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Watery Rhubarb Pie

Yes, I just baked what is a tasty, but terribly watery rhubarb pie! The difference from my last one is that I used rhubarb from a local farmers market and the stalks are much bigger. Based on the discussion here, I'm assuming that is what made the difference. I used a recipe from and they use flour. I will try tapioca next time. Still, I'm a bit surprised since using fresh, farmer rhubarb would have been what most people used a century did those farmer's wives do to make a non-watery rhubarb pie?!!

Jun 27, 2010
jabailo in Home Cooking

Summer Sodas

Aug 05, 2008
jabailo in Recipes

Too Poor for Drinks

Staying home is so Now! The great thing is, if you want to drink it's safer...but surprisingly, you don't feel pressured to drink at home...or it's healthier. "Going out" and "partying" to me seems like going on a really only works for the few people you see on television. 99.9% of people just end up back home watching MaxX at 3 in the morning. The average person is better off finding someone in fruit section of Top Food and inviting them to watch tv.

Aug 05, 2008
jabailo in Features

Catfish Corner -- Gooood LAWDY!

They just opened a Catfish Corner up here on Kent East Hill.

I went there Saturday late for lunch and ordered up a mess 'o catfish -- the 1 lb fried. It comes with potatoes, fries, or what I ordered, cornbread hushpuppies.

I had to try the sides, collard greens (which I love) and sweet potatoes.

It was enough food for a small family, but I was hung-er-y. I never tasted anything so good. The fish was fresh but cooked just right. The batter had zero grease, it was just crisp and tasty -- and with the spicy tartar sauce, out of this world.

And the sides -- gee whiz, I thought I died and went to heaven eating the candied sweet potatoes and fresh tasty greens.

Drinks? The ice tea! It was fresh, and oh so sweet. Just right to wash it down.

Warning: you may feel like eating every day at Catfish Corner once you get hooked! I'm going back Wednesday for the Gumbo.

The one I went to is in Kent. It's new so it's not on the website, but it's on 104th and Canyon Drive in the mall adjacent to the "Select Flooring" store on the corner (right across the street from T.J. Maxx)

Nov 05, 2007
jabailo in Pacific Northwest

Sugary Treats For Kids (No Corn Syrup!)

I am trying to find some type of candy to hand out during Halloween that doesn't have corn syrup in it. Also, I hope that it doesn't cost $5 per candy.

Can someone recommend something?

Also, it should be good tasting and not weird looking or in a strange package...I'm a single adult and I don't want to scare the kids with strange candy!

I just want to not feed them any corn syrup (causes diabetes, obesity, etc).

Oct 24, 2007
jabailo in General Topics

Indian food in Seattle?

The best Indian food is in Kent, WA at India Combo.

The lunch buffet is off the scale. It's an unbelievable bargain. Reason...primary business is catering and lunchers get cater quality food at cafeteria prices.

Oct 23, 2007
jabailo in Pacific Northwest