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Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?


lol just kidding!

Chain restaurants - I like Mexicali Rosa's (Hernando's Hideaway is part of this although I havent been to that one specifically yet)

For unique mom&pop place, Mexitaco (Bloor & Shaw) - previously mentioned in this thread

The Great Pizza Debate

I want to vote for Roma's as well (been going there for about 10 years now, lived in the neighborhood all my life).

As well Bitondo's (College/Clinton) is awesome too!

We should start one for italian steak sandwiches too - forget California's, San Francesco on Clinton (across from Bitondo's) is the best I've ever had.

The Great Burger Debate

Dangerous Dan's Diner - Queen & Broadview, mammoth burgers with names like Colossal Coronary Burger (your pic is taken and put up on wall of gluttony if you polish it off). Their deep fried mars bars are delicious too if you got room!

For those wanting a regular sized burger, Dairy Freeze on St Clair and Caledonia

But I'll agree that sometimes a McDees or Harvey's burger hits the spot too!