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Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

I had an excellent, stew-like pasta bolognese at The Paramount my first night in town. It featured braised pork and beef, along with a delicious ragu. It was after the second big snow in December and was the perfect meal for a frigid evening.

Lucca was an expense account meal. Had an eclectic antipasto plate, followed by an incredibly rich baked pasta dish. It was orecchiette pasta baked with fontina cheese, sweet Italian sausage, broccoli rabe and roasted San Marzano tomatoes. The meal was finished off with a molten chocolate cake. Simply divine!

Other meals of note:
The cuban sandwich at Sam Lagrassa's...they used carved meat, not processed deli meat.

The molten chocolate cake at Finale...gooey, warming comfort on a single-digit January night.

Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Thanks all. Slowly working my way down the list. So far, I've been to...
The Paramount
Sam Lagrassa's
Locke Ober (work dinner)
Thai Basil

Best Pie In Atlanta

We just watched that movie "Waitress" and now we're craving pie. Anyone have a favorite place?

Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Man, guys. I think I have places to try every night for the six weeks I'm in town. I'll report back as I eat my way through town.

Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Thanks, Laura. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some tips.

Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Hi Chowhounds. I'll be coming up to Boston for work for the next several weeks, spending Sunday - Wednesday nights at the Hotel Nine Zero on Tremont. I'm looking for some modestly-priced dinner recommendations (sadly, I don't have a big expense account). Pizza and Italian are top of my list, but other types of places are welcomed, though I'm not big on seafood. I won't have a car, so I'll need places I can get to via the T. Thanks in advance for the tips!

Best burger in Columbia, SC

Yeah, I hate seeing people wearing fanny packs inside restaurants. Especially ones I like.

Silver Grill in Atlanta is closed - ISO good chicken fried steak

I went once. Wish I hadn't.

Visiting Biltmore Estate - need restaurant suggestions

Salsa's is our favorite. Zambra is also a good spot for tapas, wine and live music. Corner Kitchen is good if you want a fancier take on Southern food. But I'd go there for breakfast. It's around the corner from Biltmore, in an historic home in the village.

Lunch in Atlanta this Saturday

Sandwiches are around $10, lunch entrees a little more. If you're shopping at Lenox, it's one of the better lunch places near the mall.

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Whole Foods was open last year and had a Thanksgiving hot bar. I like Whole Foods as a store, but I'm not in love with their prepared foods. If you're open to a sit down, go to Open Table and you'll see what places are open. Horseradish Grill would probably be your best bet out of what's open. It's a cool location (restored old barn in Chastain Park). Their site is Another take-out option could be a meal you pick up the night before from a local restaurant and then heat-and-eat. Maybe someone's heard of some places that do this...I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Nov 03, 2007
boyleschris in Atlanta

downtown Atlanta lunch

To get to any of Shipwreck place's, you can hop on the Marta train and ride up a couple of stops to the North, Midtown or Arts Center stations. Call and ask the restaurant what the closest stop is. I agree that there's not much memorable to be had in the area you'll be in. Unfortunately, there's not many types of the places you're looking for along the Marta line. There's Nan Thai, Tamarind Seed Thai, the eclectic Globe, Baraonda Italian and The Vortex, one of my favorite hamburger joints.

Silver Grill in Atlanta is closed - ISO good chicken fried steak

Shallots, it was at a dive outside of Charleston called the Sewee. The dining room is in an old general store and the bathrooms are out back in a separate building. The decor is really nothing more than the kitchen's ingredients on the old store's shelves. The breading on the steak was flavorful and crispy, not soggy like you get in a lot of places. And the milk gravy tasted like it had been made by someone's grandma (with love). I ate every single morsel of the steak and sopped up every piece of gravy with my bread. It's the only time I can ever recall sending a plate back to the kitchen that clean. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, head out Highway 17 away from Charleston/Mt. Pleasant. It'll be on the left several miles past the last bit of "civilization" you see. A word of warning though, I dined there 6 years ago so I can't guarantee they can offer the same quality today.

Charleston noshing

I've been in the last year and have enjoyed. There's still plenty of cars there during peak hours, and with some many good places to eat in the Charleston area, that's a good sign.

looking for nice date restaurant in Mobile AL

I second Felix's. I had lunch there during a visit to Mobile in July. The food was delicious and the views were terrific. I would just make sure to get there before sundown.

