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Comprehensive Chowish Craft Cocktail Compendium '09

The famous (and possibly infamous) Joe McGirk is behind the bar at times. He is actually the bar manager and can been seen working the floor as well. Claudia, formerly of East Coast Grill, is also often behind the bar and serves a tasty drink, but you can't beat having Joe wait on you.

Where to buy rennet in Boston? in woburn carries everything you need. Not sure how there prices compare to others. You can either buy online or drive up to their store just off of both 93 and 95. I went to the store recently to buy some vinegar mother and the staff was incredibly helpful and pleasant. I would highly recommend them.

Chiu Chow/E-Fu Noodles (Chiu Chow Style)

Hello all. I am a Boston chef traveling to NYC this weekend. I recently returned from Hong Kong and had the pleasure of trying a lot of great food. One of the best things that I tried was E-Fu noodles described as Chiu Chow style. They were a fried plate of noodles almost resembling hash browns and were served with sugar and soy sauce as garnish. Does anyone have any recommendations where I might be able to find this delectable dish in NYC. Staying in the LES so Chinatown would be the ideal location. Thanks in advance for any help.

Jan 14, 2009
lovinlinecook in Manhattan

Super88 is Dead... Long Live CMart?

Talked with the manager in charge of the remodel of the Allston Super 88 and he informed me that the project to remodel is supposed to be done by the end of January and that it will remain a Super 88. As remodels never get done on time, hopefully the remodel will be done by February.

sous vide

I am fairly certain that anything listed on the Craigie menu listed as "braised" is actually cooked "in the bag" as they say. It is not really in anyone's best interest to describe a menu item as "sous vide" as our health department does not look too fondly on the concept and required a HACCP plan in place for using a cryovac machine.

Great crab and mexican in Ft. Lauderdale

Hey there. Thanks in advance for any help. I am traveling to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days and was hoping for some reccomnedations for and great places to get stone crab or mexican. Does not need to be fancy but I will take any thoughts on places from a hole-in-the-wall to upscale. Again all my thanks.

Oyster Myths

I would have to say the lack of consistency in Island Creeks around Boston would have to be the handling of the oysters by place serving them. Having served Island Creeks for several years I have always found them to be extremely consistent.
For the record, there seems to be some confusion in the designation--Wellfleet, Island Creek, Blue Pointetc. While Island Creek is a collective of oyster farmers in Duxbury Harbor and the local estuary water/river that is organized and run by Skip, Shore and the boys, Wellfleet is a much more ambiguous term. Anybody who has been the to the Wellfleet oyster festival has seen the multiple farmers in the area in addition to the wild wellfleets available (interestingly there are no wild oysters in Duxbury only farmed). That means when you order a Welfleet oyster you could be eating an oyster produced by a variety of farmers. Also, "Duxbury" oysters are produced by a farmer that is not part of the Island Creek group of farmers. That all being said I would put in my two cents for "Bee's River" oysters out of Eastham as being the most consistent oysters that can be found around town-and so deliciously briny as well.

Vinegar Mother and Crocks

Thanks so much for the info. I was looking at their website and didn't realize that they were around the corner(or close enough). Cheers!

Veal cheeks?

I'm sure both Savenor's and John Dewars would be able to get them if you pre-ordered them.

Vinegar Mother and Crocks

I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere local in the Boston area to buy a crock with spigot and vinegar mother for making homemade vinegar. I have been able to find a few places on the internet but would prefer to give a local business my money. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Knife Sharpening Courses in Boston?

The folks at the incredible offer a gread DVD that gives step by step instructions on using wet stones. Their site is also probably the best place for ordering a wide variety of both traditional Japanese knives and western style knives by Japanese producers. For the most part, it is where every chef I know purchases their knives. And if you ever find yourself in the Tribeca area of NYC they offer classes at their store which is well worth the visit. I also take advantage of their master knife maker and send my knives in once every 18 months or so to have the bevel of my knives returned to perfect. They can also fix just about any chip or broken tip (which saved me from nearly killing an extern who left the tip of a $300 sashimi knife in a wall). Hope this didn't sound like an ad but these guys are great and their DVD is probably the industry standard.

Restaurant Supply Store

There is also Independent Restaurant Supply on 1A bypass in Portsouth, NH.

Brunch in Coolidge Corner area?

Chef Jeremy Sewall over at Lineage on Harvard does a good job at brunch. Especially the breakfast breads.

Jasmine Bistro and other Hungarian places?

As the son of a Hungarian and after living in Budapest for a year, I was really excited about trying Jasmine Bistro. Unfortunately, I must say that there food is not close to being authentic and am really shocked that is well liked. The paprikas tasted almost like a half-hearted attempt at Indian food when I tried it. I grew up on my grandmothers veal paprikas and knockedli (the hungarian version of spaetlze which often contains farina in addition to flour). They have recently changed to fresh spaetlze but they told me on my first visit that they were using dried german spaetzle because the to make fresh was too labor intensive. I have given them quite a few chances and all hungarians involved were very dissapointed.
The closest to real hungarian that we have had was Anna's Kitchen which was first in Quincy before moving to Worcester and sadly closing. Otherwise it is Southern CT. or NYC. :(

sous vide

Tony Maws used to do sous vide short ribs from River Rock Farm at the old CSB. Don't know if they made it onto the menu at the place on Main. I believe that they used to cook them for 48 hours and them came out looking almost medium rare. They were cut before being plated and held up without falling apart yet somehow still retained a the lush mouth feel of long cooking.

