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Pesto and Pea Lasagna

Dec 10, 2014
goodfoodlife in Recipes

Bar Taco in Stamford

We enjoyed a great meal here on Saturday night. Yes, the margaritas are pricey, but they're made w. all fresh ingredients and good quality tequila. We shared the sampler taco platter, which was delicious.

Stew Leonard's vs. Fairway

Stew's for dairy; Fairway for pretty much everything else.

Balducci's or Fairway?

From my own eleven years of grocery shopping in lower Fairfield County (Greenwich to Westport), I have to say that I have come to prefer Fairway for the variety and quality of their selections. I still like Balducci's and Whole Foods for some items, but I am shopping more and more at Fairway simply because I can get pretty much everything in one convenient location. My personal favorites at Fairway: great assortment of their own store roasted coffees, excellent fresh fish, hand cut lachs, great selection of organics, wonderful olive oils, excellent roasted Kosher chickens, huge selection of cheeses, ditto fruits and veggies and generally great selection of items for planning a dinner party. Do check expiration dates, that's something you have to be diligent about at any grocery store, no matter how good the establishment.

ZaZa - Stamford

We had a great experience. Had a delicious Gavi dei Gavi white wine by the bottle which was properly chilled. Enjoyed the grilled portobello mushroom small plate, the Orechiette Campagna pasta and the California pizza w. shrimp and arugula. Although noisy, there was a good vibe to the place. Last visited on July 20, 2012.

Fairway in Stamford

Great grocery store, however, the one time I ordered a panini from food court the meat in the panini was too fatty and the cheese wasn't really melted . Fairway was very good about refunding my money on the panini when I came back with it. Unfortunately, I haven't ordered anything else from their food court since.

EOS - Stamford

We used to love EOS, but this establishment has definitely not met our expectations of late. Our last experience there included a semi cold order of Moussaka - presume it was microwaved, not freshly baked! That was the last time we went and unfortunately, we won't be back.

Best of Stamford

Since this post has been up a while, I'll add my thoughts here (as of 8-16-12) for what I think are some of the "Best of Stamford" restos that we've tried since moving here 11 years ago - I'm not including some categories if I don't think we've got a great restaurant in Stamford for that type of cuisine:

Diner: Bull's Head, City Limits, Elm Street, Pat's on Jefferson St.

French: La Bretagne has been around forever and prepares classic, old school French cuisine, Chez Jean-Pierre for great French bistro fare

Indian: Coromandel, however I prefer their original location in Darien

Italian: Caffe Silvium, Bar Rosso and Piatto and for authentic gelato and cappuccino - Volta. Pellicci's is poular among those who have lived in Stamford a long time, but personally I've not had consistently good food there.

Japanese: Kotobuki

Pizza: If your were raised in Stamford then is has to be Colony, but I also like Cafe ZA ZA's and Remo's pizzas.

Latin American/Mexican: Bar Taco (pricey drinks), El Charrito Taco Truck, Ole Mole, Brasitas

Moroccan: Fez

Spanish: Barcelona (although we prefer their SONO location for atmosphere)

Steak House: Capitol Grill - only if you can't get into Manhattan or Brooklyn for the real steak house deal.

Thai: Kit's Thai Kitchen

Wine Bar/Gastro Pub: Barcelona, Cafe ZAZA, Bar Rosso