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Gnocco, Da Andrea or Frankie Sputino for a family gathering?

Hi. I can only comment on Gnocco. I have hosted two separate family gatherings there and everyone really enjoyed the food. I'd recommend asking for a table in the garden - it has a lovely atmosphere.

337 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10009

Aug 12, 2011
sugarplum599 in Manhattan

Moving to NY. East Village?

My boyfriend and I have lived in the East Village for 2 years. we're in our 30s, not hipsters, and love the neighborhood. Moved here from SF. We try new restaurants all the time that don't break the bank, which is the best part about living here. But -- we've been looking for a new apt in the hood - and it's getting really expensive. We've seen apartments the same size as ours, going for $700 more p month. It's not impossible to find a place, but the neighborhood is becoming v expensive. You will have to compromise on what you're looking for, particularly if you want space. Also, beware of being on a street facing apartment -- most notably from Ave A. eastward -- it gets loud. especially on weekends when you have all the bridge and tunnel foot traffic and the kids hitting the bars. Just some considerations to think about. Great restaurants are a big perk, but no matter where you are in NYC - if you want a social life you will travel for good meals and drinks. We're now looking on the UWS. Hope this helps.

Oct 23, 2007
sugarplum599 in Manhattan