Tell me about Lineage recently...

The food at Lineage is very consistent. I rarely think that it is going to blow you away but it is always going to arrive at your table hot and well seasoned. I'm not sure if that sounds like much of a compliment but it my world it is. There is nothing worse that having a preciously plated dish arrive at your table and be barely room temperature and desperately in need of some sodium. One of the greatest strengths of Lineage is that that there is usually a great soup on the menu often times served along with some light and airy fried beignets. I know that as of late they often serve a 3 or 4 course prix fix that has been of good value some times focusing on lobster or mushrooms.

Any Chiu Chow in Boston

I was in Hong Kong recently and enjoyed several incredible "Chiu Chow" style meals(amongst a lot of other great meals) and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations in the Boston area. In particular, I fell in love with E-Fu noodles chiu chow style. They were not the standard e-fu noodles but were fried crispy and served with sugar and aged soy sauce. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Help in Plymouth/Bristol NH area

Hi there. Years ago I used to spend my summers on Newfound lake and around the Plymouth and Bristol area. I was hoping to see if anyone had a must see, eat, or do in the area. Not really looking for fine dining just good food. Also any good farm stands and/or farmer's markets in the area. Thanks everyone for their help in advance.

Help with Boulangerie/Bakery in the Plateau

Hello all, I am Boston chef visting Montreal for the next 4 days. I will be staying in at the corner of Mentana and Duluth in the Plateau and was hoping for reccomendations for a bakery to get baked goods in the morning as well as bread if possible. I have searched the board but have had a little trouble finding something nearby. Also any must visit spots in the area would be greatly reccomended. Thanks so much.

Any Hungarian Baked Goods and few ??

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on your search for Ludlab. Interestingly, I looked through about 20 Hungarian cookbooks( I have a bit of a cookbook problem as my small apt would attest) and could not find any recipes for a Ludlab Torta. My only guess is that it might have an alternative name. If you have any idea on alternate names, I would love too look to see if I could find a recipe for you.

Any Hungarian Baked Goods and few ??

Hi there. Just looked through my hungarian cookbooks and couldn't find a recipe. Do you know if there is another hungarian name that I could look under. I know that it is a torta but couldn't find it. Here is a link to an online recipe. Haven't tried it myself so I can't say how great it is.

Any Hungarian Baked Goods and few ??

Hi there everyone. Thanks in advance for any help. I am a Boston area chef visiting your lovely city with my Mother this Wednesday through Saturday. I have tried searching the board with little success to find any Hungarian Bakeries or baked goods in Montreal. My father, who has since passed, claimed that there was great Hungarian goodies in Montreal and the surrounds. I have been to Montreal several times and have found the Hongroise butcher on St. Laurent who carries a few locally made items such as pogatcha and beigli. I didn't know if there were any other options in the city or near by. Also, does anyone know if there is still a Hungarian restaurant in town?

We are staying in an apt. in the plateau quite close to APDC and the other lovely restaurants in the area. Are there any great boulangerie/bakeries in the that area? We will definitely have one meal at APDC. Any other must go places of the moment? Anybody doing anything new and fun? Any venerable places that just must be visited. Again thanks again for your help. I wish I was already scouring the Jean Talon market.


That's funny because there are no Ipswitch clams on the market right now because of the red tide.

Brunch - New Place?

If you are going to go to Coolidge Corner, you should try the brunch at Lineage. A little on the expensive side but you get free homemade breakfast breads and everything is great.

$1 Oysters

I can' tell you much about M&S and the safety and quality of their oysters. But Lineage, Great Bay and 28 Degrees all us Island Creek Oysters out of Duxbury for their $1 oysters and you really couldn't ask for a better oyster. Long haired CJ delivers for Skip and Shore to Boston every day so I would imagine they are always fresh. These same oysters get served at Le Bernadin and Per Se for what I am guessing is a few dollars more than a buck. And not that it is ideal, but oysters kept under the right conditions will stay alive for quite some time.

What Happened to B&G Oysters???

A big part of the answer is that J.J. the former Chef de Cuisine and Alex the sous chef are now gone and haven't been replaced. It seems like they are having a lot of turnover which is always hard on a restaurant. It will be interesting to see what transpires with Ms. Lynch opening her new restaurant and both the Butcher shop and B&G greatly understaffed.

$1 Oysters

I am pretty sure that Lineage has $1 oysters from 5-7 monday-friday though it is possible that they are doing them on weekends too. I do know that they are always Island Creek.

Looking for OFFAL in Boston?

Hi y'all. This is my first post so be gentle. Kind of surprised that no one mentioned Cragie Street Bistrot. Tony, along with Jamie B., probably has one of the deftest hands with offal especially on his tasting menus. You can expect lovely spring lamb brains, lamb tongue, fromage de tete (headcheese), crispy pig ears, probably the best house-made pork jowel's around, and lovely boudin noir--though I think that the boudin that Jamie B. has on his menu right now is probably the best in town.

Also, when it is offered the tripe at Taberno de Haro is awesome.