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Questions about Peasant

Hopefully, I can get some quick answers on this as I'm leaving for the city in a few hours:

Does anyone know if it's possible to dine at the bar as a walk-in (the upstairs bar, not the wine bar)? Would getting there right at 6 be a safe bet for doing so?

Also, does anyone know if the wine bar (downstairs?) serves the regular menu or only snacks/wine?


Dec 08, 2007
semesq in Manhattan

Fork, Chloe or other?

I need to find a place in Philadelphia for dinner in December. Here's the criteria I have:

Three people (one real foodie/chowhound and two relatively straightforward eaters who can be moderately adventurous)

Nothing exclusively ethnic. Preferably some type of "new American" or seasonal menu.

Price not really an issue

Prefer a place that is not a BYOB

Nothing too formal.

Thought about Fork or Chloe. Any preference between these two? Ideally, I'd love to find a place within walking distance of the TLA on South Street, but wasn't having much luck with that.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Nov 17, 2007
semesq in Pennsylvania

Good B-eats in Scranton?

Assuming you're staying downtown and not really looking to travel much, here are some suggestions:

Thai Rak Thai [349 Adams Ave.] for really good Thai (byob)
Blues Street 222 Wyoming Ave. for southern/soul food -
Vida Tapas Bar & Grill for Spanish/tapas
Carmen's Restaurant and Wine Bar in the Radisson Hotel for reasonably high end (and correspondingly expensive) Italian -

Oct 23, 2007
semesq in Pennsylvania