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JH Farmer's Market

What I found to be horrible in the JH Greenmarket, was the people who make the pastry-I believe it's called "not just rugeulah" I found the stuff to be either stale or lacking in taste. It looks good though.

Good Scone in Queens

Too bad Canelle doesn't do scones, they're the best bakery in Queens, and probably New York.

Askora - JH's

Do you mean Ashoka? I always liked that place. However, Nepalese/Tipetan sounds good too.

Esparks in Woodside

I usually go to Starbucks, Letys, or Pan Fino for coffee, while in Jackson Heights. however, I do like to go to Williamsburg often enough for other reasons. I also think that Gimme makes it much better, not the same to me.

Esparks in Woodside

I agree about espresso 77, too small, too Yuppie, too pretentious-coffee overrated as I see it. If a want a cup of gimme coffee coffee, I'd gladly wait on line at the original in Williamsburg. I have actually had mixed experiences with the esparks in Elmhurst. The last one I had a great cup of cappucino. I agree about the limited food choices, but, it's fresh.

Yogifiore in Elmhurst

I wonder when they will get these other new flavors. Did Yogaberry ever get their blended stuff? I recall them saying each time I went they still didn't have it. I heard/read somewhere it's the same owner.

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I'd try Dunkin Donuts for this personally.

Yogifiore in Elmhurst

Didn't try anything. However, i noticed they will be having green tea and what seems to be coffee yogart. They also had an assortment of toppings, very similar to yogurberry. They have a much bigger space and very pleasent inside.

Chao Thai

Too bad parking sucks in Elmhurst--if you take the r or g train it's well worth the trip. I think it's fabulous. The only drawback is that it's a bit small with few tables.

New JH's Restaurant

I found them to be rather mediocre. However, I agree with the prices being very reasonable.

Cupcakes in Queens?

I found cupcake cafe to be nothing more than eye candy. I found them to be dry except for the icing, which wasn't even exceptional.

Coffee bar "culture" in Queens?

Interesting about Esparks. I went to the one in Elmhurst on two occasions, the first time was pretty good, second visit-yuck. Decided to give them another try. I got a latte and it was actually really good. I was impressed. The Barista was very diligent.

Cupcakes in Queens?

I love Lety's cupcakes. Better than Canelle and definitely better than Ambroisa or Carollos.

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I had to laugh when you said the decaf was "gross" I think it's usually gross no matter where you go, even when it tastes okay, it's just that lack of caffeine.

New bakery in Jackson Heights?

I think the regular drip coffee is somewhat mediocre. The cappucino and lattes are pretty good. I like the fact they have those mini- pasteries, can have a treat without over-indulging.

New bakery in Jackson Heights?

I agree, one of my favorite places in Jackson Heights.

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I don't hate to give money to Starbucks, based a lot on the fact that they have good benefits for employees, and I recently heard a story of one ex-employee who got hurt on the job and was pretty well taken care of. I can understand the whole "corporation vs. small business thing" But, not all corps are huge monsters and not all mom and pops are filled with wonderful people. I go to both places for different reasons.

Best Diners?

Pete's Grill in Sunnyside Queens. I believe the stop is 40th st and Lowery on the 7-Train. Has a great breakfast menu-- banana pancakes with rum syrup, and omletes with portobello mushrooms, amongst a variety fo such other mixtrues. Not quite standard diner fare.

Mar 15, 2008
foodforthought2 in Manhattan

Cake Delivery in LIC, NY


I believe I had it at a birthday party at NOVO.

Cake Delivery in LIC, NY

Not sure if Cannelle delivers. If it does, I think it's far superior to Ambroisa. I found the later to be good, not great. Cannelle is reasonable and very artfully decorated.

New Italian Restaurant - JH's

I got an eggplant panini that was also very greasy. The wait to get it was ridiculous. With 11:00 dollar lunch specials, not going to attract any employees who can go to Chickenfest and do much better.

Starbuck's Jackson Heights

I went at 7:30 am and order a regular coffee and the apple donut, I was pleased with both. Wasn't crowded at that time. I noticed that Lety's was somewhat empty, but, I agree that they make a lot of their income on bakery items, they even deliver. I have to say, that I noticed that Lety's has improved on their expresso drinks in the last month or so.

Esparks in Woodside

To me it tastes like motor oil mixed with mud and water. Disgusting.

takeout coffee in Jackson heights

Just had a good experience with Carollos. Had to get a cake in the vicinity for a party. The other options, which may have been better, weren't for various reasons. Anyways, it was a chocolate cake, with canolli filling, and buttercream frosting. I really wasn't looking for anything special, just needed something in a pinch. The partygoers really liked this cake. Everyone seemed to taste some different flavor in it. I got those who thought it was either rum, strawberry, lemon, some spice, etc.. I wonder if this place is a hit or miss type of deal, considering some of the mixed reviews.

Hey, it's no Lety's or Cannelle, but, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Ploy Thai: Yet another entry into the Elmhurst scene

I agree, went there for lunch. Had the papaya salad, that was nice and spicy.

JH's - Another Dunkin Donuts

How many DD's in one area? Seems like the whole Starbucks phenomenon in Manhattan.

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I had Lety's today, and they have definitely made the expresso drinks much stronger.

Espresso 77 in Jackson Heights

I find Lety's to have a more social vibe, better coffee, and baked goods. Of course, it could be a personal perference if you are going for the hipster set vs the baby boomers.

Starbuck's JH's

I like the food choices at Starbucks. I think it looks lovely so far.

Limoncello Italian Restaurant

Another place with many incarnations. I saw a good amount of people in it around 4 or so.