Charleston noshing

For Isle of Palms, check out The Boathouse on Breach Inlet ( They offer amazing water views, good cocktails and a wide variety of non-fried seafood. If you're looking for breakfast the next morning, I recommend the Sea Biscuit (21 J C Long Blvd). For food/wine/kitchen stores, check out the impressive O'Hara & Flynn Wine Shop across the bridge in Mt. Pleasant. It's in the Mt. Pleasant Town Center development. There's also a nice chocolate store there called Sweet Julep's. If you go into the old part of Mt. Pleasant, you'll find a number of food-related specialty shops like The New York Butcher Shoppe on Ben Sawyer. There's also the Boone's Farm store on 17 heading towards Myrtle Beach. It's maybe five minues from Mt. Pleasant Town Center. There used to be an EarthFare market in the Town Center, but the Whole Foods on 17 basically ran them out of town. If you don't mind heading downtown into Charleston proper, then the Charleston Cooks kitchen shop on East Bay is a good place to stop ( A few blocks over on King Street, you'll find a Le Creuset store and a huge Williams-Sonoma.

Silver Grill in Atlanta is closed - ISO good chicken fried steak

My experience with Landmark Diner in Buckhead has been mediocre food that's too expensive for what it is. I'm sure the same can be said about the other locations.

Best burger in Columbia, SC

I was driving through Columbia recently and saw Hardee's advertising it was voted Best of the Upstate. Ugh. That right there confirms every single bad thing I've ever thought about upstate SC. In Charleston, I like the House Burger at Fleet's Landing (with bacon and pimento cheese) and several of the burgers at Gene's. I haven't been to Poe's yet, but hear they're good.

Silver Grill in Atlanta is closed - ISO good chicken fried steak

I realize it's a little farther up 75, but OK Cafe off Northside Parkway/Paces Ferry has chicken fried steak with milk gravy and two sides. It's not the best I've had (that was in SC), but it's good to very good depending on who's cooking that day.

Best Bakery Selections in Asheville?

If you'd consider mixing in truffles and other chocolates, I heartily recommend The Chocolate Fetish on Haywood. They have a site: As for baked goods, I saw a line out of The Sisters McMullen on Saturday afternoon, that's always a good sign. Their site is: There's already a few baked good threads that could give you more ideas. Poke around and good luck!

Mongolian BBQ in Atlanta

We're good at creating the combos, we just found the ingredients at Hot Stix to be not great, i.e. shoe-leather beef. We'll give Chow Baby a try.

Charleston New Year

Regarding where to eat, you can check the board for recs like McCrady's, Grill 225, etc. If you're looking for stuff to do between the eating and drinking you might want to check out the Happy New Year, Charleston! festivities. Here's some info:

Happy New Year, Charleston!
Marion Square
Monday, December 31, 2007
Produced by the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs
For more information call 724-7305

This city wide, admission-free program has something wonderful for everyone: comedy, dance, many forms of music including classical, gospel and jazz, street entertainment, children’s activities and so much more.

It's an alcohol-free event, so what I've done is eat, go to an event, hit a bar, go to event, etc. They usually publish a schedule of events prior to NYE so you can plan. I've done this in other cities too (the program's called First Night) and the line-up can be interesting and eclectic.

Mongolian BBQ in Atlanta

We went to Hot Stix its first week and we were unimpressed. I know there's the Real Chow Baby on Howell Mill, but I haven't been. I remember lukewarm reviews at first. My fiancee loves these types of places, but I don't want to have to suffer through another subpar meal. Can anyone recommend a place that's actually good?

Isle of Palms

I used to absolutely love the Mustard Seed, but I feel l like it had fallen into a slump after the move. Have you been lately? Maybe it's good again. It's been about a year since I last went.

Christmas Eve in Asheville


According to, Table, Southside Cafe and The Boathouse are. I'm assuming any place attached to hotel/resort is. I'd just call around. A word of warning: despite what restaurants tell you, it's liable to change. We showed up at a place in Charleston that was supposed to be open, only to find it closed. I'd re-check before you walk out the door.

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

I'll put in another vote for Jack's Cosmic Dog in Mt. Pleasant. Beef dogs, excellent fries and draft root beer...what's not to love? Plus, the place is super kitschy and I dig that.

Oct 29, 2007
boyleschris in Southeast

Proposing in Asheville this weekend

Hi all. I proposed Friday at Zambra. It was cozy, romantic and still casual (which is more our style). She really liked the place...and she said yes. The food and wine made the evening equally enjoyable. We started off with the crusty bread and dipping sauce, then had steak tacos with lime and butternut squash. Next, we had the pork spring rolls and capped the meal with the petite "Painted Hills" filet with potatoes. The only misfire was a "Mexican" Caeser salad, which was so fishy we sent it back. Dessert was great, too. We had a brownie with goat cheese swirls and cream cheese ice cream.

atlanta/vinings: great for a group?

I haven't had dinner at Muss & Turner's yet, but have had many memorable lunches there.

atlanta/vinings: great for a group?

It used to be owned by the same folks behind Food 101 and Meehan's. Not sure if it still is. It's good food for the area (a neighborhood spot), but not the kind of place I'd drive to if you don't live in Vinings.

HELP!!!!!! [South Carolina]

Might also want to try restaurant suppliers.