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Saint Martha

If you fought traffic to get here expecting Melisse, Providence or n/naka, you'd be sorely disappointed. It isn't that. But I stand comfortably by my original comments; neighborhood gem.

But "so far below Bazaar, Alma and Ink" - are those your top 3 for fine dining? Or...?

Saint Martha

I missed this post, but discovered Saint Martha's last night A little gem in Koreatown. Straight up Contemporary cuisine, or Modern American. Creative, interesting and tasty. Place is a hit I'm going back soon. Possibly tonight.

Kind of a fine dining hole in the wall - hole in the way that is, from the outside it is unassuming and not remotely consistent with the neighborhood. No windows, in a strip mall, suggest an interior that is dark, cocktails-only with ample naughahyde. But once inside it is stylish and upscale.

Small restaurant - the vibe seemed young and sophisticated. Interesting restaurant has a lock on this kind of food and dining in this neighborhood.

Love their selection of music.

Molecular/ Modern Cuisine in LA or Malibu

Marcel Vigneron was a finalist on Top Chef and was heavy into that style of cooking. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen of Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas (the fine dining venue). Was also executive chef at Bazaar.

He also had a cooking chef that was focused on molecular gastronomy.

He's available as a chef.


West L.A. Dim Sum

Loved, loved, loved this place. Note the post is 15 years old and no one seemed to care. Hence it's untimely demise.

New School Kitchen Brings Dim Sum To The Sawtelle Corridor (Well Sort Of)

How would you compare it to The Palace?

What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Got to agree here with ipse - went to Din Tai Fung tonight and on the way home I'm thinking - how is that place great and Palace Dim Sum sucks? If there is a difference, it was pretty subtle.

Park's - didn't get all. And some people rave it's one of the best restaurants in L.A. The novelty of cooking your own food is lost on me. What next? Bus your own table?

Do like Langer's though everything else there is pedestrian at best. I gotta say, when I want pastrami - I go there.

Shunji - fine, just nothing there that triggers that mega-delicious button.

And so on...

Planning an eating trip, need some input (Japanese, Korean, fine dining, Taiwanese, regional Chinese, Vietnamese, coffee, raw oysters etc)

Animal and Son of a Gun are not fine dining restaurants. Amongst your choices I would put Melisse and n/naka at the top of the list (with Providence) and remove Hinoki and the Bird (which has food that is intellectually-intriguing, but unfortunately not a lip-smacker in the bunch.)

I find Maude to be as good as the ingredient they're focusing on, but to me that's a weird, limiting gimmick.

Grand Central is more about atmosphere (which is great) than food. That said there's a very good pastrami sandwich to be had there.

Feb 21, 2015
foodiemahoodie in Los Angeles Area

One day and night in Santa Monica - Where to eat?

It would definitely be Melisse. A lavish and decadent culinary extravaganza. Which is not cheap. 2 Michelin stars.

Where to eat INSIDE LAX


Here's a list of everything. Some interesting choices indeed.


What to order "to go" from Jitlada for Oscars?

I had a New Year's Eve party and decided to "cater" it with to go food from the better Thai restaurants in Thai town. I bought 10 orders of Cry Tiger Beef - and was very disappointed at the tiny portion size.

It was about the size of two orders of the BBQ pork from Spicy BBQ restaurant.

So I'd say if you wanted Crying Tiger Beef, be prepared to order a lot.

Highly recommended the BBQ pork from Spicy BBQ Restaurant. Travels well too.

Authentic Sichuan--In Westwood Village?

"Of course, that still leaves the question of whether a restaurant serving mediocre Americanized Chinese food can do a good job of authentic dishes."

Did you try it?

Is there anywhere to have a nice dinner in downtown LA?


Status Kuo: A Pictorial Essay

I went last week with the express intention of trying their chicken. But they were out.

I had something else which was good, but not what I was craving. On the way out I saw someone being served fried chicken. It looked about as good as fried chicken could look (dark golden brown and crispy). And I've been craving friend chicken ever since.

Matzo Ball Soup Challenge

This is an old post - but nevertheless I will vouch that Jerry's had good to very good chicken soup at one time. And a good matzo ball.

Then, something happened. A rapid downhill slide. It seemed like Lipton Instant Chicken Broth. Even the broth in the packets that come in those dirt-cheap ramen packs was tastier than the last incarnation of Jerry's chicken soup.

Matzo Ball Soup Challenge

I hate to strongly disagree, but when it comes to Izzy's having good chicken soup, I gotta strongly disagree. This deli is pretty bad across the board (they used to have a pretty good patty melt and French fries, but last time I tried that - it had slipped dramatically).

Lenny's chicken soup (with matzo ball), is good. On that we agree.

I would add Greenblatt's to that list. And of course Brent's.

There's gotta be someplace on Pico with a worthy chicken soup. Gotta be.


Tried Pollo - much better than the Hollywood Zankou! I say Zank-you for the heads up.

I like the smoke and seasoning, a touch on the salty side, but not enough to stop me from going back.

It's still a bit over done - white meat wasn't as dry as Zankou, but it was dry.


That was the offending venue.


The one on Sepulveda and the one in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

The latter was the offender that inspired me to post.

now that it's back, where are the best foie gras dishes?

I had a very nice foie gras at The Brentwood, accompanied with a glass of Beringer Nightingale. Delicious.


jonathan gold offically gives up his anonymity and publishes his pic

That's what I thought. I guess it's official now. I think he applied for and has been approve for revocation of his International Anonymity Credentials. Or something...


Maybe they used to be good, but the past few times it just sucked. The white meat was WAY overdone - grainy and dry. Heimlich dry. Dark meat was merely overcooked.

So...no more for me. Given up on them.

Who does a decent roast chicken? West side and east Hollywood?

truffles / capo santa monica

I had a similar experience at Capo with black truffles (and corn ravioli). They had an odd "chemical" taste. Server took it back and returned with more of the sweet corn ravioli with the same weird, chemical-ly taste.

Don't think it was a truffle oil issue. But it was definitely off.

Was wondering if it was those Oregon truffles?

They took it off the bill.

Republique Dinner Review-L.A.

Wines, foie, truffles. About right. Not a bargain, but not out of the ballpark of sensibility.

CA Foie Gras Import Ban-Struck Down by Court

Wilson was appointed by Reagan too.

Foie Gras - Persimmon Tostada @ Tacos Puntas Cabras

Perissmon and foie - nice combo - and something I used to a cook-off (where Persimmon was the crucial ingrediant)

Let's face it - using foie gras and anything sweet is almost like cheating.

I won BTW.

CA Foie Gras Import Ban-Struck Down by Court

It's interesting that Alex Kozinski (Chief judge of the 9th Circuit) wrote the opinion defending the ban. He's kind of a Libertarian and you'd think he'd lean more towards individual rights, but in this case (his decision anyway) it was more a state's rights issue.

Trip Report (short)

I'm a fan, but it really depends on what you order.

If you had to pick 3 of the 5 which would you choose?

My choices too.

Beef Tenderloin from Costco

I love those big hunks of meat. So easy to prep and cook - and looks impressive coming out of the over.

I also use their boneless rib eye roasts.

Dec 29, 2014
foodiemahoodie in Chains

Dim Sum on the Westside

The Palace Seafood & Dim Sum on Wilshire. Decent. Methadone for your dim sum habit.