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Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

I haven't tried them all. But if you're doing a comparo - consider The Daily Grill's pot pie. It's a hangover favorite for me.

Connie and Teds

I've been there probably a dozen times - fries (and all the fried food) was perfect. LOVE their fries. And I hate limp fries.

Connie and Teds

Send it back! They need to know. They WANT to know.

Hipsters on Hillhurst

I went to Sqirl for the first time last week. Arrived at 11:30 which I thought would allow me to miss any lines.

I was wrong. It was packed and a line out the door. I was hungry and wanted to sit down. So after 30 seconds and I said fuck it and went to the sit-down restaurant across the way.

But I didn't notice the clientele - except that they were young. Is that what hipster means? Younger'n me?

Cupid's Hot Dogs MIA

That's correct.

Cupid's Hot Dogs MIA

The last time I tried the Cupid's from the Tarzana Car Wash - it wasn't right. Not the real deal. And they sell middle eastern food too. That's not the Cupid's I grew up with.

Interesting fact - worked at the Tarzana Car Wash in high school.


I valet-ed.

There's a lot on Selma, just east of Cahuenga.


This is Brendon Collins latest and greatest. I gave it a go and my first impressions was along the lines of "Animal Without the Wait".

In fact a couple dishes were very much like Animal - chicken liver mousse in a jar topped with port jam/jelly and some thick chunks of grilled bread was along the lines of Animals chicken liver toast - and every bit as good (maybe better). My date nearly licked the jar clean. And this is a proper southern lady. I will likely be getting this everytime I go. Maybe just get this as a snack with a drink.

The yellowtail with jalapenos, olive oil and I think Mandarin orange bits was like a crudo you'd get at Il Grano - and every bit as good. Light with clean, delicately-assertive flavors.

There was a squid ink pappardelle and lobster ragu - might have been my favorite of the evening.

A pork shank slowly cook in palm sugar with some flat bread and yogurt sauce (make your own gyro). But I was getting pretty full by then.

Very creative cooking and satisfying too.

Full bar.

This part of Cahuenga is turning into one trendy, happening little section of Hollywood.

Baltaire in Brentwood

1 1/2.

Baltaire in Brentwood

Had lunch today - my friend had the salmon, I had the loup de mer.

Both perfectly cooked, crispy exterior.

We started with a grilled artichoke appetizer. I liked it, but my friend (who is an artichoke snob) didn't think it was cooked properly. That is, not quite cooked enough. I didn't have a problem with it. Like the lemon-y mayo dip that went with it.

I would totally go back based mostly on the textbook perfectly cooked fish, and quality of the fish. Looking forward to some of their meatier fare.

Thai in LA - less spicy options for the kids?

Most Thai restaurants I go to will ask you how spicy you'd like it. Tell them "not spicy".

Dan Tanas - Still a Blast

I once had dinner there with Dan's daughter Gaby and her hubbie at the time. And we were in the back.

Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

Skip the lettuce wraps. The fried oysters in creamy curry sauce, with caviar - comes to mind.

But you're assertion that Mako was trying to capitalizes on the little-known or sushi joint still strikes me as pretty far-fetched.

Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

Mako was well-reviewed and well-regarded. It got caught in the "Great Recession" which took down a lot of restaurants. Gayot - whom I trust more than you - gave it 15/20 which is solid. (note they have no rating of the "infinitely" superior Mako Sushi, but the places you deem inferior are up there and rated highly).

You assessment of Asian fusion is a bit contradictory. It's all fusion and then you want to run when you see the word. Chinois was a good example of fusion and it's one of L.A's most venerable restaurants.

Your last paragraph is just an attack without reference - I'm thinking that this reads like there might be some kind of personal component in your rage.

Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

I don't understand your question. Can you ratchet up some sense to it? Then I'd be happy to respond.

I don't know why anyone could have an issue with that kind of food. It's fusion Maybe your version of fusion is something different. It ain't traditional, yah know.

Duck potstickers sound great. As does that scallop mushroom ravioli. (I'd probably try the meatballs too). Now I'm missing the place.

Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

If only that were true. Mako Sushi vs Mako?

To be honest I'd barely heard of Mako Sushi and I know this town pretty well. One of the best known? I apologize for my ignorance, but it doesn't come up on any sushi Nazi radar, or Top 10 list.

