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MSP: Somali or Hmong Food?

I eat at Hamdi's every time I'm in town. It's delicious. Not to sound too snotty, but different does not equal unwelcoming. They are very welcoming. Just because they have separate dining areas for men and women, that doesn't mean they're not great. It's mainly for the comfort of their general customers, which is the Somali community...which also means you know the food is "real" Somali food. (For those who need some help, ladies's dining area is on the left, men's is on the right.)

I've never seen a menu there, just ask what's being served or for a recommendation. Get a glass of mango juice, and you will also be served a banana with your meal, as tvdxer noted. Break it up and mush it into your food (or be daintier and have it in bites with your's delicious!!

But, yes, a more accessible experience for those who aren't comfortable is Safari. It is indeed delicious and Jamal is very friendly. But you don't get a banana with your meal, so make sure you stop by the Produce Exchange first!

Sep 04, 2009
moira51 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Doughnuts in Takoma Park?

I like bringing in bagels or doughnuts or what-have-you to work every now and then. Since I moved out here though I haven't been able to find a good bakery where you can buy a couple of dozen doughnuts or so...all I get is Dunkin' Donuts, Fractured Prune, Krispy Kreme - and don't get me wrong, I am perfectly happy with those sometimes, but it's nothing to write home about! The bakeries I have encountered so far in TK PK are more pastry-shops, no fresh trays of doughnuts etc. Anyone know a good place to stop? I don't want to drive into DC in the morning as I work in sense in adding too much unnecessary traffic-time to the commute!

[MSP] - Pupusas

Mercado Central on Lake & Bloomington in Minneapolis has a pupuseria. You can also get them in the Midtown Global Market just down the road from there, Lake and Chicago.

Cross-country road trip lunches!

I am embarking on a trip this weekend in a couple stages: Minneapolis to Chicago, then Chicago to Pittsburgh. I am looking for some good lunch stops - restaurants with character!! (I didn't see much on our route on roadfood where we needed something.) I'll be on 90/94 in Wisconsin, stopping at Madison or somewhere before (restaurant suggestions may influence when we stop!) - then it looks like around Toledo might be a good stop on the way to Pittsburgh. Any suggestions? Don't want to spend too much time off the road, but want good non-fast-food!!

Midtown Global Market MSP - It's Up To Us

That's what they really need - a store that sells more "regular" groceries, then we'd never have to go elsewhere either (because sometimes it's just too tempting to only make one trip to the 'big' store) -- and some more bars to get people in in the evenings. I have to say though that although every single time I've been to A La Salsa I've gotten horrible service (and if they get a HINT that you might know about the 'secret' happy hour specials the servers tend to disappear forever) - (yet I keep going back, hmm) I went last Friday and we had a very friendly and attentive server who actually told us about the specials right away and saw that we never had empty glasses. Great improvement!

RoF has been sold. I don't remember the new name, and it's not listed on the MGMkt website yet, but it's another fish place and looks great - lobster and crab and eel in the tanks, shrimp and fish on ice, etc - got there after closing (on my way to the bar) but I will definitely go back soon (this weekend?)

Midtown Global Market MSP - It's Up To Us

Jakeeno's is doubling in size too, like the Farm in the Market stand (that was so exciting!) - it is adding an Italian grocery promising things like olive oils etc in addition to their deli case items. I had been wondering about RoF too - I had never actually seen anyone there or any product in the cases, and I go to the MGMkt pretty darn often! I had been hoping it would someday open...oh well.