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Stuffed Calamari

I like the idea of a puttanesca sauce for stuffed squid. I've been looking for a good stuffing and what I found is they are all so varied. One recipe added pine nuts and raisons to the stuffing and the sauce, I may add those items to the stuffing and see how it goes. Simmering for 30 minutes may soften the nuts. And Alton's tip about turning the squid inside out is really smart. There must be some other way beside securing with toothpicks, maybe tying with green onion?

Jun 22, 2009
Konacucina in Home Cooking

Napa Valley Go Fish

Junie, with eclectic menus, as long as the food is done well, I think you only need to trust your judgement about what sounds good to you and in what order they should come. I've read a few posts where people like it when they don't have to make decisions on their choices... no offense, but I enjoy putting my own meal together. That's what's fun about dining out!

Sonoma Dining

My husband and I recently took a trip (over the 4th) to Sonoma and Napa. We had dinner at Sante's and the Girl and the Fig. Sante's, in the Sonoma Mission Inn where we were staying, was very good overall. I will say that a couple of dishes could have used a little more seasoning to my liking: the tuna tartar amuse bouche would be fabulous with quality sea salt and my fish entree lacked the same. The setting however is luxe and the service was knowledgeable and on top of things. They even compted a couple of glasses of nice is that?
The Girl and the Fig was a good time, lamb chops over the best bean salad! We started with the frites, that was a new one for us, but it made us feel like we were being bad little kids, it was great.

Napa Valley Go Fish

What a delight, what a sushi bar, what great sake! So fresh and clean, we went twice during our limited dining time. Not inexpensive, but if you're going to buy sushi, you can't go wrong. That said, also try the salt crusted prawns. You're waitperson will invite you to eat the shell too; I've never tried that, but the preparation was such it made it appropriate to do so. It's in St. Helena.

Napa Valley Martini House

The Martini House was an unexpected pleasure! The converted home, unlike many others of its ilk, was dining (and patio) ready in a very unique-eclectic style. My husband and I sat in a booth by the open kitchen, and while not so romantic, we got to see a lot of what was going on and we enjoyed that. The eclectic decor was wonderfully married with the formality of the food. Not stuffy or overthought, just formal and professionally presented. Delicious as well!

I wish I could describe more about the food, but we ordered the same dish, quail, and it was perfect. I've had some wonderful dining around the states and in Europe, and the quail dish, the amuse bouche, wine service and pairing were outstanding. Please give it a try when you're up valley in St. Helena.

Coming to San Diego- What's great near the convention center?

Flemmings is right across the street - dinner place. We sat at the bar and had the lobster tempura appetizer (OMG!) and definitely enough for two! Breakfast at the 222 is good, especially if they're still doing the pumpkin waffle, that's amazing! And their tamale breakfast is enough for two. Also try Quarter Kitchen for dinner, they have some serious cooking going on in there!

Nov 30, 2007
Konacucina in California

Some Great San Diego Food!

I posted here prior to Thanksgiving to find some spots to dine (we were flying in from Seattle for Thanksgiving and didn't know the area). I have to say, we had a great time!

We started at PaneVino, and all four of us (my husband and I and another couple), had great service and some terrific food. I had the lamb, excellent! Another had Osso Buco, great, there was a pasta dish and the seafood risotto. The server was engaging, helpful with wine and presecco. We had a stellar time!

I'm going to throw this thought out there, though, to the - average diner, I'm not sure how to put it, but I think we may lose sight of our part of the dining experience. That is, our group of 4 is lively, gregarious, we like to chat up the server ask questions. In other words, we go to have a good time and we're not leaving that up to just the restaurant. It's an interactive experience!

We had such a great time at Panevino we went again a few nights later. The server remembered us and took care of us again. This time however, two of the dishes fell short. The Saltimboca was not well represented, not familiar as the dish normally is. I had a rather thin, anemic and very dry swordfish. I explained my dish to the server, and not only did he not charge for the dish (the eggplant with it was sublime!), we were served a platter of desserts and glasses of presecco. Nice job.

We had Thanksgiving at NineTen in La Jolla, very very good! We also dined at Quarter Kitchen and had amazing (blackened Hamachi) food! We sat at the cookline, chatted with one of the upper line cooks and got tips about the menu. The service was outstanding!

U.S. Grant. Have you ever sat over breakfast and just swooned? If not, I'd recommend the smoked salmon omelet with creme fraiche and caviar! And the potato cake that comes with it? OMG! I'm writing the place for that recipe!

The Hyatt downtown has a bar on the lobby level... "Red" something, it was very quiet on Saturday and my husband and I stopped in about lunchtime, the bartender turned the tv to the college game we wanted to watch, served us some terrific tortilla soup and keep our champagne glasses filled, quite nice for corporate hotel stuff!

Nov 30, 2007
Konacucina in California

Thanksgiving in San Diego

My husband and I and another couple are spending the holiday in San Diego and need advice on a terrific place for Thanksgiving dinner, willing to spend the bucks to ensure dining experience! Please let me know of some killer restaurants that will be serving on Thanksgiving.

Oct 22, 2007
Konacucina in California

Magimix Food Processor from France

I'm trying to find some information on the Magimix before I spend the $500 for it. I currently have a kitchenAid which works nicely but the feed tube is so narrow! Can anyone tell me if the Magimix (5100) has a large feed tube or provide the dimensions of it?

Oct 22, 2007
Konacucina in Cookware