Also, the Mako of Mako on Beverly had a much more impressive culinary CV. Hard to say he was trying to capitalize off the enormous success of Mako Sushi. A place that doesn't seem to pop up as anybody's favorite, despite your insistence that it is "infinitely" (which is a lot!) better than Urasawa, or Shunji. Which, if your metrics are anywhere close to being "balls on accurate" - that would easily make Mako Sushi the best sushi restaurant in the world.

"Purposely confusing"...? I really doubt it. I wonder if he ever heard of the other restaurant.

Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

Name rip-off? That was the name of the chef. He was formerly executive chef of Spago's for 4 years, then executive chef at Chinois for 6 years. What the fuck does he know?!

Anybody tried Aestus in Santa Monica yet?

Tried it for lunch a few weeks ago. Would rather hit it a few times before any comments - but I'll be back.

Good place to have dinner by Geffen Playhouse?

Napa Valley Grill is pretty solid. More casual place is 800 Degrees Pizza - which is quite good.

Good place to have dinner by Geffen Playhouse?

Not exactly walking distance however.

Best French dinner in LA?

Melisse? Not traditional, classic French, but it would play comfortably in Paris where no one would mention California.

Love it.

Also consider Maison Giraud in the Palisades. More traditional. And don't forget Church & State downtown.

If money is no object and you want to be hit over the head with deliciousness - then by all means hit up Melisse. For for the grander of the two tasting menus. A memorable experience.

Saint Martha

If you fought traffic to get here expecting Melisse, Providence or n/naka, you'd be sorely disappointed. It isn't that. But I stand comfortably by my original comments; neighborhood gem.

But "so far below Bazaar, Alma and Ink" - are those your top 3 for fine dining? Or...?

Saint Martha

I missed this post, but discovered Saint Martha's last night A little gem in Koreatown. Straight up Contemporary cuisine, or Modern American. Creative, interesting and tasty. Place is a hit I'm going back soon. Possibly tonight.

Kind of a fine dining hole in the wall - hole in the way that is, from the outside it is unassuming and not remotely consistent with the neighborhood. No windows, in a strip mall, suggest an interior that is dark, cocktails-only with ample naughahyde. But once inside it is stylish and upscale.

Small restaurant - the vibe seemed young and sophisticated. Interesting restaurant has a lock on this kind of food and dining in this neighborhood.

Love their selection of music.

Molecular/ Modern Cuisine in LA or Malibu

Marcel Vigneron was a finalist on Top Chef and was heavy into that style of cooking. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen of Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas (the fine dining venue). Was also executive chef at Bazaar.

He also had a cooking chef that was focused on molecular gastronomy.

He's available as a chef.


West L.A. Dim Sum

Loved, loved, loved this place. Note the post is 15 years old and no one seemed to care. Hence it's untimely demise.

New School Kitchen Brings Dim Sum To The Sawtelle Corridor (Well Sort Of)

How would you compare it to The Palace?

What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Got to agree here with ipse - went to Din Tai Fung tonight and on the way home I'm thinking - how is that place great and Palace Dim Sum sucks? If there is a difference, it was pretty subtle.

Park's - didn't get all. And some people rave it's one of the best restaurants in L.A. The novelty of cooking your own food is lost on me. What next? Bus your own table?

Do like Langer's though everything else there is pedestrian at best. I gotta say, when I want pastrami - I go there.

Shunji - fine, just nothing there that triggers that mega-delicious button.

And so on...

Planning an eating trip, need some input (Japanese, Korean, fine dining, Taiwanese, regional Chinese, Vietnamese, coffee, raw oysters etc)

Animal and Son of a Gun are not fine dining restaurants. Amongst your choices I would put Melisse and n/naka at the top of the list (with Providence) and remove Hinoki and the Bird (which has food that is intellectually-intriguing, but unfortunately not a lip-smacker in the bunch.)

I find Maude to be as good as the ingredient they're focusing on, but to me that's a weird, limiting gimmick.

Grand Central is more about atmosphere (which is great) than food. That said there's a very good pastrami sandwich to be had there.

Feb 21, 2015
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One day and night in Santa Monica - Where to eat?

It would definitely be Melisse. A lavish and decadent culinary extravaganza. Which is not cheap. 2 Michelin stars.

Where to eat INSIDE LAX


Here's a list of everything. Some interesting choices indeed.