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800 Degrees Has the Best ... Pizza in LA

A wooden palate can't be changed, but rock on.

800 Degrees Has the Best ... Pizza in LA

Yes, Vito's.

800 Degrees Has the Best ... Pizza in LA

Because it's nothing like bialy and exactly like pizza, but OK.

800 Degrees Has the Best ... Pizza in LA

800 Degrees may have the best pizza for the price, but calling it the best in L.A. is at least...inexperienced. Sorry, but the following all surpass (just off the top of my head and in no particular order):

Milo and Olive
Pizzeria Mozza
Stella Barra
Pitfire (yes, I said it)

Are crispy eggs a culinary no no?

If I don't receive crispy, browned edges on a fried egg when ordering out, it's going back. If they won't do it or can't do it without overcooking the yolk, I'm leaving the restaurant.

Feb 18, 2015
PommeDeGuerre in General Topics

Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

If it's NOT going in your mouth, or you're eating a meal which someone else prepared for you at their home, keep your opinions regarding what's improper to consume to yourself (legitimate allergies aside).

Best Pizza SFV

There is no great pizza in SFV, but the three best bets are:

1. Pitfire
2. Danielle's
3. Mulberry Street

Of course these are MY best bets in the Valley, but if you like heavy cheese with sweet red sauce and a thicker crust with lots of toppings and no leopard spotting because it seems burned to you, just stop at any other place that sells pizza, and you'll likely be happy.

Republique Dinner Review-L.A.

I think it was at least $240 for food:

One dozen oysters: (12x3.5) = 42
Beef tartare = 18
Smoked eel = 18 (guess from similar menu items)
Bread with pan drippings = 5
Lamb shank = 42
John Dory = 35 (guess from other fish mains)
Foie gras starter = 25 (guess from other higher priced starters)
Foie gras and truffle pasta = 45 (guess from the truffle pasta which is already on the menu at 39)
Banana choc bread pudding = 10 (guess from dessert prices)

Total = 240

If someone knows the actual prices of the dishes I am guessing on, please feel free to interject.

Republique Dinner Review-L.A.

Fois gras dishes, John Dory, smoked eel, and dessert prices aren't posted, so I'm guessing that the food bill came to about $250 - $275 before tax. The rest would be wine/booze.

San Francisco's best ice cream

There is no such things as a vegan ice cream (note the word "vegan"), but MM did make some creamy sorbets.

Supermarket Packaged Stir Fry Beef: Why Round Cut?

Because they will try anything to sell a cut they know is useless.

Nov 19, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in General Topics

Is It OK to Leave Butter on the Kitchen Counter?

We weren't talking about coated eggs, unless you interpreted something to indicate the "fresh" eggs were still coated in bloom, but even if we introduce an "impermeable" coating into the equation, the refrigerated coated egg will still last longer than the unrefrigerated version.

Nov 19, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Is It OK to Leave Butter on the Kitchen Counter?

Eggs do not last longer out of the refrigerator no matter who you get them from.

Nov 18, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Why Aren't Dogs Allowed in U.S. Restaurants?

I love oats.

Nov 02, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Why Aren't Dogs Allowed in U.S. Restaurants?

Vet degrees have nothing to do with whether or not pets carry diseases which can be transferred to humans, but here's a list of candidates off the top of my head (and, no, I do not have a degree in veterinary medicine, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night).

Bubonic Plague
Cat Scratch Disease

Enjoy your meal. :)

Nov 02, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Why Aren't Dogs Allowed in U.S. Restaurants?

Yeah, you might want to read up on veterinary medicine.

Nov 01, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Who Has the Best Pizza in L.A. and Why?

I'll add the 'Nduja pizza at Bestia into the mix for best overall. My favorite "convenience" pizzerias are Pitfire, Luggage Room/Stella Barra, Vito's and Bollini's depending upon where I am at the time.

The Orange Chicken Burrito

Great, the Mission style craprito paradigm makes its palate-numbing way into yet another version... Get that rice out of there! You've already got carbs covered by the wrapping. Egads!

Sherman Oaks dining 'renaissance' - will it draw Angelenos?

As others have said, they don't have a dress code other than you need to be clothed. You wanted something dressy?

How much do I tip? How much should I tip? How much do YOU tip? etc.... [moved from Ontario board]

Tips are always pre-tax. Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to reach into your pocket.

Jul 14, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Not About Food

Milk shake ratio?

Since a scoop is meaningless in terms of measure, one cup of ice cream to 1/3 cup milk.

Jul 04, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Home Cooking

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Why are we asking this question? The original post was obviously about a sausage in a bun. Do we next ask for clarification for all fillings which are eponymous with their sandwiched version? Hamburgers? Pterodactyls?

Best ice cream bar is at the Costco food court

Yes, they have Talenti gelato bars. No, they aren't better than Costco's made to order ice cream bars, and Costco's had more than twice as much ice cream in them.

Best ice cream bar is at the Costco food court

So say you're returning an item or say you're buying alcohol or filling a prescription or seeing the optometrist (none of these require a membership). They don't ask for your card in the food line.

Best ice cream bar is at the Costco food court

Just an FYI: No one needs a Costco membership to shop at the food court.

How to Make the Best Rice Pudding

Substituting non-dairy "milks" will affect the recipe as the protein content (amount and type), sugar content (amount and type), and fat content (amount and type) will not be the same. You may enjoy the results and get a reasonable facsimile, but the flavor and texture will not be the same.

Jul 01, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Premium Ice Cream: What Makes It Special?

The better premium ice creams are sold in pints (think Jenni's, McConnell's, Graeter's) not quarts (Trader Joe's being the exception by selling premium in quarts, though they aren't the best of the premium ice creams).

Jun 29, 2014
PommeDeGuerre in Features

Little Beast- Just what Eagle Rock needed

Went here tonight and sat in the bar for dinner. The bartender (Adam) played waiter for us and did a fantastic job. Started with the summer melon, fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto salad, and the grilled artichoke with lemon aioli. Both were spot on. For mains we had the hamachi collar (served with bok choy and fresno chiles) and the burger (served with french fries). These, too, were outstanding. Portions were large. For beverages we shared a bottle of mineral water and my SO had a glass of Sancerre and another of red (forgetting which varietal), and she enjoyed both. Place was busy, but unhurried, and service was perfectly engaging and informative without being intrusive. Price was about $90, before tip. Great night and will definitely be back.

Best place to gorge on raw oysters in LA?

Some are valid. Some are provably incorrect. I wonder which those are?

Why Are We Importing Our Own Fish?

Because someone figured out how to make more money doing it.