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Arnold Palmer

Wow. People get pissed off really easily these days.

Jul 01, 2008
petitgourmet in Recipes

Trying to find canned snails

Anyone know a good place to get canned snails for escargot in Oakland?

More good news for the 'overweight'?

That's good to know! :) I must have done something wrong. Thanks jfood!

More good news for the 'overweight'?

I agree with Ruth. I think the BMI indexes are a scam. I got curious and did mine online recently at the American Medical Association site. I am five feet three inches tall and a 130 lbs. I have always been sort of a muscular girl. The online BMI said that I was on the borderline between overweight and obese! WTF! That can not be true.


Silly question....but anyone know where to get a print of that great Moktoberfest bird with the crown on his head?

Oct 23, 2007
petitgourmet in Features