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Full Moon Trattoria order in. Underwhelmed

Amen to Frank's. Reliable, and good and lots of choices.

Nicky's Pizzeria in White Plains

Try 3 Guys from Italy or 5 Boys from Staten Island (can never remember the exact name) down by Wells Fargo.

Is Nessa in Port Chester still good?

Went to Nessa about 10 days ago and had an absolutely wonderful meal of small plates. I had read a lot of complaints about the service but they were really quite attentive with good attitudes. If anything, too solicitous-- asked me if I wanted a drink 4 or 5 times. But other than that, the food was beyond our expectations. Can't remember exactly what we had at this point but do remember the bruschetta (with figs), a salad with pear, chorizo over risotto (and lobster), pasta bolognese and the most awesome banana pudding for dessert.

You should know, the place is very dark (and hence seems to be a big date place). Also, it looks as if they have some interesting events at the place from time to time and even serve Sunday brunch.

Japanese Sandwiches? [Westchester]

Love Love Love Daido. Whether to get a frozen bag of gyoza or the $7 lunch special at the sushi counter, restock my Asian sauce supply or feed my mochi fix, there is always something there I want. Note, the mochi was cheaper @ Daido than Kam Sen. Wonder what else is too?

In White Plains...

Re the Eclisse spot...what makes someone think that yet another Italian place at that location (or in WP altogether) would be successful? How hard is it to figure out that the masses in Westchester are dying for a VIETNAMESE place? Be the first! Be the only! Make it good and the throngs will come!

Rant over.

Pecan Pie Westchester?

Grandma's has been disappointing as of late-- quality issues IMHO.
I second Galloways though.
And have been feeling a lot of love lately for the Neri's bakery outlet, recently redone, in Port Chester.

Small Birthday Dinner - Westchester County

Emilio's in Harrison has a separate room
Ruby's in Rye has a room upstairs

Aberdeen, White Plains

Not a fan of Imperial Wok after a bad experience many years back, on which I'd rather not elaborate. It does sound like things may have changed there, but I am still spooked.

I did pick up Aberdeen's banquet menus this weekend although they do change them after Chinese New Year. It looks reasonable and as if it will be a crowd pleaser. I checked out the spaces and they would work. They charge an $8 / bottle corkage fee if you BYOB.

I always thought that Central Seafood was inferior to Aberdeen. What would their big party space look like, anyone know? Jade Palace (Garden?) also on Central is not even a contender any more, alas.

The only other place I can think of that may work is the Chinese place is Armonk-- is it David's? Anyone know about large parties there?

Aberdeen, White Plains

ltlevy: What was the seating situation at the banquets there? I realize they don't have a private room, but was it a decent set up or were people crammed in a corner? Also, did you serve alcohol at the banquet? Would be nice to be able to avoid that. Any suggestions on pp price range?

vinouspleasure: I have had their "other" foods there, such as fish from the tank, casseroles, etc. It was good, not mind boggling. I think for my needs for a banquet, most of my guests will be of the non-CH variety (what I call a "beef & broccoli" crowd). Aberdeen, depending on price, will probably fit the bill based on my past experiences there and the convenient location.

Aberdeen, White Plains

Has anyone ever done one of the banquet menus for large parties @ Aberdeen? Was thinking about doing just that for an adult b-day party.

good special occasion restaurant in Westchester

Peniche @ 42, the tapas place on top of the Ritz Carlton in WP is nice too.

Spice Markets in Westchester/Tri State Area

Love the big ol' bottle of vanilla from Costco. Lasts forever and if I recall, cost less than $5. I like the flavor, too.

Spice Markets in Westchester/Tri State Area

Penzey's also has a location in Norwalk, CT and an online presence.

Yaranoush is a great resource for bulk spices, good prices.

Bellota for Tapas at 42 in White Plains

Anyone been to Bellota lately?

I went to make a reservation online but the link takes me to OpenTable and the restaurant is listed as 42, which in my mind, is the "other" restaurant. Will have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Fun restaurant with great food in Westchester?

Zitouine (Moroccan) in Mamaroneck
Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont I believe has live music some nights
Kang Suh- Korean BBQ in Yonkers (cook it yourself!)
Eclisse Mediterranian in WP
I second Modern Barn-- great dining experience & environment

Kang Suh
2375 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710

Mediterranian Restaurant
923 South St, Peekskill, NY 10566

Season's in White Plains - Brunch?

