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Dim sum Koi Palace (Daly City) on Saturday mornings?

That is hilarious! Thanks for the tip. Will plan to show up at exactly 15 minutes, get in line in the cold, and be the first one there (hopefully).

Dim sum Koi Palace (Daly City) on Saturday mornings?

Thanks for all the replies! We are on a mission to get there on time and eat well. :-)

Dim sum Koi Palace (Daly City) on Saturday mornings?

Thanks chefj. I just called and they open at 10am on Saturdays, so my plan is to get there by 9:45am. Thanks!

Dim sum Koi Palace (Daly City) on Saturday mornings?

Hello, I'm planning an outing with a couple friends (4 of us total) and we are craving dim sum. What's the chance of getting a table on a Saturday morning without wait at Koi Palace? Do we need to get there first thing 10 AM opening time? Or can we get there by 10:30 AM and still get the first sitting? Any advice will be appreciated.

Need to find a decent buffet for large gathering

I will have an upcoming large extended family gathering (of 16 people) in May and would like to find a buffet brunch / lunch place. We already went to Top of Mark (SF), Ritz Carlton (Half Moon Bay) and Hyatt SFO (Burlingame) in the past. And we have also tried Asian style buffets -- Moonstar (Daly City) and Haikado (Foster City).

I am just wondering it there other options out there besides all those places we tried.

I would like a place that is mid-range price wise ($50 max for lunch for person?) and has decent food and a nice selection of items.

Any suggestions? Thank you for you help.

SF: Place for Dinner for 15 near Moscone Center?

Osha Thai on Third and Folsom.

Chinese In-home cook to order catering?

My father's big 70th birthday is coming up in the next few months and I am planning a big event for him, family and friends. I remember growing up in Hong Kong, there were these catering companies who would bring in their cooking equipment and ingredients to people's homes and cooked dishes to order.

Is there such thing in San Francisco? Are there Chinese catering companies who will come to your home with woks and burners and cook banquet style dishes and serve a large number (like 100) people?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Trader Joe's newbie

Try the lentil curls. It's pretty interesting and you can't find it anywhere else.

Aug 31, 2009
yumyumcity in Chains

Medicine Eatstation - portion sizes

Went to Medicine Eatstation with a couple of friends last night. The food was good but the portions were very small. Just want to know what other think about their portion sizes.

I am not a big eater, but I think I should be at least somewhat satisfied after spending $40 per person.

Good bakery in the peninsula?

Thanks for the tips. I will try Sogo Bakery as well.

Good bakery in the peninsula?

Copenhagen... just checked out the web site. Looks pretty good. I will give it a try. Thanks!

Good bakery in the peninsula?

Any good bakeries in Burlingame/Millbrae/San Mateo/San Carlos/Redwood City areas? I am looking for a place with great pastries and cakes.

The closest thing I have found so far is La Biscotteria in RWC, but they only sell biscotti, foccacia and cannoli. I have been going to Whole Foods in RWC, but I am looking for more unique cakes and pastries.

Any suggestions?

good thai on the peninsulia

THAI TIME in San Carlos is pretty authentic as well.

Korean food on the Peninsula

I went to the Korean BBQ place in San Carlos (it's on El Camino Real, closest X Street Hull Dr.) It has both table top BBQ and tofu. The food is fine but little pricey. I guess I am used to having very good Korean food in Koreatown when I lived in L.A.

Good restaurants in San Carlos/ San Mateo?

I just moved to San Carlos and am having a hard time finding a good restaurant (I was spoiled by all the good eats in the City -- Delfina, Fifth Floor, Zuni Cafe, etc.). Went to Piacere (in San Carlos) last night and the food was mediocre at best. Any suggestions? I would like to be able to find a good American/Cal/Itailian/French in my area. Thank you.