?

about 9 hours ago
foodiemahoodie in Los Angeles Area


September is always the hottest month in L.A. October starts hot and ends cool. In case anyone cares.

about 9 hours ago
foodiemahoodie in Los Angeles Area

Dan Tana's 50th Anniversary

Hey, I wonder if Dan will be there! He doesn't own it anymore. Hasn't in years.

Favorite foodie restaurant- 1 night

J.L.! You recommended n/naka - isn't that more expensive than Yamakase?

And you can bring your own booze in with Yamakase - so I think it might end up less pricey than n/naka.

(FWIW- if I had my druthers, for all the places mentioned here - n/naka is way in the lead).

Favorite foodie restaurant- 1 night

There are plenty of restaurants to suggest. Near you would be Waterloo & City and the A frame (I prefer Waterloo myself). Not far from you is Yamakase a "private restaurant" (check the website, it's easy to get in - Omakase-style). Heading Venice way will take you to Gjelina and the Tasting Kitchen.

A little north is Barnyard, and in "old Venice" - a few miles north to Santa Monica and you have Rustic Canyon, Tar & Roses

West L.A. has Shunji (or is that Santa Monica?) - Omakase-style. '

Farmshop in Brentwood.

Favorite foodie restaurant- 1 night

Tana's? A foodie restaurant?

Sunday brunch in West LA

Tavern is by far the best best place in that area.

Then Rockenwagner Cafe.

But if you're off toward Venice, I'd also recommend Hal's. Shutters and Catch also good. Cora's too.

High End Hotel Dining from LA to OC

1 Pico at Shutters in Santa Monica is a pretty serious restaurant. With a whitewater view.

Here's the website and menus.


Also Catch at Casa Del Mar


I've done tasting menus there and have always been surprisingly impressed. (not if they still have a tasting menu, but I'm sure they'd accomodate you.)

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

I have no issue with restaurateurs wanting to provide healthcare to their employees. Would be more noble if they actually paid for it. They're not. We're paying for it. And I have no problem with that either (and in fact I'm feeling noble about it!), but tacking it on the bill gives the artificial impression that the meal is cheaper than it is. I'd say the $135 tasting menu should just go to $140.

Or maybe it should be $50, and then add on the cooking surcharge, serving surcharge, bussing surcharge, bread surcharge, dishwashing surcharge, flowers, electricity, etc.

It's like what you get at a hotel pisses me off too - it's never the price you think it is.

Not a big issue with me. Just like to streamline things.

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

Agree. Just raise it. Are they trying to make a point? If they are it's obnoxious. It appears to be saying "Look, you're gonna pay for this, not us, so we want you to know where you stand on this issue. You were for it? Now you're gonna pay for it." I say just raise it. And then the employee will see tips based on that raise - and make 20% on top of the bump. They make more money and get healthcare.

I will expect 3% better service!

Marina del Rey recommendations please

Venice has lots to offer in restaurants. On Abbott Kinney.

Gjelina is a fav on this board.

Tasting Kitchen too - more upscale than Gjelina, pricier and slightly more formal.

Hal's - food is good, not great, but sometimes will surprise you - most interesting, eclectic group can be found there at different times.

Joe's - used to have a Michelin star. Probably the best value in fine dining in the city.

Feed - stay away, far away.

Salt Air, 3 Square, Axe (healthy stuff, not as bad as that might sound). Primitivo Wine Bistro and many others. But I think that's the best of the street. I know I'm missing something - could someone refresh my memory?

Decent late night dining in the LAX area?

Tasting Kitchen on Abbott Kinney is opened pretty late. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica or downtown is a passable, pricey steak joint that's opened 24 hours.

No, it's not the airport area, but at that time in a cab, Abbott Kinney is about 12-15 minutes away.

Anyone that has tried n/naka able to offer suggestions?

Looks like one beautiful bunch of ugly!

Anyone that has tried n/naka able to offer suggestions?

Melisse. And I love n/naka. Melisse will feel a little more special, a little more formal. More of a production. Plus you can get a lot of interesting wine pairings (n/naka used to do mostly wine and some sake, now it's more sake than wine), and great breads. A full featured presentation. And the food is sublime.

And you can't go wrong with Providence either.

BTW - if either of you are pescetarians - Melisse has no problems accommodating that. And they can (as well as Providence) do a bang-up vegetarian menu.

Dinner Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay

They're both terrific. And both a little too aggressive on pricing.

I ask myself - do I enjoy my meal at n/naka more than Urasawa? Or Mori? No. So I go to n/naka. (and yeah, I know it's different, but if I'm craving something Japanese and formal, that's my go to place).

Marina del Rey recommendations please

Locanda Positano.

Nearby Venice has lots of interesting choices. On Abbott Kinney alone.

Where to "wow" a visitor with "do NOT miss this place" recommendations


I'd say n/naka, but there's raw fish involved there, so skip it.

Yakitori Bincho - Closed

Great idea!

24/7 Restaurant at the Standard WeHo

Always a fun crowd, food is not bad.

Dinner Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine: A Pictorial Essay

I haven't done this in over a year. How long does the Shunji omakase take? Trying to co-ordinate this with another event that night.

Hitt up the Palm before it movies, i haven't even been yet myself.

The Palm is my favorite place for prime rib. I think it's the best in the city.

Help!! N/Naka or Zo

Because...you'd be going solo?

Help!! N/Naka or Zo

Easy - n/naka. Much more impressive, overwhelming and downright delicious experience than Zo - which is simply excellent sushi and no more. I go to Zo when I just want to go to someplace other'n Mori. And I want it quickly. (you can be in and out of Zo in 30 minutes, sometimes less).

As others have said - it is in my top 3 restaurants in L.A. - Melisse, Providence and n/naka. Utterly delightful. An event.

Soho House West Hollywood

Soho House West Hollywood

Not anyone, they do screen people. There is an attempt to be somewhat exclusive.

Soho House West Hollywood

That sounds kinda silly to me - the place is very comfortable and the food - while not a destination for food - from my half dozen experiences - is quite serviceable. It ain't about the food, but the scene. Pricier if you're older - the idea, I am told, is to make it easier for younger members - otherwise it'd be too old-fart heavy.

Fine Kosher Dining in LA?

I have not tried the place, but the menu looks more interesting than Pat's. A kosher steakhouse, but the bar menu look interesting as well as some other items. I have a friend who keeps kosher - I'll try this place next time he's in town.


WSJ on Niki Nakayama of n/naka


WSJ on Niki Nakayama of n/naka

Not your fault at all. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it. It's a great restaurant, a great chef and I'm glad she's getting the attention she deserves. It means this restaurant will be around for a while for us all to enjoy. And let's face, there's always a weenie or two on C.H. There are no weenie filters.

WSJ on Niki Nakayama of n/naka

Tony C - I have a hard time believing you actually tasted that food and were not impressed.