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San Jose without a car

There are dozens of family run restaurants and several chain restaurants with in a 4-5 block area. All within walking distance; east of the Fairmont is a north-south line of light-rail, maybe 2nd Street? That street may have the most restaurants per block.

You will be in an area with thousands of office workers who eat lunch in the area.

NY style slice near SFO/San Mateo

I often find different sizes of pizza offered instead of slices. Small, med large, etc. Slices are occasionally available for lunch.

Many places offer options on the crust, reg, thin, gf.

Typical Peninsula pizza to me is Round Table.

NY style slice near SFO/San Mateo

Is Amici's considered NY style. They have a restaurant in San Mateo.

Commercial vs Consumer cookware

It isn't the heat and time as much as the ph. I am thinking you should use glass.

May 02, 2015
Alan408 in Cookware

Bitter Turkey Skin?

Smoke point for turkey fat is 375.

May 01, 2015
Alan408 in Home Cooking

Bitter Turkey Skin?

You burned the fat from the turkey, heat was too high.

May 01, 2015
Alan408 in Home Cooking

Banquet hall tipping - when guest thinks servers are getting it, but owners pocket all...

I worked banquet catering. Severs often worked 6 hours per week.

May 01, 2015
Alan408 in Not About Food

Commercial vs Consumer cookware

It was a special order at my local restaurant supply store. Manager said thick stainless did not sell well, and it was too expensive to keep in inventory.

Apr 30, 2015
Alan408 in Cookware

Beef from Australia and fish from China, in a supermarket near you.

Salmon, caught and frozen in Alaska are shipped to China for processing.

Similar to tuna and the Philipines

Apr 29, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

Curry Powders And Heat

Japanese Curry, S&B Brand is not spicy.

Apr 29, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

Sushi Cooking Classes?

Draegers Market.

Looking for recipe and name of clear yellow sauce ?


Define clear

Apr 29, 2015
Alan408 in Home Cooking

Anodized aluminum kettle leaving "stuff" in the water

Pitting or holes are often caused by adding salt to the water before the water is boiling

Apr 29, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

Wood paneled room/pub


Apr 29, 2015
Alan408 in Manhattan

Naks, Menlo Park

The father was in his seventies and was ill, he retired. After he became ill, the family found out he had mortgaged his home to keep the store open.

The son said he was keeping the store open to honor the lease, or that was his story 2-3 years ago. He changed from Asian to Netherlands and business picked up, but not enough.

The current owners are the second owner, Nak retired in the eighties. But, the son of the second owner was related to Mr Nakamura, maybe by marriage.

Naks had been around since the late 60's.

Naks, Menlo Park

Illness and old age

Anyone thought about selling their homemade dishes or pastry? Does it need any license?

TIME magazine article a month or so ago.

An App which connects a buyer with a seller, in this case food. A seller prepares a meal, it is advertised on this app.

This is Uber for food.

Apr 24, 2015
Alan408 in Not About Food

How can a roast pig be tasteless?

I have had pork similar to your description, I call it steamed. I prefer cooked on a spit vs wrapped and buried.

Apr 21, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

The Return of Swordfish

Purpose of the mayo is flavor, flavor vehicle when the mayo is seasoned, and moistener (sp?) moistening ?

Mayo, soy sauce, garlic powder is a favorite combo. I only apply the mayo to the top side, I had too many flare ups with mayo on both sides, by the time to turn, the mayo has melted into the top side of the fish, reducing the amount of mayo dripping down to cause flare ups.

Apr 16, 2015
Alan408 in Home Cooking

Is there still hope for these seedlings?

Start over.

Make a hothouse out of a plastic storage container (sweater box). Use a 40l clear plastic storage box. Drill some 3/4-1" holes, about 5-6 on the bottom of the box and two hole on opposite sides, one side low one side high to encourage circulation. The lid of the box is used as the bottom.

Put the box outside in the sun in the morning, bring inside in the evening.

Place an inch of water in the lid (used as the bottom or floor of the hotbox, let the pots absorb the water, also keeps things humid inside.

I monitor the temperature, trying for 80-90 degrees, if the temp rises over 90, I prop up one side of the box using a 3-4" stick.

If you want to continue to try inside, purchase a grow light, $20, or replace the undercounted tube with a grow tube.

I am in San Jose CA, I usually don't transplant until after Mother's Day, it is too cold.

Apr 03, 2015
Alan408 in Gardening

Is it time to stop buying/eating almonds?

I am in the Sacramento area, we lost our winter wheat crop in 2011 because of lack of rain. We haven't planted winter wheat since then.

For years, the agronomists have been predicting climate change and I have anecdotal evidence the climate is changing.

I know of a cherry farmer who is having trouble with not enough frost hours.

Apr 02, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

Is it time to stop buying/eating almonds?

The fed's water project started in CA in 1933, it is called the Central Valley Project.

Mar 31, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

lump charcoal

I prefer the Volkswagen sized pieces. You might be surprised at how easy it is to break the large pieces into smaller pieces.

I purchase lump (Lazzari brand) at large liquor stores and feed and fuel stores. Saw some a few months ago at Tractor Supply. 40lb bags. I have not liked the product from ACE and supermarkets, they sell 8-15 lb bags.

Japanese ingredient translation help?


Mar 17, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics

Chicken stock isn't gelatintous?

Are you chilling the stock?

Mar 10, 2015
Alan408 in Home Cooking

Posting Guidelines

The legal liability is very costly.

Mar 08, 2015
Alan408 in Site Talk

Liqueurs by Weight?

I think 3/4 oz is a liquid measurement (in the US). Half of a (1.5 oz) shot.

Mar 06, 2015
Alan408 in Spirits

Best Chinese Almond Cookies

Lepi Dor in Cupertino. They had some this morning. I don't have enough experience to judge if they are the best. If you need a large amount for Sat, you may need to place a special order.

Propane Wok Burner?

Camp Chef Propane Burner, 30k BTU, $80-100.

Or a turkey fryer if you want more heat.

Feb 20, 2015
Alan408 in Cookware

Asian cuisine cooks/eaters -- am I off base here?

I am in the SF Bay Area. If the noodles were pan fried, and were a wheat noodle, they would be called Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles.

Serving suggestion: Break up the noodles into serving portions, mix with sauce, protein, veggies, or...low carb style...think of the noodles as garnish

Are you sure your noodles were rice noodles?

Feb 15, 2015
Alan408 in General Topics