Finally got to the Sunday $15.95 all-you-can-each brunch. It is not a buffet, you are handed a menu and make your selections. There are about 10 appetizers, including various gyoza, shumai, salads, fried oysters, tempura chicken or veggies, and more.

The sushi selection were rolls, but you had about 2 dozen to choose from including dragon roll (mixed spicy fish) and fantastic roll (mixed fish but not spicy). I didn't see it on the menu but asked for a white tuna roll and they were happy to bring it. Entree selections also included other salads and 2 tofu dishes. I may be getting the appetizers & entree selections mixed up, but you basically just tell them what you want and it is brought with relative speed.

Service was very attentive, and they get a nice, seemingly loyal crowd. I have never had a problem with Season's sushi, I don't expect it to be a meal like one at Sushi Nanase, but I am never disappointed. I think it was good value for the money, and a good variety, fresh and tasty.

You also get unlimited beverages, and service starts at 12:30.

Seasons Japanese Bistro
105 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Season's in White Plains - Brunch?

Anyone try brunch @ Season's Japanese Bistro in White Plains and is willing to give an assessment?

Seasons Japanese Bistro
105 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Quiet restaurant sought in White Plains area

When I want to dine somewhere quiet, it's usually the lounge @ the Ritz Carlton.
They also might like City Limits.

Dinner rec for New Rochelle

Cienega just ran a Groupon of which around 300 were sold, so it will probably be difficult to get a Sat. evening reservation there over the next few months.

Penzey's Palisades Mall W. Nyack Has Opened!

Sad about the closing in GCT. Forgot to mention I also use the fajita spice blend, it's perfect.

Penzey's Palisades Mall W. Nyack Has Opened!

Barbgail, if they don't have, try the King Arthur catalog, those guys have everything, as well as Bob's Red Mill (online)

Menton, they also have a store in Norwalk, CT.

I go to Penzey's when I visit relatives in Portland, OR, and it is in a strip mall. And my relatives always save the "buy one get one free" coupon for me that they run locally, it's like being a kid in a candy store.

Penzey's Palisades Mall W. Nyack Has Opened!

I love "pasta blend", throw it on anything Italian I cook.
Love "old word blend", sort of a seasoned salt, better than Lawry's!
I have "bangkok blend" b/c it smells so wonderful, used a few times on stir frys.
"Baking blend" is great for anything I bake up with pumpkin.
Also have some of their basics such as dill, bay leaves and others.
You can buy small sizes of their spice blends, see whether you like it, then go back for the bigger size.
Love this place, it is a gem. Also one in GCT in the marketplace.

Best Salad Pizza in lower Westchester?

Had a pseudo-salad pizza @ Serafina's in White Plains. Crispy crust with 3 different cheeses (parm, gorgonzola, and...?) and arugula on top (no sauce). Tasty and what I liked best was that I could hold the darn thing without everything falling off of it.

RYE NY - Meeting the parents + Wedding rehearsal dinner

One more thought on the rehearsal dinner-- Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck, they have a semi-private area.

Turkish Meze
409 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

RYE NY - Meeting the parents + Wedding rehearsal dinner

What about Ruby's Oyster Bar on Purchase St. in Rye for lunch?
Might be fun to have the rehearsal dinner @ Lola's (mexican fusion) in Byram, right across the border from Port Chester, I think there is a back or outside area. They have a website.

Photo Cakes in Westchester

Stew Leonard's.

Help! Takeout in/around Mamaroneck

I like the Little Kitchen on Mam'k Ave. right near Chatsworth Auction House. Big fan of their soup, pad thai and most of the stuff on their menu incl. the sambal and tofu dishes.

Anniversary dinner rec

More specifics would be helpful. What is "nice"? Quiet, romantic, "scene"? Preferred type of cuisine, price range? Have you done a similar search on this board already as this seems to be a frequent question (usually answered with "X20" or Kittle House).

cheap yummy lunch in White Plains- anything not terrible fatty.

There is also the salad bar @ Whole Foods, and the to-go counter @ Kam Sen. Bao's (Chinese) has a lunch menu. Anthony's Coal Oven may have a lunch menu as well. Reka's Thai food has one, it's under $10.

Reka's Thai Restaurant
2 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

cheap yummy lunch in White Plains- anything not terrible fatty.

My favorite is the $7 sushi special @ Daido, the Japanese grocery on Mam'k Ave. next to La Bottega salon. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

La Bottega
3216 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572